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Our Vision: A New World of Health

Hi, I’m Reena! I envision a world where we are taught to listen to our body, hear its whispers, and respond with love and care. We know what our body needs for great health, and we naturally eat the right food at the right time in the right quantities. There is no hunger, late night sugar attacks, binging, purging, and crying, but just joy of pure satiety and nourishment.

I am not alone. This is also the vision of many brilliant doctors and healers who have been working tirelessly for decades to make it a reality. I’ve had the privilege of meeting and interviewing some of these geniuses. I’m giving them the spotlight that they deserve through HealCircle, the first integrative program that delivers results through day by day plan and support. Try a Proven Program and transform your health!

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Health Is Your Birthright.
Let’s Unleash Your Health!
Our mission is to help heal millions through breakthrough
online programs powered by World’s Best Doctors.

Health Is Your Birthright.
Let’s Unleash Your Health!
Our mission is to help heal millions through breakthrough online programs powered by World’s Best Doctors.

A World With No Chronic Disease.

Can you imagine? What all could we accomplish as humanity if we eliminated diabetes, high blood pressure, Crohn’s, arthritis, gut inflammation, asthma, chronic pain, lupus, fibromyalgia and hundreds of more diseases that rob us of our potential.

A World With No Pain.

Where your body moves like a dancer, hums like a songbird and is a powerful engine powering your dreams. Instead of letting you down, holding you back and tormenting you, your body becomes your biggest strength and source of smiles.

A World Without Constant Doctor Visits And Big Doctor Bills.

A chronically ill person spends hundreds of hours doing tests, visiting doctors and having procedures done. Adding to lost time is all the lost money which could have bought laughter and memories. Average patient spends $5000 to manage their chronic illness per year. Imagine all that extra money and time, for us to truly live a life of joy. A world where no parent of a teen has to suffer the anguish of their child’s suffering.

That World is Not a Mirage or a Myth.

That world is real, today, in small secluded areas where people live without chronic disease till 90 years of age. That world is within our grasp, with small changes but big determination. There are already great people (I call them Master Healers) who are tirelessly working on researching and sharing secrets of great health free from chronic illness. My vision with HealCircle is to bring all these great healers together, in one place online, so we can accelerate the creation of this new World.

In Our New World, Even Children Will Know These 3 Critical Insights:

1. Our beliefs can create health or disease
2. Our body is a complex machine with rules. Breaking these rules leads to disease
3. Each of us has a unique formula for health. Finding it is the key to our health.

In Our New World, No One Will Believe These 10 Myths:

Pain is natural and expected as we age.

Chronic illness is for life and a death sentence.

Illness is a body issue not a mind and spirit issue.

Everybody is the same and can be treated with same drugs.

Aging and disease are synonymous, older we get the sicker we are.

Taking prescription pills is the “only” treatment.

Doctors know everything and they always know what’s best.

Chronic illness just happens (like catching the flu).

Our body has no rules so we can do anything and yet be healthy.

The body needs pills and prescriptions to heal, it can’t heal by itself.

In Our New World, Everyone Will Realize

It’s our choice to be healthy.

It’s in our cells and soul to be happy.

It’s our birthright to live a long, healthy, pain free life.

Staying healthy is about constant proactive care not reactive prescriptions.

It’s in our nature to be in balance, eat with the seasons, sleep early, rise early.

Our body, mind and spirit are tightly woven together, change in one impacts the others.

It’s our responsibility to take care of our body, mind and soul (the way we care for our cell phones: charge, upgrade, protective cover).

We won’t get there tomorrow but we will get there, if we decide that is the new world we deserve. With all the exciting advances in modern medicine, from organ regeneration to stem cell therapy, we can lead truly unprecedented lives of creation and contribution. So many amazing doctors like Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Amy Myers and Dr. David Perlmutter are already working relentlessly in creating the foundation for a disease free life. This transformation has already begun.

We can create this new World together. I believe that. Please join us, we are waiting for you.

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