Stop Aging and get your youth back with Dr. Ed Park: Telomere Time bomb

March 11, 2018by Reena0


Find out why we get old and sick and how to stop aging in its tracks!   This insightful interview with Dr. Ed Parks will change what you know about aging and put you on the right track to getting your health and vitality!

Dr. Park graduated from Harvard University in 1989 with a degree in Biological Anthropology. He earned his MD from Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons and his Master of Public Health degree from Columbia, School of Public Health in 1993. He is an author, speaker, and the world’s expert in the area of Telomerase Activation Medicine.

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Stop Aging and get your youth back with Dr. Ed Park: Telomere Time bomb

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Stop Aging and get your youth back with Dr. Ed Park: Telomere Time bomb



Key Questions answered and highlights:

1. What is aging? What causes aging? (2:04)

2 things that happen with aging:

  1. Loss of Data Integrity, related to telomere erosion
  2. Depletion of Stem Cells

2. How did you embark on this journey? Why did you get interested in telomeres? (5:33)

– “My father had brain cancer”.

– He was living a healthy life which led Dr. Park to think: Why do people get old? Why do people have to suffer like this?

– Most of illness, disease, an imbalance is function related. It is not irreversible.

3. What’s a telomere? What’s a Stem Cell? (8:25)

– Telomere comes from Greek, meaning “End Body”

– It’s an end of a chromosome.

– Regular cells age and die

– Stem Cells have telomerase which will lengthen telomeres

– TA-65:

– Taking TA-65, Dr. Park lost 15 lbs in 3 months

– There are a lot of things for people to learn how to restore balance

4. We can be 100 and feel like 20. How does this happen? (17:47)

– Taking TA-65 can help

– The nature of the exercise is destruction. You tear muscle fibers then they grow.

5. What accelerates aging in some people? What can our listeners do to slow it down? (21:18)

– Breathing, sleeping, exercise, etc.

– You can meditate

– If you live in a state of stress, you’re going to get sicker

– If you don’t breathe properly, worry too much, don’t exercise, you don’t slow down the process of aging

6. What about growing more stem cells? What is the important role that stem cells play in keeping us young? (24:02)

– There are now pathogens that help curb aging



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