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Proven Weight Loss Action Plan
Free Health Journal, Daily Live Calls, Private Website
Exclusive Weight Loss Recipes, Workouts & Meditations

Proven Weight Loss Action Plan
97 Days Access, Free Heal Journal and Daily Live Calls. Day by Day Emails with Recipes, Workouts & Meditations



Simple, Affordable, Trusted

Your Virtual Weight Loss Coaches!

You and I both know how hard it is to lose weight loss.

After all we spend $60 billion each year and yet over 90% of us fail. There are so many reasons we fail- from the fact that fad diets are hard to sustain long-term to the fact that not everyone can work out 2 hours a day!

Here’s what you don’t know and no one is telling you- IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT.

Your body is beautiful but highly sophisticated and complex and designed to keep you ALIVE.

So if it senses a threat, it won’t drop the weight, if your hormones are off it won’t let go of the weight, if you have inflammation forget even trying to lose weight. Your body is not losing weight because its either trying to keep you alive or not functioning well.

The EASY WEIGHT LOSS BOOTCAMP is designed by World Renown Integrative Doctor Leigh Erin Connealy, MD along Liliana Partida, CN and will help your body lose the unwanted weight, make sure your body is in the “healthy zone“, relieve stress, inflammation and more.

The Easy Weight Loss Bootcamp is easy to follow with day by day detailed menus, workouts, meditations and more.

It also includes Live Calls, 14 videos, free Health Journal and Facebook group to help you transform in 14 days!

How It Works

1: Get Access

Get Access to exclusive Easy Weight Loss Website, live coaching calls, Facebook group and more for 97 days

2: Get Day by Day Email

Receive a daily email which outlines your day including what to shop, cook, eat, meditate, move and more.

3: Answers & Support

Join us on a daily coaching call or send us an email to get the support you need to thrive through this Bootcamp.

The final step is to enjoy the results of your 14-day transformation!


6 Reasons to Join

You are frustrated with being tired and overweight

You want Easy Weight Loss recipes that are easy to follow

You want a proven system that works

Clear up the confusion and myths about weight loss

You want a support network to meet your health goals

It’s a deal – just $97 for a $1271.95 program

Have questions? Want to chat with us?
Join us live between 12pm PT and 1pm PT any weekday via Zoom link:

Why Sign up?

Proven Weight Loss Action Plan

97 day access

Free Health Journal

Daily live calls

Day by Day Emails which include:

Recipes, Work out videos, Meditation videos, Live Zoom Q & A with Liliana Partida, CN, Live Bonus Zoom Q & A with Dr. Connealy

10 Things You Get!

Day by Day email with your daily menu, work out plan, a daily meditation, a healing drink recipe and your own personal journal selections.

30 Day Joy Calendar

Exclusive Q & A live Zoom calls with Liliana Partida, CN and Dr. Connealy!

Latest articles and insights on Weight Loss

Free Health Journal – 30 day digital format

Your questions answered live daily between 12pm PT – 1pm PT or via emails

Private Facebook group where you can connect with others

A library of hundreds of recipes, exercises, meditations, podcasts and more!

14 Day Meal Plan Summary including Shopping Lists

A new family that supports you through your health journey

Proven Results

4 Benefits in 14 Days

Health Bootcamps

Proven Formula

Unique and Proven Liliana Partida protocols

Hello Health

Detox, balance, heal, nourish

Healthy Habits

Learn new lifestyle of healthier eating, sleeping, detoxing.

Questions Answered

By Renowned Liliana Partida along with support system and peer group

Our Letter to You

Hi Healthseeker,

I am the certified clinical nutritionist at the Center for New Medicine. My passion is to empower and inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle. One that prevents disease, creates vitality and maintains a healthy body weight so they can experience optimal health throughout their life.

As a connoisseur of great tasting food, I create recipes that are so flavorful you’d never know they’re good for you. My goal is to re-create your favorite “comfort-food” meals so that you are both emotionally and physically fulfilled. All while reducing your cravings for sugar and other junk foods.

Having grown up in the country, I experienced the benefits of farm-to-table living. I woke each morning to amazing aromas wafting from the kitchen as mom poured her love into the meals she made for her family of eleven. She fueled my passion for cooking with superior quality and taste. This is what I pass on through my educational programs and cooking videos.

In our “Weight Loss Bootcamp”, you will be introduced to the benefits of adopting a low-carb diet. One that diminishes inflammation, the root cause of all disease, and helps you easily lose-weight. I look forward to sharing my passion of 30+ years healthy living with you, so you can enjoy living too!

To a Vital You,

Hello Friend,

At age 35, I was diagnosed with colon cancer, from which I recovered through surgery. However, only 10 years later, in September 2015, I had my second health crisis. Even though I was eating 2,000 calories a day, I was dropping weight like crazy and developed 27 other symptoms.

I went from physician to physician and was tested extensively. Five months later I was informed there was nothing medically wrong with me and I was prescribed steroids and antidepressants.

I felt so helpless and had an emotional breakdown thinking this was my future. Then, I took a deep breath and decided to fix myself. I refused both prescriptions and began a 15-month journey back to health in February 2016.

By June 2017 I had not only reversed all 28 symptoms but felt and looked healthier and happier than ever before. In October 2017 I decided I had to share my journey and the truth about health from World’s leading doctors. There are over 100 million Americans sick and suffering needlessly. It pains me to see so much suffering when health is just a few changes away. It’s now my mission to make it easier and more affordable for you to unleash better health!

I could have kept suffering but I chose health. So can you, let me show you how!

Simple, Affordable, Proven

Program Pricing

What is the Price of Your Health?

Our mission is to make health affordable for EVERYONE! So our price is less than a cup of coffee a day. We also offer a full refund within 3 days. Join risk-free today to unleash better health!

Limited time $1/day offer!

Our Service Guarantee

We want to make sure you get the guidance and support you need on your journey to better health. Since we’re so confident in our program, we’re happy to offer you an iron-clad guarantee.

If after three days you feel like the program isn’t for you, give us a call and let us know what you don’t like. If we can’t find a solution for you, we’ll happily refund your money no questions asked.

As HealthBootcamps Founder, it’s my goal to ensure you have a delightful experience with our Bootcamp. We want to surprise you and exceed your expectations! Why? Because as a patient I have been in your shoes and know what it’s like to be disappointed.

I promise you that if you join our Bootcamp,


1. We will be Responsive — We will reply your emails within 24 hours or less and be there to answer your questions and help you through the program.

2. We will Listen —Send us your suggestions, your complaints, what you want to be answered or changed and we will do our best to accommodate you

3. We will Refund — If after the first three days you feel the Bootcamp is not for you we will happily refund your money

Limited time $1/day offer!

Your Weight Loss Team

Medical Director

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D

Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D. is a prominent leader in the Integrative/Functional Medicine medical field (taking the best of all sciences, including Homeopathic and Conventional treatments). She is the Medical Director of two amazing clinics: “The Cancer Center For Healing” & “Center For New Medicine”.  The combined clinics have become the largest Integrative Medical Clinic in North America, and visited by patients from all over the world.

Dr. Connealy is the author of two books, “The Cancer Revolution” published in 2017, and prior to that the “Be Perfectly Healthy” book in 2009, and has revolutionized the landscape of medicine. In 2017, she was named one of the top 50 functional & integrative doctors in the country. Dr. Connealy feels we must treat “the Whole person”, the patient with the disease and not the disease of the patient, while determining the “origin of the illness”.  Dr. Connealy begins a TV Series “Dr. Detective” airing on the JUL-TV Television Network beginning in July 2018.

She has discovered that many factors contribute to the disease process; therefore, many modalities must be used to reverse it, and spending the proper time with each patient to allow for reversal of the disease.  Dr. Connealy and her team of practitioners, make this happen each and every day at her multi-disciplined “state of the art” clinic, while providing quality of life treatments.

Dr. Connealy has 31 years of experience and has taken numerous advanced courses, including homeopathic, nutritional and lifestyle approaches, while studying disease, chronic illness, and Alternative or Integrative/Functional Medicine cancer treatments.  In addition, Dr. Connealy imparts her wisdom in educating medical practitioners from all over the world; as well as, public speaking engagements, webinars and podcasts. She offers the most scientifically and technologically advanced equipment and protocols at her clinic located in (Southern California) Irvine.

To learn more visit: &

Clinical Nutritionist

Liliana Partida, CN

Liliana Partida has been in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years. She began her career early in life with a focus in fitness and sports, and in the track and field category, won the 400 meter run California State Championship in 1978. These formative years contributed to her future academic and professional pursuits in the healthy lifestyle and fitness industries.

After graduating with a major in physical education and a minor in psychology at Yuba College, she developed and co-owned one of the most successful all women’s health clubs in San Rafael, California followed with a similar project in Los Angeles before pursuing international opportunities in fitness and health club developments. Certified by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, American Council on Exercise, and the Institute of Aerobic Research, she has been active in training development programs for fitness instructors throughout the United States. Lectures and guest speaking programs on nutrition and weight loss have been presented in the United States, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. As Staff Nutritionist at Center For New Medicine, she presents on-going educational programs on Nutrition, Metabolic Syndrome, Weight Loss, Diabetes and Cancer.

With over 25 years of professional experience, continuing education, and advanced certifications, I have developed a total body, anti-aging, disease prevention, and optimal health program designed to empower participants to improve their overall immune system, health and appearance. Integrating leading research, advanced diagnostic technologies with science based nutritional guidelines; it is pleasure to share this body of work with individuals seeking a nutrition program that will contribute to a lifetime of good health.

Education and Certifications

Ms. Partida is certified in Nutritional Microscopy, Clinical Nutrition, Advanced Bio Energetic Testing, Kinesiology, and Destination Coaching and is continually involved with on-going research in nutrition and diagnostic technologies. She has also completed courses in weight loss resistance, detoxification, stress management, age management, functional blood chemistry, homeopathy, Reiki, tai chi, and meditation.

  • Graduated from Yuba College, California in 1973
  • Certified Aerobic and exercise specialist from Institute of Aerobic Research, Dallas, Texas
  • Certified Personal Trainer with ACE, the American Council on Exercise
  • Certified Kick-boxing Instructor AFAA, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
  • Certified Nutritional Microscopist with Plan It Health, San Diego, California
  • Certified Nutritionist – Institute of Healing Arts, Encinitas, California
  • Certified Bio-Meridian and Advanced Bio-Energetic Specialist, Biomeridian International, Utah
  • Certified Meditation and Stress Management – Brahma Kumars Association, Seal Beach, California
  • Destination Coaching, Telos Center, Yorba Linda, California

Program Director

Reena Jadhav

A colon cancer, SIBO, leaky gut, parasites and menopause survivor/thriver. Today, Reena is the healthiest and happiest she has ever been, enjoying a symptom-free life while nibbling on brownies and Thai food! She healed herself through grueling 16 months of experimentation and learning which is now distilled into Health Bootcamps designed to transform you into vibrant health!

Reena had promised Dr. Tait that if she ever healed she would make it her life’s work to help others get their health back. This program and Health Bootcamps are her way of living up to her promise to Dr. Tait and revealing all the lifestyle and food changes that helped her get to great health and a vibrant joyful life in just 16 months!

Reena is also a speaker, startup Coach, tech investor and 5-time entrepreneur with a passion for disruptive ideas that transform the human experience and create meaningful lasting change. She has a few dozen startups she advises on growth, product, and fundraising as part of two incubators.

Reena is a Harvard MBA and graduated summa cum laude with a BSc. from Wharton, University of Pennsylvania.

Limited time $1/day offer!

8 Videos on Weight Loss

It Works!

Fortunate and Satisfied!

I was fortunate enough to participate in Liliana’s first class on the Keto diet. My sister and one of my co-workers also participated. We were all interested in improving our health and shedding a few pounds as well. The class was well organized and informative and Liliana delivered a wealth of information on the subject that could be listened to over and over. I personally was very motivated to get started and after the first couple of weeks found energy levels that I had not had for a very long time. I had had my A1C level checked before starting the course and after 3 months it had dropped from 5.9 to 5.3. I lost 24 lbs as well. This is a lifestyle change and it really helps to have the coaching from someone who really knows what they are talking about. Thanks to Liliana this 63-year-old has abounding energy and improved prospects for longevity.


I’m just so happy I got started on this path!

I came in 3 months ago, sad and unhealthy. I couldn’t bend down to get things out of the bottom cabinet. Through this process, I was surprised to find. I found it easier to stay on this program than I expected. I’m currently down to 130lbs. and I can bend and move again.  My energy level is up and I’m just so happy I got started on this path.  Thank you, Liliana!

Lisa Jones

Perfect blend of coach and inspiration!

Liliana is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate, the perfect blend of coach and inspiration. She provided examples I was able to use immediately and made sure I knew what to do when I felt challenged. Love her!

Paul Ecke

So much happier and healthier!

YES!!  I am so much happier and healthier.  I keep looking at myself sideways and I never wanted to do that before.  I have shed 80 lbs. of toxins. So many of my ailments are gone or going. I am so please with the program, support and education I received from Liliana.  I can wear a size M in some clothing lines! Best of all my brain and body are working so much better and in harmony due to the detox loss. It is detox done right!  With sincere thanks for your dedication and are to get me back in balance the natural way.

Kathy DeSantis

Obesity By Numbers

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Health Is Your Birthright.
Let’s Unleash Better Health!
Our mission is to help heal millions through breakthrough
online programs powered by World’s Best Doctors.

Health Is Your Birthright.
Let’s Unleash Better Health!
Our mission is to help heal millions through breakthrough online programs powered by World’s Best Doctors.

Limited time $1/day offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that some people have asked before they signed up:

  • If I sign up, when does the 14 days begin?
  • How can I get my questions answered?
  • I am interested in transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. Will this 14 day bootcamp help me with that?
  • Why is it 14 days?
  • Why should I sign up now?
  • What if I don’t have time to do the bootcamp?
  • I’m not very technical. Can I do this?
  • How will I know what part of the bootcamp to do?
  • How long do I have access to the program? Or is it just 14 days?
  • Is this Bootcamp hard to do? Will I be starving?
If I sign up, when does the 14 days begin?

You can start anytime! We will start sending you information but you have access for 97 days and can start your 14 days anytime convenient to you!

How can I get my questions answered?

We are here to help answer your questions! You can ask on the Live calls which are done via Zoom, you can send us an email, you can ask on Facebook or even give us a call. You can also listen to the recorded live calls and interviews done in the past.

I am interested in transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. Will this 14 day bootcamp help me with that?

ABSOLUTELY!!!! That is our biggest promise, our program will help you make the tough transition to a healthier lifestyle by providing structure, resources and support you need.

Why is it 14 days?

The bootcamp is designed to help you make new habits that will help you and break old ones. That takes at least two weeks to accomplish. By the end of the two weeks you should be using the new things naturally.

Why should I sign up now?

Because there is no tomorrow, only TODAY! Making your health a priority means starting NOW. So, take action now, start your journey to health today, even if it means just signing up. If the program is not right for you, you can get a refund in 3 days, so there’s no risk.

What if I don’t have time to do the bootcamp?

A lot of people think that before they get started. The good news is, the recipes are quick and easy and you have to eat anyway; the meditations are short and increase your focus for the day, and the exercises can be done in only ~15 minutes daily. Spending just these few minutes a day will change the way you feel.

I’m not very technical. Can I do this?

It’s very easy to do. If you can send an email you can do this bootcamp.

How will I know what part of the bootcamp to do?

You’ll get a daily email for the first two weeks that spells out exactly what to do. By the end of the two weeks you’ll know how to best spend the rest of your two months in the bootcamp.

How long do I have access to the program? Or is it just 14 days?

You have 97 days after you join the program to access all the materials, videos, emails, website resources, facebook group and more. So, you don’t have to start the day you join or worry about not having enough time. In fact, if you need an extension for 97 days we are happy to extend for free! So you can actually do the program multiple times if you so choose.

Is this Bootcamp hard to do? Will I be starving?

No, you will be full and satisfied! We do not make you count calories or grains of rice. We give you more than enough choices of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and healing drinks. But we exclude all foods that cause allergies and weight gain.

Limited time $1/day offer!


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