How to Meal Plan for Weight Loss?

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Liliana Partida has been in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years. She began her career early in life with a focus in fitness and sports, and in the track and field category, won the 400 meter run California State Championship in 1978. These formative years contributed to her future academic and professional pursuits in the healthy lifestyle and fitness industries.

After graduating with a major in physical education and a minor in psychology at Yuba College, she developed and co-owned one of the most successful all women’s health clubs in San Rafael, California followed with a similar project in Los Angeles before pursuing international opportunities in fitness and health club developments. Certified by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, American Council on Exercise, and the Institute of Aerobic Research, she has been active in training development programs for fitness instructors throughout the United States. Lectures and guest speaking programs on nutrition and weight loss have been presented in the United States, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. As Staff Nutritionist at Center For New Medicine, she presents on-going educational programs on Nutrition, Metabolic Syndrome, Weight Loss, Diabetes and Cancer.

With over 25 years of professional experience, continuing education, and advanced certifications, I have developed a total body, anti-aging, disease prevention, and optimal health program designed to empower participants to improve their overall immune system, health and appearance. Integrating leading research, advanced diagnostic technologies with science based nutritional guidelines; it is pleasure to share this body of work with individuals seeking a nutrition program that will contribute to a lifetime of good health.

Education and Certifications

Ms. Partida is certified in Nutritional Microscopy, Clinical Nutrition, Advanced Bio Energetic Testing, Kinesiology, and Destination Coaching and is continually involved with on-going research in nutrition and diagnostic technologies. She has also completed courses in weight loss resistance, detoxification, stress management, age management, functional blood chemistry, homeopathy, Reiki, tai chi, and meditation.

  • Graduated from Yuba College, California in 1973
  • Certified Aerobic and exercise specialist from Institute of Aerobic Research, Dallas, Texas
  • Certified Personal Trainer with ACE, the American Council on Exercise
  • Certified Kick-boxing Instructor AFAA, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
  • Certified Nutritional Microscopist with Plan It Health, San Diego, California
  • Certified Nutritionist – Institute of Healing Arts, Encinitas, California
  • Certified Bio-Meridian and Advanced Bio-Energetic Specialist, Biomeridian International, Utah
  • Certified Meditation and Stress Management – Brahma Kumars Association, Seal Beach, California
  • Destination Coaching, Telos Center, Yorba Linda, California


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[00:01] REENA JADHAV: Hi everyone it’s Reena Jadhav and today we are chatting with Liliana Partida on her new weight loss bootcamp which is awesome welcome, Liliana.

[00:09] LILIANA PARTIDA: Hi Reena.

[00:11] REENA JADHAV: So tell us a little bit about the food plan or the meal plan on this bootcamp.

[00:15] LILIANA PARTIDA: Okay well I’m really excited about it and I really carefully selected all of these foods and so one of my goals is to eliminate all potential food sensitivities so really gives our body a chance to get rid of what we would consider the waterlogged tissue. And so for the next two weeks, I’m going to ask patients to or the clients out there that are participating in this bootcamp to be open to eliminating some food groups and really use themselves as their own personal experiments. Because once you do this you’re going to be unmasking some potential allergens that may cause you to hold on to your weight where we’re talking about a lot of diets fail and often at times were actually eating foods that are causing us to hold onto that weight because of the inflammation. So we’re not going to be doing any grains in the diet that’s going to be anything from a rice and slices of bread and pastas and crackers and cookies and desserts because number one not only are they very high in sugar and the glucose that when we break them down is going to be more than what we can handle as far as the weight loss. But also so they’ve got two elements in them that really caused a lot of inflammation and those are called lectin. Now I don’t want you to get the second fuse with lectin because though that’s a different thing. But a lectin is a protein that if you are sensitive can create inflammations to the gut and cause what we would consider a leaky gut situation. Now so if we just eliminate the whole category of those foods the potentiality of decreasing inflammation and also releasing this waterlogged tissue you’re going to see a lot of weight losses especially in the first week. So we’re not going to have any brains at all and there are so many different types of grain type products we can use like coconut flour and almond flour. Just remember we’re always going to replace something that we take out. Nature hates the void so we’re not going to be doing grains were not also we’re eliminating for the two weeks also. I would say all things that are processed and hopefully what I want them to have the experience is that you don’t need to have these processed foods that basically what you’re looking at is a bunch of food that really doesn’t break down very well in your system whether it’s going to cause your you know to lower your bit of cholesterol or raise your bad cholesterol and lots of chemicals that create that insulin resistance. So we’re going to give you a lot of different ideas so that you can replace some of those snack foods that might be holding on to your weight. We’re also going to eliminate what I would consider being the first [unintelligible] eleven to twelve days all cheese and dairy and one of the reasons is because I have a lot of insulin growth factor in them and they could raise yours in insulin level. So when people have a weight loss issue oftentimes they have a blood sugar issue as well. And so when you try to heal the cell by not exposing them to food sensitivities but also things that raise the glucose level up and down and dairy is one of those things because it has insulin-glucose growth factor. So for the two weeks, we are not going to do any grains, we’re not going have any bad sugars at all so that means white sugar or honey or maple syrup both are really high carbohydrates we’re going to be using savvier or Lecanto on monk fruit or different alcohol sugar like erythritol or sorbitol. And those are plenty kind of sweet taste that will enhance all kinds of foods. For the first, I would say 11 days we’re not going to do any of the cheeses but they’ll bring them back in so we can give people an opportunity to see really do they have an allergy towards those foods and when we bring them back into the diet. We’re going to go for the higher quality of dairy when we do that and that will be the goat cheese and the sheep cheese and A-two types of cheese raw cheese as well. Because you don’t want factory raised dairy because that will cause inflammation of itself as well, so we’re going to have a little teeny bit of fruit but again apple is 18 grams of sugar. And so when I do fruits we’re going to do mostly berries; think of a bitter better all the time so tropical fruits like bananas, papaya and mangoes really have a lot of glucose to them. So berries will be in like the protein shakes but really only once a day so what you know a lot of people think oh, organic it’s whole fruits and they don’t realize that an apple or any whole piece of fruit is 18 grams of sugar. And so since we really only have two weeks we want to make the best of that time I’m really eliminating the amount of food that they’re consuming as well maybe in the shakes that probably only once a day I really kind of added a lot of really healthy fat because fat makes your brain very happy. And so between the protein and the fat, you can stay satiated and we are going to hopefully stop those sugar cravings and we will talk a little bit more about that on another video. But we want to stabilize the glucose, your blood sugar so that you don’t have cravings and it’s going to make it much easier to go through the next two weeks without feeling deprived because nobody wants to feel deprived. And that’s what diets are all about as I am depriving myself of this and that but when you start to realize that these foods don’t have your highest interest in mind you just realize you know what I am worth it I love myself enough to not eat these foods and to maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit by being mindful.

[06:00] REENA JADHAV: What do you think of miracle noodles I hear a lot of people using that as a replacement for either noodles or rice there’s you know miracle noodle rice, there is miracle noodle pasta and its made with something called…

[06:12] LILIANA PARTIDA: Actually it’s made with yam fiber and I have added those into the recipes so again they’re wonderful because the packet of the coat jack noodles or miracle noodles or shirataki noodles are the three names that they have really come under the zero carbohydrates, zero protein, zero calories, so you can’t go wrong and it’s nine grams of fiber for a little packet. So they really add a lot of good balls because one of the things that people will start to notice is that when they’re getting rid of their grain they may have a little teeny bit more constipation issues because they use that for their fiber. And so I like to put that as a fiber as well as in the shakes I’ve added cilium husk and also chia seeds to put a little bit more bulk. Now we know that fibers the non-digestible element of the food so what it does is it provides bulk and also helps to mop up toxins at the same time but it also has no calories to it so we can deduct the fiber will be talking about that on another video in regard to how to read a label.

[07:14] REENA JADHAV: Fantastic. Thank you so much, Liliana, and for the rest of you, we are going to see you in our next interview.






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