Miracle of Sound: Sound Healing to Erase Disease and Pain with Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

August 19, 2018by Reena0

Miracle of Sound: Sound Healing to Erase Disease and Pain with Dr. Jeffrey Thompson


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Jeffrey D. Thompson, DC, BFA is Founder/Director of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research in Carlsbad, California. He is a physician/musician, composer, scientist, researcher, educator, and author. Although interests, natural talents and his scientific approach to holistic healing created a paradigm shift in his life and in the field of sound, he is certified in physiotherapy; chiropractic radiography; craniopathy; sacral-occipital; blood analysis and nutritional counseling; Chinese meridian; bio-magnetic and color therapies. He is world-renown for his clinically proven, mind/body harmonious brainwave entrainment programs for sleep enhancement; physical, mental and emotional healing; creativity and peak performance; meditation and personal growth through the scientific application of sound.

Dr. Thompson has been a pioneer in the field of sound, especially sound scientifically evaluated, researched, tested and composed.  He began experimenting with sound when a child, then mastering multiple instruments and having his own band. His experimentation for healing purposes with specific frequencies began in earnest in 1980 at his Holistic Health Center in Virginia. Futuristic then and now, he continues to lead the field with his auditory, kinesthetic and visual therapeutic products and work.

Within the first six months of producing his first musical sound recording, Isle of Skye, the American Hypnotherapy Association recommended its use for hypnosis.  In the years since, Dr. Thompson has generated more than ninety acoustic modulated audio programs sold and used globally by holistic physicians, chiropractors, psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, bodywork therapists as well as corporations and the general public, not to mention the hundreds made for corporations and businesses and the tens of thousands for individual patients.

Dr. Thompson lectures widely on the use and benefits of sound. A born teacher, he has taught college and post-graduate courses, presents at healthcare conferences, offers CEU seminars, and educates and certifies holistic healthcare practitioners of many disciplines. He has an active clinical practice which draws people nationally and internationally, many with very serious and multi-dimensional health challenges, and many who have lost hope, but who find it again.

He offers great value to society directly and also indirectly by the many individuals and businesses using his work to produce and/or empower the efficacy of their own work. As sound is the most powerful force in the Universe, so is Dr. Thompson’s work the most powerful in the field of sound for healing and personal, frequently transformative, growth and empowerment. His motto states it well – “

“Healing the Body*Heart*Mind and Spirit through the Scientific Application of Sound”

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Miracle of Sound: Sound Healing to Erase Disease and Pain with Dr. Jeffrey Thompson


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Miracle of Sound: Sound Healing to Erase Disease and Pain with Dr. Jeffrey Thompson



This is auto-generated and may have mistakes. Please listen to the interview for accuracy.

Reena Jadhav: Hi everyone. It’s Reena Jadhav here founder of healthbootcamps and the host of healthier and today we are going to talk about the power of sound or healing. What is your headache or that menopause symptom or that pms symptoms or even cancer could be completely eliminated just from the power of sound and you know what you all you have to think about is the fact that ella fitzgerald cracked a wine glass with her singing to realize that there is so much power and so it’s trends in our voice that if it could shatter wineglass, there was possibility that it could do so much more to our bodies as we listened to it. So here to tell us all about it is Dr Jeffrey Thompson. Hi Dr Jeffrey, welcome.

Dr. Thompson: Hi. Thanks for having me.

Reena Jadhav: Alright, well we’re gonna give you a little more background and for those of you who are listening to this on the podcast, please note it’s being shot as a video, which means you can get onto health bootcamps, dot coms, youtube channel, or check out our website for the video series on this and of course there’ll be show notes as well. So a lot of the stuff we talk about today will be available to you, so don’t forget to check that out and share. All right, let me tell you a little bit about Dr. Jeffries background. So Dr Thompson as a founder, director of the Center for Neuro acoustic research in Carlsbad, California, which is a research center, actualizing vision of healing the body, heart, mind, and spirit through the science of sound. He’s considered the world’s premier sound healing researcher, brainwave, entertainment expert, and high tech personal transformation, innovator, motivator and futurist. He’s a physician. I’m a musician, a composer, inventor, educator, as well as an author. He’s been certified in multiple healthcare modalities and what’s amazing is that he’s applying his cutting edge expertise to healing people. Welcome again. Thank you so much for being on our show today.

Dr. Thompson: Yeah, I, I suggest that whenever you’re feeling down on yourself, read your, uh, your CV. It always makes you feel better.

Reena Jadhav: It sure does. Well, especially if you have a cv like yours, right, you, you are, you’re clearly very accomplished. And we’re, we’re so glad you made the time today to chat with us. We’re going to dive right in and then we’re going to go into the background because I’m always just so fascinated with what the heck is brain in training anyway.

Dr. Thompson: Got To do with your body clocks, my, um, we were discussing a few minutes ago that the body is kind of a simple system that’s kind of complex in its execution. The simplicity is basically just a couple of rules. Rule number one, survive at all costs. Rule number two, do no self harm and get the most out of the least amount of energy expended waste energy. So in order to not waste energy, our internal body clocks time, all of our internal body clocks to the world, pulses in the world, light pulse, electromagnetic field, pulse, vibration, pulses. So for instance, um, you set your body Thermostat by gland in the center of your brain, the pineal gland being sensitive to light dark cycles and at times your body thermostat to the year by noticing how long the day length is, which is always shorter. Summer Equinox, equinox, if you’re a woman, you have a mental cycle every 20 days because the pineal gland is sensitive moon, new moon cycle.

Dr. Thompson: So when I was dealing with a women who had irregular menstrual cycles, we could fix about half those women just by burning a little tiny light bulb by the, by the, in the bedroom, by the window, pineal gland into thinking the full moon was shining. So you’re shining this little light for the two weeks of the new moon when there’s no moon out fooling the pineal gland to think the moon is still there. And we cycle it takes about three months. Things get a little weird for three months. And then it all snaps in and we’re seasonal affective disorder where the body thermostat is not set correctly. The medical fix for that is to expose yourself to full spectrum daylight light bulbs for one that resets the pine thinking. The length of the day is longer in resetting your synchronization, uh, so we can use that with electromagnetic fields or with light or sound pulses.

Dr. Thompson: So in this case, we could create a sound that’s pulsing it, a brainwave speed, and your brainwaves will try to time themselves to this external pulse because it’s the most dominant kind of drum beat in the environment that my body is always looking forward to save energy, right? So that, that means that that’s true, that that the earliest kind of a use of sound waves to control consciousness by controlling brainwaves, shamanic drumming, the practice for pound hour pounding a drum. And I’ve done this in my lab, I’ve, I’ve taken these recordings. So and time them Dennis spectral analysis. It’s about four and a half to five cycles per second. And that’s a theta brainwave state where you go when you’re dreaming. So that means that I could start pounding in my drama at four and a half cycles per second data, and within five minutes the people sitting around the fire at nighttime would have their brainwaves go from this rapid beta pulse, slow down, slow down, slow down until it reaches this five cycles, a second pulse, and take you from a waking state down to a dream state without going to sleep first.

Dr. Thompson: And that’s a classic definition of a trance state.

Reena Jadhav: Yeah. Which is why all cultures have these drum beats and chance

Dr. Thompson: and chanting all of it. Um, when I, uh, sit in a group of people, there’s this other thing about bio clock. If you take, you’ve heard this story where you take a number of women and put them in a dorm room together, and after a while you start synchronizing their menstrual cycles. That’s because your proximity of your bio clock of your body is closer than the moon. So the body will change allegiance to the most dominant pulse in its environment.

Dr. Thompson: That’s outbrain and treatment works. So we can, we can take advantage of something we know about a property the body is using to help it survive in common deer that and grab it using sound waves. So the property is, we know the body is looking for the most dominant pulse in the field. We provide that with a soundtrack and then we come and your brainwaves and we can take your consciousness where if we want to go, it’s pretty mind blowing when you have problems like you’ve had a concussion brain now is disrupted in its functional pathways. So we can put headphones on like I’ve got one tone over here and another tone over here. There is slightly out of tune. We create a beat binaural beats and uh, it’s an interaction between those two. It forces the hemispheres to synchronize, to compare notes in order to hear this pulse and then in train to it. And that synchronizing of the hemispheres is exactly what’s wrong if you’ve had concussion because the pathways have been disrupted and we’re firing, we’re forcing signals to fire it down. Those pathways, open them back up. So that’s great for a number of different conditions.

Reena Jadhav: Yeah, let’s talk about that. So what, what are the different conditions we can improve?

Dr. Thompson: Well, for that particular example, the concussion or add and Adhd, dyslexia, epilepsy, all of those have that as a component non-communication of the pathways.

Reena Jadhav: Have you seen some clinical research or studies, especially as we talk about add where they’re giving kids mets, you know, wouldn’t it be better to prescribe, um, music instead is if it’s going to deliver the results, the same results or maybe even better results in the same for dyslexia. Same for, um, uh, how about Alzheimer’s?

Dr. Thompson: Alzheimer’s Too. So Alzheimer’s is a bit different. That’s a synchronicity for different areas in the CORTEX are supposed to be synchronized and when they become unsynchronized again, end up with a series of conditions, just like the ones I listed that Alzheimer’s specifically is one of those where that plaquing that forms on the brain is actually forming on those four zones is called the default mode network. It’s network of the under function of the brain that needs to function properly and you can entrain that to you could use in treatment to resynchronize.

Reena Jadhav: Great. Great. So what all have you done? So what, what’s available today? So if someone designed. I’ve got to check this out, frankly, that’s me. I’d like to check this out. How do you translate what you shared into something that someone like me could actually purchase or use?

Dr. Thompson: I’ve been doing this now for 38 years, so I’ve seen large population groups of patients over time and that’s given me a sense of a generic approach that I produced as a series of soundtracks on cd or downloads. And so there’s a um, you know, I’ve got a website and I’ve got these, I’ve got 90 cds in categories, a meditation and boosting creativity and relaxation and meditation and healing. And so you choose a category and then there’s, you know, dozens, dozens of CDs there, but they’re listed in order of, you know, I, I, I go there and go, oh no, what, what, how, what, what do we do with this horrible with the site, you know, and you say, but look at the category. What are you looking for? Sleep. You can’t sleep, click that. You go to a thing with a whole bunch of sleep soundtracks. But the first one at the top is the one you buy first.

Reena Jadhav: Gotcha. And you purchased these? Not already is downloadable or do we do you ship something? Okay. And then you just pop on a headset and away you go

Dr. Thompson: headsets or important elicit sleep. You don’t need to have synchronicity of the hemispheres. You get to sleep so you can just play it by your bedside. That particular one I did a to save my own, saved my own mind because when my son was an infant, he would not sleep. I didn’t sleep. And so I made the soundtrack to put him to sleep. And at nine minutes, exactly bang, he was out. And one of my best selling cds, it’s on Youtube.

Reena Jadhav: We will have to put the link in there.

Dr. Thompson: 17 million views.

Reena Jadhav: Geez, what as a parent, I can tell you why I could have used it

Dr. Thompson: You can’t live without sleep

Reena Jadhav: and there isn’t a kid who doesn’t create that sleep disruption in their first year. Right? I had to, which means I had two years of sleep disruption along with my husband. So that definitely sounds like a lifesaver. Um, you know, we have a lot of listeners that tend to be women who have chronic illness or autoimmune, especially as we start to get into our mid forties, late fifties, we start to see sort of occurrence of auto immune. What have you found with respect to sound healing and autoimmune or chronic illness?

Dr. Thompson: Oh, my current work is using a, um, a sophisticated kind of medical monitor that I helped develop is called heart rate variability. So a little risk sensors on a one on each wrist and it measures your heart waves and it does different math. And what pops out the other end is the ability to see your sympathetic parasympathetic nervous system that forms the autonomic nervous system. The part of you automatically controls what’s under the hood. Presupposing all of this. Let’s just get this straight. So in inside each of us has this inherent biological intelligence knows how to grow my body out of two cells, read the blueprints, differentiate the tissues into everything that I am, and then make it all run on automatic without me thinking about. And that’s my true biological identity. It’s wise, it’s connected. It’s who I connect with when I have a true spiritual experience or in Mr, right?

Dr. Thompson: That’s what happens to me, my ordinary thinking mind. The part of me just talking to you now is exercise so much that it is Arnold Schwarzenegger it up and it thinks it’s me and it’s. This is not me who’s talking to me right now. It’s a part of me like my hand or my fingernail, but it’s not who I am, who I am. Is this part of me under the hood. That and that is participating in the immediacy of the moment, which happens before a thought because thinking it takes time no matter how hard I tried to think myself into the present moment, I’ve always missed it by a thousand because that’s how long it takes to fire the thought, right?

Reena Jadhav: Yes. it will be called instincts, right? And that instinct is connecting to the source energy.

Dr. Thompson: It’s a now thing.

Reena Jadhav: Yes.

Dr. Thompson: So in Hawaii that the holy people in Hoy the cohoanuts, their philosophy clicks right into this whole idea where I’m basically God grants all prayers. Therefore my present experience is what I prayed for in the past. But what happens before a thought. So it’s not prayer that we normally have a dish definition. It’s a state. It’s a state of mind. Where is kind of like the infinite spirit says, you can have anything you want, I’ll granted to, but you have to ask for it and the more perfectly you asked for it, then we’re perfectly. You can get what you want, but you can’t ask with words and you can’t mask by thinking. You have to ask by going into a state that’s now

Reena Jadhav: and an emotion, right? It’s more about feelings. It’s not about thoughts at all.

Dr. Thompson: This idea of the corner preference go into this state where you could flesh out and visualize what it was you’re praying for to such a degree that you could feel it as an emotion. And then that was recognized as the moment that the prayer was deposited into the universe and then that would get granted. And then you might say that, oh, I didn’t think about this or I didn’t think about that. So I’ll go back in and Polish that part out with sprayer. Right? So it becomes a co creation of reality between you and the universe, a, a marriage of forces.

Reena Jadhav: And Are you able to put someone in that state without the intensive practices and chance and drum beats so someone can actually be in that manifest? I guess we’ve used the word manifesting. Manifesting or manifestation is the Buzzword, but it’s a state.

Dr. Thompson: Exactly the point that, uh, that, uh, we’re now, we now have the understanding and we have the monitors and we had the equipment in the 21st century to have star Trek and star trek meditation. It’s, we know just exactly what different states of consciousness look like in different states, what it looks like in the brain with computers and eeg equipment. We know what it looks like over here. We can train your brain waves to andy place we want. So why not train your brain waves to these states that research has shown us is where your brain goes when you’re maximizing your creativity or your meditation or your self awareness or,

Reena Jadhav: or corporations, leaders, ceos, you know, how do you get them into place where on a daily basis they’re making critical decisions that could either help the company or hurt the company and how do you get them in a state where decision making is flawless instead of flawed.

Dr. Thompson: I did that work with Cisco and Nike and the big companies. They were hiring me to boost creativity and problem solving. I didn’t hire me to, uh, to boost productivity, but that’s not now productivity. It’s creativity because that’s innovative product that sells and put your company bottom line.

Reena Jadhav: Exactly.

Dr. Thompson: So we could, we already knew that from research that where the brain goes from, his creative is theta where you go in your dream.

Reena Jadhav: So let’s talk about that before you go into deeper into that specific example, talk a little bit about what those brainwaves are. What do they mean, and then would love for you to continue explaining how this process works

Dr. Thompson: with or without getting bogged down with the super science. The brain is this. Electrical organist got these little neurons, 300 billion neurons with 300 trillion connections.

Reena Jadhav: Supercomputer

Dr. Thompson: a little neurons are firing electrical signals, but they’re not firing them at random. They’re firing them together in waves with depolarization together, and that’s based on the same principle of why the wineglass vibrates. When you signal signal right. Note, it’s called coupled oscillators. If you and I are close enough together, our, our, a heart rate and respiration and pulses and brainwaves begin to synchronize up just by proximity to each other. That bio clock, so that’s why the neurons or synchronizing up together in huge waves of depolarization. So it turns out that the speed of those waves that depolarization are directly linked to certain states of consciousness. So if I’ve got 30 of these, firing every second Beta High Beta, that’s focused attention here in the regular world, uh, but if they start to slow down, if the waves polarization start to slow down down towards 13 waves per second or 12 or 11, now I’m an Alpha.

Dr. Thompson: And then enter an inner peripheral vision kind of state. And if I keep going down, I go into theta at a seven hertz and less. And that’s dreaming or daydreaming and going slower and slower. I get into Delta and that’s where I’m kind of deepest stage of sleep where physical recuperation takes place, data is worth dreaming happens. And that’s where emotions get healed. A Alpha is an inner kind of holographic mental state and that’s where the mind gets worked on. So we can train you to each of these different states and we can calculate specific brain wave states can use medical monitors. So I can hook you up to this heart rate variability device. Now we can see the major computer under the hood that tells all your body’s systems what to do. It’s coordinating the entire thing, right? That’s the part that grew up my body out of two cells, one on automatic without me thinking about it. And that part, when it starts to drift and it awry, then the systems that it controls symptoms as alerts to tell me what’s going on. Please pay attention to me because there’s something happening here. And unfortunately it seems that the modern medical system, uh, their approach is to silence those alarm.

Reena Jadhav: Yes

Dr. Thompson: it’s a symptom management. You’ve got a,

Reena Jadhav: or as I say, duct taping the symptoms, but you just want to duct tape.

Dr. Thompson: We don’t want to hear it. Yes. So you’re in your, you’re in your living room watching a movie and the smoke alarm goes off and that’s annoying. So you’re a prescribed headphones,

Reena Jadhav: right? That’s exactly, yeah, that’s a great analogy. Or worse, um, pull down the, the alarm. So it doesn’t beep anymore.

Dr. Thompson: No. So then the next one is to do an operation. To remove the smoke alarm and then when the fire gets to your couch and starts burning your arm, then you’re prescribed cortisone cream, so it’s like completely missing the point. Remember my mom when she was in her eighties and my dad died, her way of dealing with that was getting high blood pressure. She never had high blood pressure and it took three different medications to get her under control and one time she said to me, how come I’ve got this high blood pressure? I never had high blood slip on. So you’re dealing with it, dealing with it, and she’s, well, I’d be happy to take the blood pressure medication so I don’t get a stroke or something while they work on why I’ve got the high blood pressure and fix that. I said, mom, that’s not the plan. Nobody has got a plan to fix it or managing it with a pill and that’s going to be you do the rest of your life that

Reena Jadhav: Yes.

Dr. Thompson: And, and it’s kind of like, in my mind, I’m thinking if the blood pressure medication pill is the cure for my blood pressure, it means that I was born with a congenital lack of medication problem boys that you were born without enough pills,

Reena Jadhav: you were born without a standard. We got to put one in, you know? Yeah.

Dr. Thompson: The medical profession tends to poo poo the idea that there is a inherent intelligence in the body that can heal itself

Reena Jadhav: well because we’re, we do what we’re trained to do. I had a lot of angst against the medical system after they failed me twice. And then I just realized that they are wonderful people, you know, as I’m out there either viewing, they just do what they’re trained to do. So if you’re right, that’s all it is. So we’ve got to fix the training that we’re giving them.

Dr. Thompson: All of us doing the best we can to it. It’s just that you might be self diluted because of the brainwashing that you’ve been putting.

Reena Jadhav: That’s exactly it. That’s exactly it.

Dr. Thompson: Unfortunately. That’s kind of the way it is. That the problem in this case is that we have a sickness oriented society and then we’ve surreptitiously kind of under the hood brainwashed the whole population to believe that, uh, that this is the system that you have to use because they’ve successfully kind of sold a bill of goods that anybody who’s not a medical doctor is a quack base.

Reena Jadhav: It’s exactly it.

Dr. Thompson: It’s not the right to treat cancer except for medical doctors. We’ve got, we’ve got dibs. Excuse me. I’d made on main major diseases and uh, the rest of your holistic people out there will, you can, massage backs are crashing for back pain. You don’t get into the big boy stuff,

Reena Jadhav: right. Where the big money is. I mean, I hate to say this, but it’s like don’t come with the big money is because that’s the domain of the pharmaceuticals who provide the training, who then trained doctors to write more prescriptions. I mean, it’s, which is a different podcast interview, right?

Dr. Thompson: Yeah. Go for us in the holistic field, it’s kind of like, excuse me, alternative to what? Complimentary to who you were here for thousands of years and you guys are the johnny come lately is with all these fancy schmancy ideas that completely misaligned with the way the universe put together and you wonder why you’ve got a whole society of people who are sick because from children, we’ve all been brought up to drag our bodies in when there’s black smoke coming out of the tailpipe. Miles a gallon.

Reena Jadhav: Exactly. Exactly. Exactly, and then we’re being, you know, either surgically fixed are fixed with prednisone and steroids and the numbers tell the truth when we have a healthcare crisis of epic proportion and it’s not going away until I think you as the listener and I’m now speaking to those who are listening and watching this episode until each one of us together takes charge of our health and uses the medical system for what it’s designed, which is if you do end up in serious hot soup as they say, you break a leg, you end up with very high fever. Medical system is fabulous, but it’s not a great way to actually restore health. It’s a great way to address an emergency situation that needs instant rectification. So, um, so with that said, so you’ve explained what these different waves are. Have you been able to create sound that impacts and can lead to each one of these states or have you got sound for specific states? Only at this point?

Dr. Thompson: Um, I have sounds for all kinds of different states.

Reena Jadhav: Okay. So you cover all of them from one the Beta state of Gama.

Dr. Thompson: Alright. So I discovered a brainwave in 1989 that I call it epsilon. It’s below delta. When we were, we were taught that there is Beta Alpha Theta, Delta Beta is, you know, 13 hertz to about 30. And then Alpha is this in Betas that Delta is that the lowest rank frequency I was taught was a half a cycle, a second zero point five hertz. But I was seeing below that on my eeg equipment with patients and I’m going, what the heck is this? And then when they would get up off the table after treatment, they would describe, Oh, ah, you won’t believe what happened. I was floating out of my body was up at the ceiling, I was watching you do that.

Reena Jadhav: No Way

Dr. Thompson: to my house and I found my keys.

Reena Jadhav: Out of body experiences.

Dr. Thompson: Yeah, and pre-cognitive experiences and a spiritual revelation, so epiphany’s. That’s what was happening with this brain activity that was below delta and I’m thinking, so I started researching, has anybody else reporting below Delta brain activity and the know and at one point years later when I was doing work with a neurofeedback biofeedback brainwaves with very expensive eeg and machines, and I’m asking these guys, have you ever seen below delta activity? And they said no, but I wouldn’t be able to. Why not? Because they cut the brain frequencies display off at one hertz

Reena Jadhav: interesting the display issue

Dr. Thompson: because they don’t believe there’s anything below it because that’s what taught. They don’t even bother to display it so you couldn’t discover what’s there. That is a metaphor for humanity and I walk away from that going, where are my blinders? Oh, I do that for me. Ultimately, when you take that question leads the seats. So when I see patients who have the biggest breakthroughs for me to go through the physical detox phase and then the emotional detox phase, and then the self defeating belief system, detoxification, oh mommy and daddy didn’t get a divorce when I was three because of me. It wasn’t my fault, but I thought it was sentenced to life in prison to only get so much help and so much love and so much the rest of my life. And if I banged my head against that artificial wall, my subconscious mind has all the power it needs to come out and sabotage my life in any way possible.

Dr. Thompson: It’s necessary to keep me on my job, to keep me in the toxic relationship, to judge my health. You know? So the biggest breakthroughs are the spiritual breakthroughs where you have a revelation of the first time that you made the wrong choice. So for instance, we’re all walking on a path that is faded to lead to a fork where I’m faded to make a freewill decision, right? Or left and right is for the better of my soul, my Dharma, what I’m here for. What makes the best use of my talents and the left is what my mentors are whispering into my ears. Um, don’t be so naive. Grow Up, get a job, work for safety, nevermind this like, oh, I like that.

Dr. Thompson: the path to the right with the Dharma has no visible means of support. My ordinary rational mind cannot understand how I can possibly make a living or have you saved you that way, but the left side has got a clear path of your work for your retirement and you do this whole thing,

Reena Jadhav: right? It’s a safer route.

Dr. Thompson: Okay? And whenever you make the just get a job decision, that is the moment when the pain begins. Each time you make the left choice instead of the right, the pain deepens.

Reena Jadhav: Oh Wow.

Reena Jadhav: you’re making a direct one to one connection,

Dr. Thompson: so when you may have this, uh, this spiritual revelation, it was the first time each of us has the first time that we made the left instead of the right decision. And it’s always based on fear because when I look at the right way, how am I going to make that work? I don’t know about not your job to figure that out. It’s the universe’s job to figure that out. Yes, your job just to do the dumbed down decision, right or left, I’m going to choose right for the, for the joy of my assault. Uber’s going to say, here’s the doors opening. Here’s the lights turning green. Here’s the people you need to know supplied by me by saying yes to you. That’s how it works. That’s what the spiritual traditions from every culture on earth that go back to the beginning of time have been saying that, uh, it’s not up here.

Dr. Thompson: I don’t have the power to understand or know all the details of how it’s going to work. All I can do is follow my heart when it says, this is my joy. And uh, and so, uh, people who had spontaneous remissions from when? One second you’ve had the cancer in the next minute. There’s nothing on the x ray and scratching their heads wondering if they’ve been looking at the wrong records the whole time, right patients. So, um, every one of these people that comes back from this, it’s like the person who had the cancer actually died and the person who survived was a different person born out of those ashes and that person, the person who died was the lie and the person who remained was the truth of themselves with a very clear, powerful understanding of what they’re here for they’re supposed to be doing with their lives. And that was what was missing the whole time. We stepped away from that path and we got a job. Instead, the path of following my heart is the path of following my Dharma to the place that I belonged to in the emperors. And if I’m not doing that, then I’m in pain.

Reena Jadhav: Well, that is really profound.

Dr. Thompson: Can I’m saying that science and technology, in my case I’m using sound has stood the test of time and every culture on earth sound has been used to wake up, not necessarily for healing. Healing is the door prize waking up what it’s all about.

Reena Jadhav: So many of us don’t know the Dharma is right. So many of us struggle to differentiate between the voice in the head saying go light from the voice in the head saying gold left and because I get that question asked a lot, how do you know

Dr. Thompson: you have to consult your heart as well.

Reena Jadhav: And again, I think people don’t even know where the heart speaks because we’re so trained to listen to the head

Dr. Thompson: listening to it. So we have to sit and get quiet or we can use technology.

Reena Jadhav: And that was my question. We just, yeah, talk a little bit about how, which of your programs would assist someone in listening to the heart and getting clarity on, on which road to take?

Dr. Thompson: Uh, if you have health issues, there’s Sadik realms with a lot of heavy physical baggage because that’s like being a spiritual bull in a China shop. You get in trouble doing that, but uh, but there’s a. But there’s a series of boosting creativity that gets you in touch with your heart because that’s where

Reena Jadhav: Okay

Dr. Thompson: so there’s something called a creative mind system or the healing mind system. Higher dimensions of self awareness. There’s, um, there’s also one called the default mode network. The one, the latest one I’ve just produced those four zones I was talking about. Those four zones come unsynchronized all these conditions, shirts start showing up Alzheimer’s and, uh, add and autism and epilepsy, schizophrenia. But when they’re hyper synchronized, exactly the kind of thing we can do with this idea of binaural beats and the two tones slightly out of tune that create a whole step can entrain your brain waves, forces your hemispheres synchronize. And this way we can force the four zones to synchronize and win four zones, get hyper synchronized. That has been shown in research to be associated with super high states of meditation, cosmic consciousness. So now we can use science to pick the lock of programs in the brain for self awareness that used to take 30 years of meditation to get that same place. Now we’re in Star Trek.

Reena Jadhav: And Are you able to get people into the epsilon mode as well with out of body experiences?

Dr. Thompson: Yes. So now we’ve got the science of out of the body. Now we can. So if we can use these medical monitors, we can find out specific brain frequencies for your brain. Where does your brain go? Open the door to your creativity.

Reena Jadhav: So what am I flying in to see you?

Dr. Thompson: Uh,

Reena Jadhav: we’re going to schedule that in because, you know, given I’m on a mission of biohacking, I actually just flew out to Dr Christine Carmella’s lab and did stem cell on myself and I, you know, went out to La and did the hyperbarics and a few other wonderful things like biofeedback with Dr Leary, leering conneely. Um, I’m definitely going to be making a pitstop over to you. And, and, um, hey, for those of you listening in, keep an eye out for when that episode comes out. I’m going to go out and experience everything and then of course share it all with you via a blog post. Sounds, just really thrilling stuff. Now you’re talking about something called a primordial sound. What is that?

Dr. Thompson: You know, when, when all of us have one thing, a complete common with each other and that is our nine months of experience in the home. So you’re floating in amnionic fluid body temperature water. Okay? So in a float tank, after you close that lid, you’re in the dark, floating weightless in about five minutes of not have no input for your brain to start inventing input.

Reena Jadhav: Yes, yes. It’s wild.

Dr. Thompson: Hallucinating things. Right? And you’re there for an hour. What if you were there for nine months? Right? We were all there in a float tank for nine months, floating in body temperature. Amniotic fluid, um, sound travels through water five times better than air. So when you’re at about 16 to 24 weeks when the nervous system is now developed enough that my five senses first come online, right? I’m in the dark, so I’m, my eyes aren’t working. My nose and mouth are filled with fluid. But sound travels through water five times better. So our whole experience for the first nine months of being alive is sound and vibration. The only thing we experience. So I think that’s one of the reasons why sound is such a powerful tool for the deepest level of my unconscious experience and tap the deepest parts of.

Reena Jadhav: It’s almost like it’s the foundational sensation, isn’t it?

Dr. Thompson: Foundation sensation. So if I was to scientifically reproduce, what did it sound like to me when I was a fetus? I did that project by the way. That would be the first example of primordial sound says that, uh, anybody who listened to these sounds would have the same experience no matter what race you are, what sex you are, because we all share exactly the same experience. I’m a number two type of primordial sound would be nature sounds because most of our experiences in nature have been good experiences. Vacation, good times, right? So if I was to take nature sounds and start to slow them down, the skies them so that all my unconscious mind was activated by it under the hood, I’d be picking the lock of a program that makes me get open and relaxed and feel safe. I was doing projects with vocalizing.

Dr. Thompson: Patients were vocalizing their self defeating belief systems and I was playing them backwards to erase it from your unconscious mind and different speeds. So only your unconscious mind is activated by it. And when I that I realized that if I take a recording of you speaking a sentence and I speed it up by a few octaves, I’ve doubled the speed and double the speed it sounds, just like birds keep doubling it. It sounds like crickets. And if I keep doubling, it sounds like dolphins. And so I’m thinking, wait a second, what if I take cricket sounds and slow them down? They sound like words and birdsong sing again. Dolphins slowed down. Sound like people sing it.

Reena Jadhav: Oh my goodness.

Dr. Thompson: Same stuff. It’s, that’s the nature of the underlying blueprint of everything. Then I got the, uh, contacted by these guys from NASA and jpl with voyager one and two programs. Sounds from space sounds from the outer planets of the solar system, interactions of the ions, of the solar wind and the ionosphere of the planet’s vibrate within the range of human hearing and what does it sound like? It sounds like dolphins and Christine’s birds and whales and people singing and Tibetan bowls from space. So it’s like your collective unconscious. Just like if I go into my own personal unconscious mind, there’s a and there’s an intelligence that knows how to grow my body up to cells, but if I listen to nature sounds disguised, it awakens a deeper level of my collective unconscious that knows how to grow a planetary ecosystem that my body grows out of. And when I listened to these space sounds, it sounds exactly the same at different speeds than it’s what level of the collective unconscious is that a solar system level of the collective unconscious. A solar system that earth has grown out of. My body runs out of. When you have a Mr Luque sprints, that is your experience that I’ve been fooled by the definitions of things human being, so the naming animals

Reena Jadhav: and boundaries.

Dr. Thompson: Every thing has a name and that’s how we make sense of the universe, but the row itself with names in reality, there’s no place where my body ends and yours begins

Reena Jadhav: exactly the same fabric,

Dr. Thompson: all of the illusion based on definitions of things. Same thing with health and disease. When somebody comes in and they say, Oh, I’ve got cancer, I had a tumor. Um, no, you’ve got an unimaginable complex and network of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues that resulted in this and you can change it and this thing and go away.

Reena Jadhav: And how do you change it? What’s the secret formula that you have found

Dr. Thompson: by balancing the core of your autonomic nervous system, which is the center part that tells everything what to do and stress yelling system and where does got a problem? All of the systems that controls got problem. No, normally you can. You can balance that part out through deep states of meditation. Let me just ask you a question for you had the cancer and all these health issues, who were you then versus who are you now and what were you doing with yourself then and what are you doing with yourself now because been exactly what I’ve been telling you know patients that you went to a place in yourself and you stopped yourself in your tracks and you stopped all the activity that you were doing after that point.

Reena Jadhav: Yes.

Dr. Thompson: Place in yourself where you could get real and out of that realness, the your life filled into its correct place of importance. Yes, the really important things in life and the rest of it dropped away and you sloughed off the parts of you that were not contributing to your journey here on earth and what you’re here for and

Reena Jadhav: Absolutely

Dr. Thompson: yourself to what you’re here for and here you are interviewing me. That’s part of what you’re here for.

Reena Jadhav: Absolutely,

Dr. Thompson: and you are different than you used to be.

Reena Jadhav: Completely. I’m a completely new person that’s said that over and over again. This isn’t the same person. People knew.

Reena Jadhav: Absolutely.

Dr. Thompson: Here you are.

Reena Jadhav:Absolutely,

Dr. Thompson: and you’ve got a vitality, you’ve got an excitement, you’ve got you bounce out of bed in the morning to do that.

Reena Jadhav: Yes

Dr. Thompson: and that’s the way life should be, and if

Reena Jadhav: with no coffee and no sugar, yes bouncing out of bed, no coffee, no sugar,

Dr. Thompson: not if that is not your experience, waking up in the morning. Now you’ve got to find out where it is. What is it that would make that for you and you’ve got to find it. You’ve got to do it and nevermind what people have told you that you won’t be able to make a living and I won’t be able to do this. No, no, no, no universal. Say Yes to you in ways you can’t possibly presuppose. Synchronicities will show up. It’s your relationship to the core of life in the universe that is at stake here, and if you’re not meshed with the life force of the universe flowing through you, your diet and you’re getting sick and you’re in pain and you’re in misery. So really that’s my task is you know a god does the healing and the doctor collects the bill.

Reena Jadhav: Isn’t that the truth

Dr. Thompson: healing for anybody, but I do have to bring your system back to allow its own internal physician program to begin to work on it’s list and and get things done from the inside out. That is the job of a healer.

Reena Jadhav: Well, what’s the timeframe that you’ve seen for an pick pick? Anything you’d I’d love for you to share some case studies. Actually. Maybe you can share an example of someone that came in with something specific as a health concern and what was the timeframe that it took for them using your technologies and your methodologies to heal

Dr. Thompson: usually takes a few months and that kind of depends on how bad you are and how long has it been going on? Decades has been going on. In other cases I see a lot of chores, so I traditionally my whole practice for 38 years. His kids, kids with a neurodevelopmental problems like that. So I see a lot of cases with autism and epilepsy. So I had this little boy from the parents flew from Denmark so boy had seizures an hour. That’s what every minute. And these were micro seizures would blank out and fall off the chair and hurt himself. So you wear a helmet is on three very powerful anti seizure medications. And so my procedure is we hook him up to this heart rate variability system. We can see the nervous system, the sympathetic parasympathetic, we can tell if is functioning normally. And if it’s not, we can make it function normally with the precisely tuned sound frequency.

Dr. Thompson: I deliver it through a sound table and headphones and then give it to you as a soundtrack to start using every day. And four days later they flew back to Denmark. And uh, in one week it was six seizures and now instead of And in one more week it was six seizures a week. And then in the third week of they all went away. Oh my goodness.

Reena Jadhav: It’s remarkable.

Dr. Thompson: Almost three years and he’s seizure free. And then I got tons of people flying from Denmark And it’s frustrating to me that isn’t really that bad out there. It’s really bad at thousands and thousands and thousands of really good holistic practitioners out there. But people don’t know that that’s the core of things. So in other words, I was in this film, the heal documentary, that film, which was a sellout in every city in the country, and then they were showing it in Europe, sellout, sellout, Salah standing room only.

Dr. Thompson: And afterwards, uh, those of us that were local to where the film was being shown would come and afterwards to be up on the stage to answer questions. And I remember one guy said to me, um, you know, I’ve heard of holistic health and chiropractors and acupuncturists, nutritionists and stuff like that, but I had no idea that was extensive, so extensive. And so networking is so big and it’s kind of like we’re all, once again, when we buy media, buy in or you see an ad on television for a prescription drug that you can’t possibly buy, what, what the heck is that all about? I mean, we’ll. And the hidden message is subliminal program programming is to do two things. You have happy a happy mother with her happy child on a swing set with beautiful music playing. As you divert into the fast voice list of all the horrible side effects and death and everything else that’s going on while you’ve got happy images with happy music playing, that’s classical reframing of a deep, subliminal programming too, and then there’s see your doctor, so your doctor ask your doctor, so your doctor asks you Dr.

Dr. Thompson: c Dot Twenty Times, at least in the ad that they add is that of course you’ve got your doctor. Every family should have their doctor, their medical doctor, medical doctor is what we’re trying to establish as the norm. When in reality the norm is not that a norm is what it’s been for 10,000 years, which is to help to wake up the internal inherent healing properties and live a full life instead of get a job and take a pill.

Reena Jadhav: Exactly. Share with our listeners and our viewers how you got started, how you helped your wife get better. I was fascinated with that case study.

Dr. Thompson: That’s right. So I’m in practice and I’m making serious money for the first time in my life and I realized I could go and do what I wanted to do and buy the equipment for recording studio and make an album. I was a musician and an artist. I went to art school, I thought it was going to be an artist. I have a bachelor fine arts degree. I put myself through school as a medical illustrator. Um, and so I go check out a loan. I buy a bunch of super cool keyboards and mixing boards and recorders and put them in my spare room. And then my wife is going, can you work on my back? So I popped up my portable table in the spare room like I always do. And I put her on the table and I realized, oh, wait a second, I bet somebody on the table in a recording studio surrounded by sound equipment and my mind is going, I wonder if I could make a chiropractic adjustment with a sound wave.

Reena Jadhav: Such a cool. Connecting the dots.

Dr. Thompson: You mean each verb is a different shape. Density in mass. Like a bunch of wine glasses, so I should be able to test for the fifth lumbar and resonate just the fifth lumbar and make it float in vibration and disconnected from the bone above and below and I just made a car back. I put a speaker on her back, found the freak out to put a speaker on the back and played it for a few minutes and then she was fine. stout and I’m thinking, oh my God, it’s little decision. A decision like that and everything changed my life. Completely changed in that moment was like, oh my God. That’s like I brought that to the clinic, started experimenting with it and nine years later I sold the whole thing. I came to California, ended up full time because I’m thinking, nobody’s doing this stuff. This is amazing.

Reena Jadhav: Have you figured out frequencies to normalize every organ? Because we’ve got, you know, kidneys have different issues and livers of different issues.

Dr. Thompson: What thought if I can make an adjustment of the Vertebra, could I do it with an Oregon and then I had a blood lab in my clinic. I could test for liver enzymes and tree sound waves and see it work, and so at a certain point it’s like, what about acupuncture points? Yeah. What about the brain? That’s an Oregon and it’s job is to tell all the organs what to do. If I could do the brain, I wouldn’t have to do each organ sacrificing brand could do it. When I sort of experimented with that, that’s when I sold everything and moved to California and that is what I call bio tuning because the heart rate group is looking at the core center in the brain that tells all the systems what to do. It’s the master control system that tells everybody what to do. So in reality, if you’ve got a thyroid problem or a gut problem or a low back problem, it’s not their fault. They’re only doing what central command tells them to do.

Reena Jadhav: No central commands asleep at the wheel, so you’re

Dr. Thompson: how to get the central command directly to reprogram it. They’re sort of stuck out on the periphery trying to communicate it to it through doing therapies on individual organs and glands and body parts. This now we go straight to the brain like balanced and it sends a set the correct signals out to all those parts and some from the inside out and we just stand back and watch it happen.

Reena Jadhav: That’s incredible. That’s incredible.

Dr. Thompson: And then we do with your voice, so now we’re going to have a. We take three d microphones and record your voice singing that tone and then we slow your voice down so only your unconscious can recognize the unique harmonics of the fingerprints and play that through your body and play that the headphones and so now it’s kind of like more of what I’m familiar with from esoteric science from the Far East, which is the mantra. The mantra is my voice singing a frequency that balances me to my core and awakens me backup to communication with the part of me that knows how to grow my body out of two cells and grow my vocal cords and do it with harmonic series in my tissues that’s recognizable as the Tambour of my voice. Why my voice sounds like me.

Reena Jadhav: To recap for those of our listeners as well as for myself, you have different modalities where one could be just music, you’re streaming through the house through an Alexa or some kind of a system and it’s still working on the entire family, and then you’ve got another modality where it’s something like the binaural beats where you’ve got to have headphones on in order to sync up the two sides, but the outcome of both of those is exactly the same.

Dr. Thompson: Creative beat, some brain wave speed and then praying you through speakers, but if you put headphones on, it forced the synchronicity of the hemispheres. Also, the hemispheres is good stuff because that’s where the brand goes. When I get my opinion, that’s where the problem gets solved. That’s the spiritual revelation, happens, hemispheres synchronized, and we can float the brain in that state. So when we’re in that state, catherine contact with the intuition, with the voice on the insight that we’ve lost. By synchronizing up and silencing the mind with sound technology, we can accomplish what it usually takes. Twenty, 30 years of meditation to do. Immediately we take the brain out of the picture and we get to our core and now it can spend all the time in the good stuff.

Reena Jadhav: If sound can heal, then sound can also hurt?

Dr. Thompson: Yes. So there was research done by a psychiatrist years ago named John Diamond. He based a lot of history research on, uh, the body exhibiting stress responses that it felt were harming it. Also testing right at the moment, stress response. All your muscles get weak. He did. He wrote a couple of books, one of them particularly on music and ennis effect, and he, he did muscle testing of audiences in major composers and symphonies. And you started a catalog in which type of classical music caused a healing response, which causes the stress response, which kind of music in general, kind of class of heavy metal rock music that caused all your systems to blow out and get weak. The drum beat was the key. Drum beat is a, uh, from this other experiment he did with, with a waltz was the most healing kind of music because it’s got a heartbeat data dump from heartbeat most healing.

Dr. Thompson: So he started to experiment with recordings of heartbeats if he played a recording of a heartbeat to somebody, it would start to strengthen them up and heal them, but if it was a recording of a diseased heart would stress you out and caused disease. And then he realized that if you took a recording of a healthy heartbeat and played it backwards, it was the most devastating imbalances in your central nervous system I had ever seen logical switching. And then he realized that he recognized that backwards heartbeat as the drum beat in this particular type of heavy metal rock music that was causing teenagers to commit suicide. And one of those rock groups actually got sued in court because they thought it was subliminal messages, you know, to kill yourself. But there weren’t, it was just this anti heartbeat thing going and it was an training you into reversing all neurological switching is where everything goes inside out, backwards and the things that love and nurture you are rejected and the things that destroy you are accepted and you’ll usually have capitalism is devil worship things on the album cover.

Dr. Thompson: Yeah. Alright. Very strange. So the world is shifting at a good way. New Young medical doctors are much more holistic. There’s an organization called the holistic medical, uh, the American Holistic Medical Association. I belong to that. I’ve lectured there. That is an organization nationwide that is, Whoa, that is holistic minded mds. So as a transition, that’s the first thing you should do is find a, I’ll say, a holistic family chiropractor who can work on your children and you and who can link you in with a holistic md to handle the removal of the medications you’re taking because ordinary mps won’t do it. You have to take it for life. You need a holistic md to help you to go off the medication because when I work on you and you start getting better, you start feeling worse because of the side effects of your medication is now you’re on the medications you don’t need and it’s illegal for me to advise you on removing your medications. So I have to refer you to a holistic md who will do so otherwise you’re on your own to remove it yourself. The littlest tiny piece at a time, sit back and wait. Then nothing back awake. You know? That’s what the parents from Denmark had to do that none of the doctors who had listened to them, oh, this child has to take that the rest of their life. There is no cure, but there’s only no cure in your world. The rest of the world of holistic therapists have cures for all kinds of things so

Reena Jadhav: well because like you said, the body heals itself. Body healing, holistic doctors. Practitioners just help you with the tools that you need to help your body heal. The body can heal from anything.

Dr. Thompson: I believe that from anything so stage four cancer, you’re gonna die spontaneously. Mission has gone tomorrow and so if you can do that with cancer, why can’t you do that with the misery of your present circumstances of your life? You can do with cancer. You could do it with your job, you could do it with your toxic relationship

Reena Jadhav: like that, right? Tony Robbins says that you can change like that. The healthy, it took me 15 months, but you know what? In the scheme of things, right, so I’m 47, what’s 15 months? It’s nothing for me to now live in another maybe 40 years in incredible health versus what would my 40 years of look like on pregnazone and antidepressants. It would have been held. So it’s a quality of life decision and and again, people are like 14, 15 months, you know, you didn’t want for 15 months. I’m like, it’s nothing. A drop in the bucket. Mine was, I was almost dead. It took me 15 months. If you’ve got something smaller, it could be three months and you’d be healed. You’re done.

Dr. Thompson: That’s part of the fallacy that we’ve been brainwashed by the medical system. The quick fix is where it’s at. If you’ve got a symptom, take this pill, it’ll go away. But if you want to heal, it’s going to take time and people would go a whole year. Excuse me, but you’re comparing that to the pill that doesn’t actually do anything for you. It silences the symptoms while you continue to get worse under the hood. So,

Reena Jadhav: and how long did it take for you to get sick? Right. That’s what they kept feeding into me, like every time I would see and I saw it and another 18 holistic practitioners and they kept saying that because I’d say the same thing another year, oh my God, how much longer is this going to take? And they’re like, well, let’s, let’s do some math here. How long have you been harboring? These thoughts are been working like a crazy person or not sleeping nights, right? Twenty years. How long do you think it’s reasonable to expect your body to take to recover? And when they phrased it that way was like, well I guess, you know, 10 percent of my life makes kind of sense. If I spent 20 years getting sick, it’s, I guess I should expect to pay one year as, as my dues.

Dr. Thompson: That is the new pace, the new pace of the 21st century. The ability to put the phone aside and to go for a long walk in the woods out that be entertaining. Right? So here are the silence and to dwell there and to know that that’s something incredible

Reena Jadhav: and it’s the most beautiful experience when you do it. I’d never experienced it until I was forced to go take walks in the forest with my phone off. I had never experienced that. But I will tell you, doing that at five in the morning and watching the sunrise, it resets your brain, your mind, your soul, your spirit in a way that’s an unexplainable.

Dr. Thompson: Don’t really, you know, we have to come back in touch with the fact that it’s not what appears to be. This is not just cars and highways and jobs and television and politics, cosmic journey of star beings in physical bodies for a short time to learn lessons and do things and move on. It’s a magical journey. That’s cosmic. It’s not peyton place with commercials. Reality to reality. That’s magical and heroic and the Odyssey and the Iliad, you know, it’s, um, it’s big. It’s huge. It’s cosmic and you’re in it and you belong in it. And once you walk down that path and you start opening up the purpose of your soul, all that magic starts to show up and the, that the university communicates to you. Just like, okay, I don’t exactly know what to do. I’m surfing the moment.

Dr. Thompson: I’m looking for where the universe is opening the doors for me because I, this part up here has no power. If I want to change my reality, it happens under the hood part, understands the concept, but doesn’t have the power to change it. It’s God grants all prayers and my present experience, what I prayed for in the past, but per happens before a thought. It happens in this sewn underneath where I’m connected heavily into the core of the universe. When I, uh, when I experienced that part of me, that part of me is ancient and connected and participated in the creation of the universe that I think is out there. But no, I’m connected to it. I belong here. I’m not a visitor from outer space. And it’s like I’m grown out of the universe like a leaf on a tree. It’s like a and went and I need to bring that magic back in my life and see that that is not ordinary. There’s nothing ordinary about any of this.

Reena Jadhav: So beautifully said. So we definitely set with that said, what is the one parting advice that you would share with those of our listeners that are trying to heal? Um, other than of course subscribing to your sound, your wonderful sound healing modalities. What’s the one thing someone can start doing right now to get on that journey to healing?

Dr. Thompson: Check 30 minutes every day for yourself and do nothing. All the electronics shut off. You go out. Commune with nature. I’m saying every day, 30 minutes, you and the universe, that’s it. Even if it’s just your backyard with a tree and some grass, take your shoes off, take your socks off, stand on the grass and connect back to mother earth. Surprise what happens just from a grounding standpoint, but reconnecting to the universe that you’re part of them being constantly separated in boxes, house boxes, boxes, cubicle boxes, boxes of belief systems in your mind. That’s what gets us in trouble. That’s what makes us sick. We’re disconnected, we’re just connected from who we are at our deepest part. That’s reflected in the universe as a whole.

Reena Jadhav: Beautifully said. It’s reflecting in our house. We’re a $100 million, very sick people and I’m 30 minutes a day without technology out in the sun. Communing with nature is truly one of the most brilliant and easy and free and simple ways. You can start today,

Dr. Thompson: three and. right there. I mean you don’t have to go to Yosemite to go out.

Reena Jadhav: No. You just step outside. Hug a tree. I do it every day. I’m sure people driving by think I’m completely nuts, but

Dr. Thompson: magnifying glass and go out on back yard and look down between the grass blades world down there, this little bugs crawling around. It’s an alien universe there. They’re all alive. They’re all doing stuff and they’re all right and they’ll patch of grass 15 feet from where we’re sitting right now.

Reena Jadhav: I’m going to do that. I’ve never done that. Learn something new. Every time I interview someone else using like you. That’s what I’m going to do with my 13 year old done.

Dr. Thompson: God, you should be the trip master. That’s what’s. That’s what teachers should be. It’s like the kid goes, kids are natural explorers and scientists are out there looking at the leaves on the tree and the flower. You say, why would you think that it’s cool? Look through this magnifying glass that you know, that all of those little veins in the leaf, I’ve got all these little textures and let’s bring that leaf back in. I, I just bought you a microscope telescope and look at the stars at night. I mean, I dunno. It’s all around us. It’s beautiful.

Reena Jadhav: It is. And it’s throbbing with music. So I meditate. I meditate every single day. Um, and I, I’m started meditating in order to get my health back. It was a very specific meditation. It was a, I’m not the body, I’m not even the mind. And it was most brilliant of what I needed because at that point I was freaking out. But my 20th symptoms, including of course heavy duty rashes and hives on my face and in everywhere else. So I needed to disassociate myself from what was happening on the outside. The outcome of those meditations was so profound that I sort of became addicted to meditating in the morning and then I followed several rooms, series of meditations, and I continue to do one of his meditation is incredibly powerful. Every time I do have a unique experience. Recently I had a experience where at the end of the meditation I felt like I was surrounded with sound. I couldn’t hear it and I wanted so badly to hear it. I tried so hard to hear it. I knew there was sound and that we were going to get misty eyed again, that we were literally surrounded with beautiful music. What does that. How do you explain that?

Dr. Thompson: Sound is unique. In science class we learn the total electromagnetic spectrum, right? Where you’ve got a brain waves and then a radio waves and television waves and x rays and gamma rays and cosmic rays. And up here, someplace is color, right? The total electromagnetic spectrum sound is not on the electromagnetic spectrum thing in the universe that has different mechanical energy way of appear energy moving through a medium, so the and is in all kinds of different frequencies, a narrow little range of those frequencies. We can hear with our ir that we invented 20 to 20 hertz, but vibrations below that, we feel it in our body. And the universe is filled with vibrations, right when you split all these different atoms apart and you know, people are made of cells, made of compounds, made of atoms, made of protons, electrons and neutrons and quarks and Leptons and smash, smallest particle open.

Dr. Thompson: There is nothing inside its energy pattern. Relationships, interesting. An infinite sea of all possible vibrations. The problem is nobody can measure what’s vibrating. Something’s vibrating, but nobody knows what it is because can’t be measured. So they call it dark matter. They used to call. It’s an infused, something that’s resonating and it makes up 80 percent of the universe seen those, uh, the metal plate with the sand on it. That’s vibrating with the sound, right? Have you ever seen. So when you shift the frequency, the sand forms of pattern, you shift the frequency of. We shift the frequency forms another pattern. That’s what it’s like at the quantum field, except us not sand. This vibrating is every possible substance in a state of residence, performing standing wave patterns that are all interwoven together in a tapestry of what we considered to be reality in a hyper three-dimensional movie and the mind of God that’s got a pixel size of a quantum.

Dr. Thompson: Well, right? It’s a three dimensional hyperdimensional movie in the mind of God that’s happening right now. And that goes straight back to the Betas. Wow shots. That’s the sutras of Patanjali, 6,000 year old talking about the fact that this all is born out of an idea in the mind of God and it has no more substance than that. I call it a dream with teeth and the same sub that’s making all of this happened moment by moment and creating it under the hood before our thought is who I am. We’re all creating this. We’re deciding what the next moment is kind of be, and if enough of us dwell in the same conscious space, we can create the tipping point that the next moment is anything we want it to be, so if that’s true, why are we creating this story that we’re experiencing?

Reena Jadhav: Right? Agreed. Why are we creating sickness? Why are we creating violence? Agreed.

Dr. Thompson: Where are we creating this world? We’re living a life of misery. When we could have utopia, if we decided to have that and so that’s where this needs to go and that’s where in treatment, so we could create those tipping points by aligning through couple oscillator connections. Larger and larger groups of people buy in, training their brainwaves to exactly the same place. It’s never been possible before. You got the tools to make it happen. Now people through the Internet and trained to the same place to make a trip, a tipping point, no problem. We just got to get. We’ve just got to get it to happen.

Reena Jadhav: Just got to get the critical mass,

Dr. Thompson: the critical mass, so 100th monkey thing.

Reena Jadhav: It is, it is. We just need critical mass and they’ve done these experiments before where they were able to show impact between x number of people meditating in the stock market.

Dr. Thompson: Rishi.

Reena Jadhav: That’s right.

Dr. Thompson: One mile down from where I was going to school in Iowa. That happened. 7,000 men show up on the front lawn of the Maharishi College in Iowa. Stock market changed and accidents changed and

Reena Jadhav: that’s right. That’s right. So the question is why aren’t we doing this as a society to create a more beautiful future for our children, for our grandchildren?

Dr. Thompson: Just a timing thing. So I’ve got the tools to make that happen within training. I need the correct people to link it together through the Internet that could pull that off.

Reena Jadhav: Well, let’s do it. Let’s do it. For those of you who are listening to this, you know what you need to do. We’ve empowered you today to change your life like that. Whether it’s through a combination of the beautiful meditations and modalities that the Dr. Jeff here has an and we’re going to ask you to share some information in just a moment about your website. Of course, we’re going to have all of this in our show notes as well, but you also can make a huge change right now, this very moment, and that is to decide to be healthy. Make that as a decision, commit to it, and start changing your life tomorrow because it’s just around the corner. A happier, healthier, more joyful, longer life without the pain, without the meds, without the terrible moods you can do it, and the other big breakthrough I hope you’ve had today as Dr Thompson’s empowered you to make the choice towards where your heart lies.

Reena Jadhav: So if you’re doing everything on a daily basis that makes you sad, that makes you depressed, it makes you, makes it harder for you to get out of bed. Change it. You are in control. Don’t listen to what everybody else is telling you. You are in control and so beautifully, like you said, the universe will support you if you make the right choice. We made the right decision. The universe will support you. Don’t worry about how it’s going to happen. It will happen. Just make the decision with one foot forward and go find your path to joy and health. Thank you so much Dr Thompson. Thank you again so much. Share the url for your website again, please.

Dr. Thompson: Uh, the website is scientific sounds with an s.com.

Reena Jadhav: Beautiful. And of course we’re going to have that on our show notes and keep an eye out. We are going to be hopefully working here with Dr Thompson and incorporating some of his work into our health bootcamp. So if you’ve joined one of the health bootcamps, keep an eye out. If not, this might be the right time for you to join. He’ll smile. I’ll see you on another podcast. Take care




Jeffrey D. Thompson, DC, BFA
Address: 888 Loker Avenue East, Suite 106,
Carlsbad CA 92010-6683
Tel: 1-760-931-5333
Email: cnr@neuroacoustic.com



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