How to Eat Out Yet Lose Weight?

August 10, 2018by Reena0


Liliana Partida has been in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years. She began her career early in life with a focus in fitness and sports, and in the track and field category, won the 400 meter run California State Championship in 1978. These formative years contributed to her future academic and professional pursuits in the healthy lifestyle and fitness industries.

After graduating with a major in physical education and a minor in psychology at Yuba College, she developed and co-owned one of the most successful all women’s health clubs in San Rafael, California followed with a similar project in Los Angeles before pursuing international opportunities in fitness and health club developments. Certified by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, American Council on Exercise, and the Institute of Aerobic Research, she has been active in training development programs for fitness instructors throughout the United States. Lectures and guest speaking programs on nutrition and weight loss have been presented in the United States, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. As Staff Nutritionist at Center For New Medicine, she presents on-going educational programs on Nutrition, Metabolic Syndrome, Weight Loss, Diabetes and Cancer.

With over 25 years of professional experience, continuing education, and advanced certifications, I have developed a total body, anti-aging, disease prevention, and optimal health program designed to empower participants to improve their overall immune system, health and appearance. Integrating leading research, advanced diagnostic technologies with science based nutritional guidelines; it is pleasure to share this body of work with individuals seeking a nutrition program that will contribute to a lifetime of good health.

Education and Certifications

Ms. Partida is certified in Nutritional Microscopy, Clinical Nutrition, Advanced Bio Energetic Testing, Kinesiology, and Destination Coaching and is continually involved with on-going research in nutrition and diagnostic technologies. She has also completed courses in weight loss resistance, detoxification, stress management, age management, functional blood chemistry, homeopathy, Reiki, tai chi, and meditation.

  • Graduated from Yuba College, California in 1973
  • Certified Aerobic and exercise specialist from Institute of Aerobic Research, Dallas, Texas
  • Certified Personal Trainer with ACE, the American Council on Exercise
  • Certified Kick-boxing Instructor AFAA, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
  • Certified Nutritional Microscopist with Plan It Health, San Diego, California
  • Certified Nutritionist – Institute of Healing Arts, Encinitas, California
  • Certified Bio-Meridian and Advanced Bio-Energetic Specialist, Biomeridian International, Utah
  • Certified Meditation and Stress Management – Brahma Kumars Association, Seal Beach, California
  • Destination Coaching, Telos Center, Yorba Linda, California


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[00:01] REENA JADHAV: Hey everyone its Reena Jadhav with the health bootcamps and the live longer podcast and today we have Liliana Partida who is amazing and who’s going to tell us how you can stick to the weight loss bootcamp meal plan and still eat out which is so important otherwise these things just fall apart. Liliana what’s the trick how do we stay true to ourselves to the new menu that we’re working on and yet go out and hang out with friends?

[00:28] LILIANA PARTIDA: Well you know that’s a really great question and one of the things that I’m a really a firm believer of is that we don’t want to give up labor, ritual or social when it comes to a lifestyle plan because really those things make us very happy. And we’re happy we actually lose weight a lot better as well but navigating a restaurant can be challenging especially when you’re with people really who are all in the same protocol that you are following. And so I always tell everyone to really call ahead of the time look on the internet what do they have that’s on that menu so that you’re not stumbling when you’re reading the menu and people are paying attention to what’s going on with her why she taking so long and so forth. And navigate that menu before you go and because there’s always going to be a protein whether it’s going to be fish chicken or turkey that you can order and then there’s always going to be vegetables and salad. Now naturally when most of these mostly at times they going to ask you if you want to have either rice or potatoes or some sort of a starch and all you just do is say I’d love to just have extra vegetables can you just leave out the starchy carbohydrate. And I think pretty much most restaurants because most women are a little concerned about their waistline; so I tell patients don’t be afraid to speak up okay, at the same time we don’t want to put limitations on those people that are around us as well. So when the bread basket comes that’s very tempting now one of two things is you can just if they’re all into the same protocol as you just tell the waiter when it comes you know don’t waste it we’re not going to be eating that bread. So if it’s just you and your husband going out or family member makes it really easy when you’re when you’re with other people you have to be mindful, you have to recognize why am I doing what I am doing right. And so course sight-seeing we always get cravings but a lot of times what I do is I just take the bread and I sniff it right and I just get all those endorsements to my brain and it sounds like I tap on something I really want that food. Well I could give all the sensation without really having to eat that and so again we wanted to make sure we navigate the menu prior to going and a lot of times too is maybe you’re going to an event at a restaurant and it’s all pre-planned or it’s an official event. So I always say be on the safe side and make sure you have your approaching check before you go and just don’t have any carbohydrates just protein powdered almond milk and a little bit of fiber so you’re already three-quarters of the way full. And so that will make you not want to be indulging in things because you’re starving and it’s only pasta, lasagna, and things like that that they’re offering. And so again there’s always usually going to be a salad that you can have so that you can be full so either know that you are going to an event that potentially you not going to have what you want; so eat a little something before you go and think of protein take it because it’s really simple, it’s not heavy and it’s something that is easy and you don’t have to spend too much time in the kitchen. And so that we can always ask for substitutes and if you grill, if you boil and you bake those are going to be poaching is always going to be good. Don’t order anything that’s battered because that’s going to have gluten flour on it we don’t want anything that’s fried we are going to have Franken-stat our bodies won’t know what to do with those fats right. Stick them up against your atria wall and so again watch for sauces. So I would stick with the fat sauce off like a Bernese sauce rather than something that’s going to have a lot of ketchup or sweet sauces or things that are kind of oriental dishes have a lot of sugar in them. And so I always say you know, better to kind of avoid those sweet sauces or those salads that are like the Chinese chicken salad because they are going to have noodles and sugars in them as well. So again oftentimes I just even ask for a little bit of olive oil and vinegar and I use that as a dressing so that I know that I’m not going to be exposed to any food sensitivities that could also cause water retention as well.

[04:32] REENA JADHAV: Those dressings can be upwards of 500-600 calories just in the dressing and so such a good point where you don’t keep even if you get a salad to ask for dressing on the side where you can take a tablespoon and douse your salad in it instead of what they do where there might be a half a cup of dressing in just a little salad. Your salad has now suddenly more calories than if you had a burger for example.

[04:57] LILIANA PARTIDA: Right exactly and again we’re going to be talking about fat, in fact, does it make you fat but the Franken fats or the bad fat they will definitely because your body does not know how to use them. So to be on the safe side order an oil and vinegar red rather than a creamy ranch or a thousand islands or balsamic because those are going to be more sugar and you don’t know what might be in those that may cause you a little bit of water retention.

[05:26] REENA JADHAV: You know the other thing, Liliana, that I did it because I was as you know on a fifteen months meal plan and that’s hard to do that’s pretty long. In order to get my health back and I got completely healthy but it was extremely hard and early on what I did is I just didn’t go out because it was just too tempting and I knew I didn’t have the willpower and I had huge cravings. And for this, we are going to talk about cravings on the next video so everyone out there interested in how to handle your cravings makes sure you watch that one. But I’m so I knew I didn’t have the willpower if I went out and we’re going to have brownie sundae I was going to get into that brownie sundae with my family. So within about three months or so I think I was able to just completely re-architect my taste buds and my body was very used to getting extremely healthy foods so my cravings were not as intense. But one of the things that I started doing is actually taking my food with me because even when I would go I would just worried because I had been so sick I would worry that even if they’re saying that its poster baked there’s no gluten what if there is because it’s a restaurant. We don’t know what kind of what… whether they’re putting in the thing that they’re basting something on poaching. I even actually take my own food with me.

[06:40] LILIANA PARTIDA: And I’ve been known to do that myself as well.

[06:43] REENA JADHAV: Yeah and you know what the restaurants were very accommodating. So I would call in advance and say look I’m on this very special diet you mind if I bring my own food and would you mind plating it for me. And I’d say eighty percent of the restaurants said yes including the very high-end ones and so what I would do that take my food I would give it to the server and they would bring it, plate it with everybody else foods. So it wasn’t like I was taking out my Tupperware although I’ve been known to do that too and I would make sure that I had made a yummy meal for myself. So there was a nice wild Atlantic salmon with a salad etcetera so my meal didn’t look dramatically different from everybody else’s meal but I knew exactly what was in that meal. So that’s the other thing that I would share with you as Liliana you have said in your earlier interview be a vocal stand for yourself, stand for your health. Don’t be shy, don’t be embarrassed, don’t worry about what the restaurants are going to say take a little extra. So that’s what I started doing I just started taking a little more knowing that because I hadn’t eaten an order. The total bill was last but I would tip as if I had ordered as well so that makes up to the server in terms of the fact that hey it’s third or half of the folks in this room didn’t order anything but yeah mate that’s another option that worked great for me. And that yes I was able to go out on Friday night and Saturday night and be completely gluten-free.

[08:07] LILIANA PARTIDA: Excellent now it’s very important to be mindful and when we’re realizing that we’re doing this for the long haul we learn how to adjust and we don’t have too much emotional breakdown about it especially in the next video we talk about cravings and the symptoms that we have. We start realizing we eat these foods that are really not aren’t our highest interests what happens we don’t feel good right.

[08:30] REENA JADHAV: Exactly and we are also picking the right restaurant don’t go to Thai food, don’t go to Chinese it’s very difficult. It’s going to be impossible to your point even their salad is Chinese chicken salad which as we all know is very delicious and very sweet, fried noodles it and so other options. Liliana thank you so much and for everyone else out there make sure you tune into the next one on cravings and we hope we’re going to see you on the weight loss bootcamp brought to you by Liliana Partida.






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