Book Summary “Plant-Based Solution” By Dr. Joel Kahn #Chapter 3

July 15, 2018by Reena0

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Book Summary Video Interviews with Dr. Joel Kahn on his book “The Plant-Based Solution” for HealthBootcamps.

Dr. Joel Kahn is founder of the Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity in Michigan and owner of GreenSpace Cafe. He is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the University of Michigan School of Medicine and Clinical Professor of Medicine at Wayne State University of Michigan. He specialty is the prevention and reversal of heart disease (heart attacks, stroke) using lifestyle therapies. He is the author of over 150 scientific articles, hundreds of health articles, and 5 books. His first book is a national public TV special, Your Whole Heart Solution. His latest book is a #1 Amazon seller, The Plant Based Solution.


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[00:01] REENA JADHAV: So you have built a great foundation for why we clearly all need to be on a plant based meal plan. Chapter three what is the sweet news about diabetes?

[00:10] DR. JOEL KAHN: Yes so you know there’s two kinds of diabetes that we classify medicine type one and type two. Type one there’s damage your pancreas you make very little or no insulin so to be what we call an auto immune body attacking itself disease. Actually, there is some data that it’s triggered in children drinking cow’s milk and that since there’s protein in cow’s milk that aren’t human proteins they are theoretically could be an antibody created recognizing as a foreign substance and that then antibody might what we call cross-react with the pancreas and destroy the pancreas little cells that make insulin, platelets cells. That’s scary enough to say I’m not going to drink cow’s milk and not give it to children but there is that other 95% of diabetes we call diabetes type 2, which is our cells don’t handle insulin well and insulin opens the door to let blood sugar in so instance not doing its job blood sugar can’t go in, it stays in the bloodstream. You literally sugar coat your heart arteries, sugar coat your nerves, sugar coat your kidney cells and they stop working well and you have kidney failure eye disease, heart attacks, impotence all kinds of things. But the data is overwhelming that a plant based diet data from the Absences health Centre and other places you can help avoid your risk of this epidemic little epidemic type 2 diabetes; by eating whole food plant based not mountain doing Pringles but bean soup, bean casseroles and green salad and oatmeal and whole grain bread with almond butter on it. And if you have the disease type 2 diabetes the only word you will ever get is Manage! Manage! Manage! You’re Diabetes or maybe 15 to 80 percent of patients can actually say, “I’m no longer diabetic I threw my pills away very carefully with my medical team helping me. Because I’ve learned by watching a movie called fort overnight and reading my chapter this week ‘sweet news on diabetes’. I found out that and maybe even without a dietitian I could learn how to make subtle but persistent changes in my diet and get a lot of it’s going to be healthy weight loss that comes with a plant diet compared to standard American diet or meat, cheese or chicken heavy diet.






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