Book Summary “Plant-Based Solution” By Dr. Joel Kahn #Chapter 4

July 15, 2018by Reena0

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Book Summary Video Interviews with Dr. Joel Kahn on his book “The Plant-Based Solution” for HealthBootcamps.

Dr. Joel Kahn is founder of the Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity in Michigan and owner of GreenSpace Cafe. He is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the University of Michigan School of Medicine and Clinical Professor of Medicine at Wayne State University of Michigan. He specialty is the prevention and reversal of heart disease (heart attacks, stroke) using lifestyle therapies. He is the author of over 150 scientific articles, hundreds of health articles, and 5 books. His first book is a national public TV special, Your Whole Heart Solution. His latest book is a #1 Amazon seller, The Plant Based Solution.


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[00:01] REENA JADHAV: Talking about weight loss chapter four you’ve got something called slim and trim so tell us what the core essences of that chapter.

[00:11] DR. JOEL KAHN: Everybody’s you know not everybody’s but there’s nothing wrong with being round napping, body stereotyping or slamming here but there are a lot of people that the reason obesity is a topic of conversation right now and in general is obese people are much more likely to have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, elevated blood sugar, diabetes, develop heart disease now there are some people that make it through life and don’t develop those back pain, knee pain, hip replacement even dementia.  So it is an easy thing to measure to say whoa that extra hundred pounds and you put at risk for all these things we know obesity costs us a lot of money to care for people. And there’s been some new data in the last six weeks that there isn’t really something called healthy obesity if you do the right studies you’ll find subtle signs of early brain, heart, kidney disease so we do want to work to maintain our weight near ideal it’s one of the most predictive factors for longevity. And it turns out there’s something called nutritional density if you’re a big bowl of salad beans, beets, kinuwa, peas this, this big giant bowl or you have a giant bowl of fried chicken with olive oil on it you’ve got all this fiber magnesium nutrition vitamins at relatively low calories. And over here your burning out eight thousand calories it’s the same size as you probably have more nutrition or less calories over here you have got little nutrition remark calories. That’s kind of a doctor Droll Ferman concept of nutritional density and it’s a way to manage your weight you can fill up, fill up, fill up your stomach bursting. But it’s because it’s got a gluten, kale and spinach and red cabbage and purple cabbage and white cabbage and on and on and got it doesn’t have to be a salad it could be casseroles and soups and enchiladas and burritos and pizzas it don’t have cheese or oh I am not a big fan of big cheese but it does make the transition easier; so yes slimmer is possible with plants.

[02:26] REENA JADHAV: What is the right BMI in your opinion for health?

[02:31] DR. JOEL KAHN: So I try not to answer by opinion I try to answer by science. Six weeks ago the Harvard school of public health little name dropping your alma mater there Reena put out of very big study a 130,000 doctors and nurses followed for 30 years kept asking questions every four years and found that those that said I do the following habits are actually live 12 to 14 years longer that’s like wow.  And one of the habits is; do not smoke, walk every day, eat fiber more servings of fruits and vegetables everyday not hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. Actually enjoy a little bit alcohol every day isn’t that surprising. Keep your waist thin and the last one was to have a BMI of 20 to 25. So to answer your questions based on that science that’s the sweet spot. Now that’s the tough goal. A BMI of 20 to 25 on my frame 5.9 it’s like 165 pounds and I’m a revealing this to everybody publicly I do not weigh 165 pounds I’m just a little bit more than that, I’m actually 20 pounds lighter than I was a year and a half ago. I have learned to use fasting to accelerate and maintain that so that is the answer to your question 20 to twenty 25 but if you realize 26, 27, and 28 work on that but don’t have too much guilt just don’t let it grip beyond that.






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