ProLon Diet by Dr. Valter Longo: Day #2 Review with Reena Jadhav

August 16, 2018by Reena0

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I share my experience with Day 2 of the 5 days Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet by Dr. Longo. This diet is scientifically backed to lower blood pressure, lead to weight loss around the belly, trigger stem cells and more. I also share about the promising research on cancer and fasting mimicking diet, and more!  #HealthBootcamps


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[00:01] REENA JADHAV: Hey everyone its Reena Jadhav testing out the prolon diet and it’s day 2. Here is my box this is what I eat all day. And today’s menu was for breakfast I was supposed to have tea with the L. bar which is the nut based. For lunch, I was meant to have mushroom soup with olives and then with a vitamin multi the vitamin that they have in there called NR1 and for the afternoon there was tea with olives, and then for dinner the kinuwa mixed bar, the Chocó histamine L drink. So that’s how my day is supposed to go. Here is how my day actually went so I woke up in the morning really hungry and for those who know me and my obsession with chocolate I went for the Chocó crisps so I had tea with chocolate crisps for breakfast. And I’m pretty much I’d say by 11 am I was really hungry so I went for the almond nut bar the nut bar which really has a lot of almonds and honey in it. So I had that and a few hours later and by 1 o’clock I got into the soups so I have to admit that the soups today we’re better than the soups yesterday so I preferred the kinuwa soup. That’s my favorite so far. I like the mushroom soup too. I like mushrooms anyway so that’s a huge stretch for me to enjoy mushrooms soups but it was definitely better than the minestrone soup which isn’t your expected sort of tangy red sauced based soup, it’s more like a potato leek kind of an essence with the rice flour and it’s still good. It sustained me yesterday but I definitely prefer the kinuwa soup. So I kind of ended my day with sort of the soups, had been olives and my husband and I were watching the game at 8.30 earlier today and I just started to crash and I thought okay what’s that drink. Let me try that drink and that drink definitely is delicious. It sort of gave me enough energy to actually continue to want to do this recording today so I’m glad they put that drink and that it definitely made a difference. So that was my day 2 today. I am a little hungry and I am tired as you can probably hear from my voice and I’m calling it a night I’m going to bed no workout today. I would say if you’re going to try the diet definitely keep your days very clear, very stress-free. Do not try to jam a party in there because I don’t think I could go out and party tonight for sure. So that was date 2. I’ve been reading the book as part of the diet the longevity diet book which is Dr. Valter Long’s book that goes along with the diet and there was a very interesting piece that I read that I thought I would share. They found a link between the fasting mimicking diet, which is prolon, which is the diet that I’m trying, and cancer. In the testing that they did, they found that of course as you know therapy has a lot of promise in treating and preventing cancer and what FMD does is that it actually does 2 things. It weakens the cell walls the cancer cells and raves up your immune system so that your immune system can go and kill cancer cells. For those of you who know my history colon cancer at 35 that sounds like a fabulous reason to do this diet for me. So I am not trying to do this diet for blood pressure which is another great reason you may want to do it or blood sugar or one of the numerous reasons they cite including weight loss. For me, it’s about making sure that as an ex-cancer patient there is never any cancer growing and this would be a great way of doing that. So I’m excited that while I’m feeling a little bit deprived, I’m doing it for a good course and my body is in there doing some amazing things to me killing any cancer cells that might be growing. All right that’s it I’m going straight to bed and I’ll see you tomorrow for day 3. Just a few days away stay smiling, I’ll see you soon.


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