How to Reduce Inflammation

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How to Reduce Inflammation and Chronic Disease with simple diet and lifestyle changes according to Dr. Sunil Pai

Struggling with chronic or auto-immune health issues? They are triggered by inflammation which can be reduced with simple Inflammation diet and lifestyle changes according to Dr. Sunil Pai. In this podcast he shares his insights from his bestseller bok- An Inflammation Nation: The Definitive 10-step Guide to Preventing, Treating and Reversing All Diseases Through Diet, Lifestyle and the Use of Natural Anti-Inflammatories. He is internationally recognized expert in Integrative Medicine, a health activist/influencer and thought the leader in the wellness industry. Dr. Pai is also the founder of House of Sanjevani Integrative Medicine Health & Lifestyle Center located in Albuquerque.

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How to Reduce Inflammation


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How to Reduce Inflammation



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Here are the Key Questions answered and highlights:


1. What inspired you to write a book about inflammation? (01:56)

– There is a connection between Inflammation and Chronic Disease

2. Is inflammation the root cause of all disease? (02:39)

– It’s a triggering mechanism to make the disease worse
– It triggers an inflammatory response
– The root word Flam means Fire. In simpler terms, it is the “itis” at the end of your issue that indicates its inflammation. For example for someone who has red eyes due to allergy, we call it conjunctivitis. Arthritis is another example.

– Look at the underlying triggering mechanism of your inflammation

– Once you stop the conventional medicine, patients will have their Inflammation symptoms flaring again.

3. What is inflammation? (04:32 )

– Inflammation is a set of biological, cellular and immunological responses that are not always bad.
– There are hundreds of inflammatory response.
– The inflammation is controlled by your immune system.
– Your immune system is your military, airforce, marines of your body. They fight, fix and repair.
– The goal is not to have too much inflammation and you don’t want to have any inflammation. You have to have some.
– Now, people are in a chronic state due to their diet, lifestyle, and environment.
– One of the misconceptions we have with the conventional approach is that we usually take medications that make the patient’s inflammation go to zero.
– Although their symptoms will go down, it puts them at higher risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.
– You can’t have none! Otherwise, you will have infections.

The key is to find what are those triggers in your diet, lifestyle, and environment, which is covered in An Inflammation Nation. It also includes tips on how to reduce inflammation.

 4. Give us an overview of those 10 steps covered in An Inflammation Nation. (06:43)

Eat Organic, Non-GMO Plant-based, anti-inflammatory diet

– Right kind of fuel, nutrition, fiber, protein, antioxidants

Test each person individually for inflammatory responses to foods

– Look at each person’s specific immune physiological response to all plants

– One might have a sensitivity to kale.


– Clearing toxins

– You need to understand the physiology of how to eliminate toxins through diet, lifestyle, and environment

Things to avoid:

– Colon detox can be quite dangerous

– Avoid smoking

– Avoid non-steroidal anti-inflammatories: Ibuprofens like Motrin and advils, Aleve like naproxen and Celebrex. These have a blackbox warning.

The number one cause of death in the US, outnumbering heart disease, cancer, and stroke, is side effects of the western medicine and medical errors. The largest contributor is non-steroidal anti-inflammatories people take every day.

Increase your immune system functioning

– Clean up the environment, clean the toxins, keeping inflammation down and immune system up!

– Maintain healthy sugar level, decrease stress, do meditation and yoga

– Increase love and happiness, faith and spiritual aspect of your life

5. What are your thoughts on the plant paradox that not all plants are healthy and the nightshades? (12:39)

– All the anti-inflammatory that we give comes from plants. However, individuals can have different responses on any food.

The Plant Paradox with Dr. Gundry >>

6. What are your favorite plants on how to reduce inflammation? (15:20)

– Turmeric, ginger, black pepper

– All plants are an anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefit

– There’s no pill taken that comes from animal protein

– Lower the inflammation and reduce cholesterol.

– Stress triggers cholesterol more damaging and dangerous.

– Cholesterol comes from animal proteins, anything that has a face or mother has cholesterol

7. What are your thoughts on Pitta being connected to inflammation? In that context, how do you look at food? (20:39)

 You can balance food to the dosha

– It’s also based on amounts

– Ginger might have a pungent and heating quality, it still has an anti-inflammatory and other benefits. It depends on amounts

– You want to refine the individual based on not only ancient knowledge but also current available data.

– Look at specifics of each individual.

8. Talk about testing and what testing do you recommend? (22:38)

Two types of reaction:

1. IGE

– Immediate response. Happens within 1 hour.

– 2 % can be an anaphylactic reaction.

– 98% can get a nonlife-threatening symptom

– Conventional medicine is the way to go for acute disease, but not with chronic disease

2. IGG4

– Delayed reaction. Happens from 2 hours to 4 days.

9. Do you believe in food sensitivity testing? (26:43)

– Yes.

10. Skin Testing vs. Blood Test : Do you do both? (27:33)

11. Are all the labs that are doing blood tests pretty similar? What lab do you recommend? (29:26)

– You’d want to look at who’s done it first, what they’re doing specifically, who’s done it the longest.

12. For someone who’s not based next to you, are you still able to do tests for them? (31:42)

– Health coaching via skype

– Spend money on therapies, Inflammation treatments that are favorable and good foods

13. There are more children with general food allergies. Share with our audience about that. (32:53)

– There’s disfunction in our microbiome. In the first few chapters of An Inflammation Nation gives a whole explanation on microbiome.

– It’s very little to do with the brain, but the microbiome is the point of entry via antibiotics or illness.

– The diet is important because it’s how you absorb the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, micronutrients, and others.

– If that’s dysfunctional, then inflammation goes to sensitive areas such as the brain or joints.

– If anyone has a traumatic injury, if they’re not doing anything about it that’s caused the damage, it’s still a pro-inflammatory trigger that’s coming from their diet, lifestyle and environment that goes to the sensitive areas that causes the “itis” to continue

– With osteoporosis, it’s not a disease of aging, it’s a chronic disease that’s getting inflammation in the certain areas in the individual overtime.

14.What are your recommendation on microbiome? (37:36)

– Microbiome testing

– When you’re eating a plant-based diet, you’re changing the microbiome culture

Microbiome testing:

1. Analyze what their microbiome is

– We can see how’s your digestive system, leaky gut, etc.

– Are they getting enough fibre

– Are they secreting hormones or recycling them

– Can identify overgrow, parasites, etc.

2. Test and culture based on growth

– Most people have resistance to microbial therapies whether you’ve taken it taken a lot or not the community has

– We want to be specific in an individual.

– It’s more of a what’s the target? What’s less toxic?

15. What about sinus infections? What drives sinus infection? (40:57)

– Most people have a history of seasonal or environmental allergies, which they test.

– There are zones of where people live.

1. There’s an inflammatory response in the sinus cavity due to something that we breath.

2. When you eat a food that’s triggering the internal inflammation, that’s when people have congestion, etc. It’s not the weather, but the food that’s triggering inflammation.

3. The immune system. If the immune system is not strong, it won’t be able to fight, fix and repair.

16. What about the histamine reaction from probiotics with people trying to fix their gut? What’s that all about? (42:32)

– Sensitivity with probiotics, most of the products in the market contain dairy in their product.

– The microbiome’s unique because there are different species.

– A lot of people are missing of the good microbiome in the body even with taking probiotics

– Be careful with the Kombucha, because they might have a sensitivity to the fermenting of foods.

– There are other things in a food or supplement such as the delivery that makes it trigger inflammation

17. Why is detox so critical? (45:05)

– Detox is critical because we’re all toxic.

– There’s toxins coming from the water system, environment and predominantly in our foods

– We’re getting more and more exposure to hundreds of chemicals

18. If you’ve got a patient who is reacting to every supplement they’re taking, what do you recommend? (47:47)

– Change your diet

– Restart the agni in your gut

– When we do the microbiome testing, it’s not only testing what you’re deficient in, but also what food and sustainance is good for you

– You have to fix your diet first, otherwise taking a plant based diet or taking supplements won’t work as effectively

19. How long does it take to rebuild the agni? (49:09)

– Depending on the person, body type, comorbid conditions and lifestyle change

20. What about infrared saunas for detox, chlorella and spirulina, and those kind of supplements? (50:11)

– They’re good for heavy metals.

– Look at the source. Make sure they’re organic.

21. Do you do testing? How do we find out what toxins i might have? (51:14)

– We’re able to assess and correct functions

– There is Liver supplementation with ingredients from Germany

– They only use things coming from a source, no third party individuals

22. What about NSAIDs? What’s wrong with NSAIDs? Why is that something so dangerous still in the market? (53:15)

– Bosmeric-SR

– Everybody has inflammatory problem, and 1/3 of the population take NSAIDs daily,.

– The common reaction of ibuprofen would be heart burn, constipation, rash, sun sensitivity, ringin in the ears, headaches, etc.

– Theyr’e not life threatening.

– The serious reactions with ibuprofen are considered rare.

– Anything that’s a rare serious condition that starts to occur commonly, then the FDA put up a black box warning

– A black box warning is that the FDA gives warnings of the drug that can put you in a coffin

– Sometimes, western medicine makes disease worse

Life expectancy is 34 out 35 industrial countries. The outcome of disease that are chronic are now at 46 out of 48 industrial countries. The US spend more on health than with all other countries combined.

23. How critical are faith and love in yoga for inflammation? What has been your experience? (1:18:05)

– Aside from Bosmeric-SR,  one has to have a belief system.

– They have to have an understanding that they have the ability to heal.

– They have to have a full conviction.

– The belief system is what gives you strength to heal yourself

– Find your inner strength

 24. What is the one mandatory thing for someone who’s suffering from inflammation to do immediately? (1:30:10)

– Move to a Plant-Based Diet




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