ProLon Diet by Dr. Valter Longo: Day #1 Review with Reena Jadhav

August 16, 2018by Reena0

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Check out how my Day 1 went on the fasting mimicking diet called ProLon. I also shared the answers to questions such as can we drink green juice on this fast or eat psyllium husk, cholera, and spirulina? How about drinking herbal teas? Check out the video for answers and more! #HealthBootcamps


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[00:01] REENA JADHAV: Hey it’s Reena Jadhav doing the review of Prolon. So it’s 8:15 pm and I am going to tell you how my first day of the Prolon diet went so I was supposed to have breakfast: tea the Edberg which is the fest, the Edberg oil and for lunch I was supposed to have tomato soup, olive crackers and the nr1 and tea in the afternoon and then for dinner I was meant to have the Edberg minestrone soup and the Choco crisp. Let me tell you how it actually went. So I woke up not terribly hungry because of course, I had made sure to figure out the night before in anticipation of my fest. I’m not sure if that’s how they want you to do it but that’s what I did anyway. I was worried about not getting enough food in me so I didn’t wake up terribly hungry I actually skipped breakfast completely and about 11:30 is when I had my first bar and that just kick-started my digestion and by 12:30 I was eating the crackers. By 1-1:30, I was eating the olives; by 2 I had had the oil as well as the Choco crisp, by 4 I had gotten into my second bar and by 5 I had had the minestrone soup and by 6 0’clockish I had the crackers. So I sort of bunched noshed you can say kind of whole day between starting at about 11:30 to about 6 and I would say that I sort of ate every hour and a half or so instead of combining them into 3 meals the way they’d like you to have so that’s how my first day went. I feel fine and maybe a little tired but that probably is psychological more than anything else but I feel fine I don’t feel overly starved as I thought I might. That’s my first day. I am looking forward to day 2 so here is day 2 so that’s tomorrow. I am looking forward to that we’ll see how tomorrow goes.

I actually want to share with you when I asked some teen some questions and I want to share with you the answers that I received. So one of my questions was what is the impact of excluding fresh food from our body? Should I incorporate something fresh and green like a green juice or even things like cucumbers? And the answer I received was that the body is designed to recognize fresh food as food so it would be very challenging to truly mimic a fast with whole pieces of foods. So Prolong has been designed very carefully to incorporate nutrition, to fuel the body without triggering the nutrients, of course, refraining myself from having my green juice and anything that’s going to trigger the nutrients sensing pathways. The second question that I asked was hey can I have as many herbal teas or should I limit myself to two? And the answer was that in fact as long as it’s a zero calorie tea, I can have as much as I like so that was good. I had a couple of different teas today not just the ones that they offered. The next question I had was if there were some exclusion like chocolate then could I customize my kit, for example, could I have requested another Edberg, which is not based instead of the Choco crisped? And they mentioned that they are planning that as a future feature but it isn’t available today. So today is kind of what’s in the box is what you get which is fine I am a little allergic to chocolate but I had my chocolate crisp and I never had any issues today. So and then my other question was can I add some apple side vinegar? What about things like chloral spirulina which I have been taking what about psyllium husk? And the answers were the clinical trials did not test the impact of adding anything beyond what’s included in the box so we cannot say for certain what the impact would be if I decided to customize it for myself which makes sense. However, from a biochemistry standpoint psyllium husk does not appear to interfere so I didn’t add it today but I might consider adding it tomorrow. We’ll see how tomorrow goes. The apple cider vinegar, chloral spirulina are nutrients and they might impact the diet depending on how small or light the person is. I am pretty small and so I chose today not to incorporate those because I really do want to maintain the integrity of the diet especially because I am testing it to share my experience. They have looked into products like spirulina but they have not included it yet. So those are some of my questions and those are the answers that I received again day 1 is done. I feel pretty good, I am not starving and as you can see that I normally do things like yoga, I work out every day probably an hour and a half. I did not do that today. I am going to go after this and do maybe 30 minutes walk something light and probably get to bed by 9:30-10 so that I don’t bench. My biggest fear is that I am going to start getting hungry around now and that I am just going to quit and walk into the pantry and do something silly like eat some cashews. So to prevent that I am going to get into bed, brush my teeth and with that set, I will see you tomorrow and we’ll see how tomorrow goes.


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