Rapid Weight Loss Program with Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary

March 11, 2018by Reena0


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Are you struggling with weight loss? Praying for a miracle formula?

Your prayers get answered by Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary in this podcast about her best selling book The Prime: Prepare and Repair Your Body for Spontaneous Weight. As a neuroscientist., she has participated in over twenty clinical research studies in the areas of multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, and diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

For those struggling with weight loss and looking for a way to lose weight spontaneously, listen to this podcast for insights regarding weight loss and toxicity in the body and a four-step program.

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Rapid Weight Loss Program with Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary

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Rapid Weight Loss Program with Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary



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Here are the Key Questions answered and highlights:


1. Have you found the magic pill for spontaneous weight loss? (02:00)

– If you are healthier, your weight normalizes spontaneously.

2. Are you saying that everyone’s who’s obese is actually unhealthy? (02:16)

– When we look at Ayurvedic medicine, it’s important to know your body type.

– 3 Body Types (Dosha): Vata, Pitta, Kapha

– We can’t say one is overweight by simply looking, we have to know their Body Type.

– Most people are overweight because of Intoxication and Toxicity. Even with no diagnosis, their body is not experiencing their absolute prime.

3. What inspired you to write this book? (03:16)

– “The book chose me as a voice” and I had to share the insights of my patients losing weight.

4. How can you eat without gaining weight? Where is the problem?

– The answer all goes to biochemistry, which comes from the gut and involves the microbiome, the set of bacteria that lives in the GI drive.

– The microbiome in the body has significant effects on the brain, decisions, behavior, personality and what you eat.

5. What is it that we’re doing to our body that creates a weight gain? (10:33)

– It’s called Ama in Ayurveda and is a generalized term referring to toxins or toxic inflammation which can be physical and mental.

– Because of the accumulation of ama, it becomes difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

6. Where are these toxins (Ama) coming from? (11:57)

– We’re eating food that is depleted of nutrients.

– Since we slowly substituted foods coming from the earth, we also slowly changed the type of bacteria that’s inside of us.

– We’re eating very sick animals.

– We created a 100,000 new chemical constituents which were tested to be 1% safe for human beings and particularly unsafe for women. Many mimic or stimulate estrogen in our bodies, which promotes disease.

– We’re eating and living in an environment filled with chemicals along with an unhealthy lifestyle.

7. Tell us how we can change our lifestyle. (16:40)

– You are in a biochemical prison.

– Begin to shift your biochemistry step by step, then you will begin to automatically make changes in the way you live.

8. Tell us what are those little changes we can make for spontaneous weight loss. (18:54)

– 4 step process in The Prime.

– Take a gut IQ test. The smarter your gut, the faster you can go.

– A dumb gut is a leaky gut, where the food your eating is going into the bloodstream. It has damaged the brain located in the gut. It has lost communication to the brain in your head. The microbiome also changes from beneficial to parasitic.

4 step process:

1st stage

– Start with an herb called Triphala, which clears out colon toxins.

-The Prime Tea.

– Pulls out toxins in the body. Let out the fire in your belly (Agni)

2nd stage

– Take herbs that help you reverse neuroadaptation, which makes the brain in your head and gut get addicted to certain food.

3rd stage

– Introduce things that will help to pull out deeply rooted toxins in the organs.

4th stage

– Introduce new habits to support new biochemistry.

In the process, your body will stop craving for certain food and your body will start to regenerate.

9. What are other symptoms of toxicity or issues in the gut? (28:10)

– According to Ayurveda, you can link your condition back to when it first began in the gut.

– When you eat something toxic, overtime, it will be stored in your organs.

-When you’re in Prime your body will immediately react if you eat something toxic.

You have toxins if:

– Your tongue is coated white in the morning

– You have congestions, sinuses in the morning

– You get sick often

– You are not waking up easily, without pain

– Our bodies have lost the capacity to manage toxins.

– What’s happening now in our 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s should be happening decades later.

– There’s a paradigm shift in normal aging, which is not normal at all.

10. What have you found with respect to peri-menopause and menopause, how can women get rid of their symptoms? (32:29)

– There are many chemicals produced that target estrogen receptors. Estrogen dominance.

– With the amount of stress women is under, their adrenals begin to use progesterone made from their ovaries and turns it into cortisol.

– Most women in their peri-menopause have adrenal fatigue, which affects thyroid level, digestion. The whole system gets bombarded.

– That’s why you can’t just do one thing, because of the environment we live in.

– Repair the GI tract.

– Behavioral changes, dietary changes, and key supplements are needed

– It’s all connected to the GI tract because if you can’t intake nutrients, your body won’t be safe.

11. What is the protocol for fixing the gut? (37:35)

1. Remove the toxin.

2. Reignite Agni.

Dr. Kulreet’s Approach:

– Do the 4 Step Program in The Prime

– Open up the lymphatic system

– Open up the channels in your body for toxins to flow

– Introduce Psyllium and flax to feed healthy bacteria and to remove toxins accumulated

– Address the disruption between the brain and gut, or else you can’t break the addiction for unhealthy food.

– Introduce supplements like bone broth, vegetable juices.

You cannot detox until you have a nutrient-dense physiology. Build your body up with nutrients before you detoxify.

– If you’re looking for a pill, you will be deprived of the opportunity of personal evolution that is caging you from who you want to be.

12. How long before spontaneous weight loss occurs? What’s the time frame each of these 4 Stages? (46:37)

– The program recommends not to do less than 2 weeks per stage. Try to do at least a month.

– You will feel changes in just the first week, not just in weight loss but mentally and emotionally.

– It depends how you open your physiology.

– It depends how you let go of things that are not serving you in your life.

13. Give us an example of a difficult day in the life of someone going through this program. (48:22)

– Take certain supplements like Ashwagandha and Brahmi in the morning.

– Take Triphala in the evening.

– Throughout the day, drink your Prime Tea.

– In the morning do your lymphatic brush shower.

– Add bone broth to your meal.

– Drink Vegetable juice in the morning that depends on your dosha.

– Add curry powder in your food.

– Eat ginger before your meals.

– The total time put in is not massive. Each one of the things you’re implementing changes your biochemistry.

14. Are you a supporter of probiotics? (48:22)

– Clean your gut first before taking probiotics.

– You can make your own probiotics.

15. For those who are struggling with weight, what is the one recommendation that you have for them starting today? (48:22)

– Mental: Drop all the guilt, shame and judgment. It’s your biochemistry.

– Physically: Drink Prime Tea throughout the day.

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This is auto-generated and may have mistakes. Please listen to the interview for accuracy.

Reena: Hi everyone. Welcome to a super exciting episode of the live longer show. This is Reena and we have with us. A very famous celebrity someone who’s been on Dr. Oz Show so many times in fact that’s how I first came across her and just absolutely loved her vibe her energy and of course her insight into Dr. Kulreet Chelsea. She has combined expertise in both modern neurology and the ancient signs of health. Known as I would say that. But what’s amazing is that she’s actually a trained neuroscientist and a neurologist. She’s participated in over 20 clinical research studies in the areas of multiple sclerosis Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s. All the stuff that makes us shiver and worry and maybe stuff that we’ve had to deal with you know through our parents. She’s done groundbreaking work in a death cell therapies for diabetic neuropathy and drug development. She is a regular guest and Dr. Oz Show I think Dr. Oz loves her. Where her teachings about Irish medicine have really reached a national audience which are thrilled to hear what I’m excited to talk to her today is that she has written the book. The Pryke repair and repair body for spontaneous weight. Now as you know on our show we’re all about living longer healthier and happier. And I know a lot of my female audience would love to have spontaneous weight loss. That’ll make them really happy. So Dr. Chakri welcome.

Dr. Kulreet: Thank you. Thank you so much for that gracious introduction.

Reena: Spontaneous weight loss really. Have you found the magic pill.

Dr. Kulreet: The thing is it’s it’s not a magic pill and it’s actually not magic because it turns out that if you are healthier your weight normalizes spontaneously.

Reena: Those rates are using everyone who is obese is actually unhealthy but OK.

Dr. Kulreet: So this is a very very good question because when we look at her boutique medicine it’s very important to understand what your body type is. There’s three doses or three kind of my body types. And for those who have a cough a builder naturally bigger heavier build. So when we say if you know somebody is overweight and we really have to look at well what is their actual body type. That trend aside in relationship to that. But for the majority of the people who live in the U.S. and other places where we’re essentially living the modern life the majority of people are overweight because of humiliation of inflammation and toxicity which makes them unhealthy. And so even if they haven’t been diagnosed yet with something their body is not functioning at its absolute prime.

Reena: Very interesting to hear what made. What inspired you to write this book.

Dr. Kulreet: Well I think life has a way and you know your story is a great example of that. Life has a way of picking you up and saying you’re going to do this now because people actually need it. So I had no intention of writing a book. I was just kind of going along doing what I did which was you know practice neurology and incorporate diabetic medicine and I was mainly focusing on helping people reverse neurological disease. And then it was after one of these shows from Dr. Oz I just spontaneously had a book agent come to me and he persisted and said listen I think you have a book in you. And I’m a really big lever in when things happen without ever I lived much of my life out trying to do anything and just falling kind of the leads. And my first impression was really like no I’m busy I don’t think I had time to write a book. But then when we spoke on the phone the things that I was saying which for me were so commonplace like you know the understanding between the connection between the brain and the neurological conditions were reversible and you know that by the way when you do this you lose weight I’m like but I’m sure someone’s already written about this I’m sure people know about this and he was just totally dumbfounded and said No. No that’s what I said are just walking around talking about. And so he kind of tugged at you know my my position Corda you know hey there are people that would actually very much benefit from understanding this knowledge and really everything that happened with the book. It just they all came together extremely extremely spontaneously and I really feel like the book wrote itself but ended up choosing me as kind of the voice for it. And it was just something that was timely and something that people needed to hear.

Reena: And that’s so beautifully sad. The book shows you I hear that from other authors when I interviewed them that it’s odd. I don’t know where this became prime that I started writing and it just sort of wrote itself you know easier. That’s a little bit about how the Harry Potter series came about. That’s that’s beautiful. You’re very connected to the source and clearly you have a bigger purpose here here on this universe. Thank you. Thank you for putting this book out because I think this insight is brilliant and I and I unfortunately don’t think enough people know about it. Your agent is right. So we either leave feel that Half-Time obese and we have an obesity epidemic in America that we are obese because we’re doing everything wrong. And that obesity is making us unhealthy and you’re making the claim that it’s perhaps it’s in fact in reverse that we are doing things to our body that are unhealthy and we’re going to talk about toxins in just a moment and that’s what’s actually making us obese because I know friends who eat way healthier than I do I’m admitting this on on the show now they eat salads that I eat cakes and you know I’m constantly munching on a thousand calories of nuts every day which I know I shouldn’t. And yet they are bigger than me and it is a puzzle. And your book attempts to answer that question though. So answer for every woman out there that looked at a skinny woman eating cake and hated her and said How can you do that. As I gain weight just looking ahead. OK. Where to where is the problem.

Dr. Kulreet: So the big thing. I love how you preface that question because it’s so true. People do want to kill the scary women eating the cake. You can view the skinny woman eating the cake at one point in your life and then suddenly you’re the person who hates the skinny woman eating the cake at a later point. So you know all of this is really a continuum it’s really just a story and it’s figuring out where you are at. In that story but the story is really written in biochemistry and a lot of people think that they have gained weight because of poor willpower. And I you know when I was practicing in away at Scripps Memorial Hospital I had the opportunity of just seeing some of the most amazing patients. They were people who you know launched multiple companies had completed professional degrees you know were the heart of a family of four or five and could coordinate all of their extracurricular activities and school activities. And yet they could not meet the changes they needed to be able you actually lose the weight or just like you described. Even though they were eating very healthy they were still gaining weight. And I didn’t come out this topic for weight loss. I actually approached this topic because I was trying to help patients who had a disorder of the nervous system or brain disease to reverse that you know process that was happening with in their nervous system and they were struggling with the same thing that when I figured out you know what the program was that they had to followed to reverse the neurological conditions they couldn’t change what they were eating. So for me I started to study this not so much as somebody that was you know annoyed with her patients but more as a neuroscientist saying boy why can’t they change what they’re eating. And the answer was Oh biochemistry and much of that biochemistry came from the gut and it intimately intimately intimately involved the microbiomes are the the set of bacteria that live in your G.I. tract. And what shocked me was the dramatic influence that the microbiome had on your brain on your decisions on her behavior even on your personality and especially on what you in what you put in your mouth and what it turned into once it reached your G.I. track. And it’s it’s funny because as much as it’s a scientific revolution for us in medicine and unfortunately even though this revolution is occurring most physicians know absolutely nothing about it and yes they if you talk to most neurologists or almost anybody in any field and you say how important is gut flora to disease or health they’ll say it has absolutely nothing to do with it but despite it being this you know slowly growing revolution within the medical field it has been a part of the ancient health traditions for thousands of years.

Reena: So for so true. What did you observe. I mean I love how you say waking is not about food. It’s about the body’s environment. What is it that we’re doing to our body that we’re creating an environment that’s creating the waking to an Ivy League medicine.

Dr. Kulreet: There’s this great term called Ahmad spelled AMAA. And it’s very hard to translate into English because it refers to so many different things. When we talk about on the physical level you could roughly translate it into toxic inflammation that is referring also to what’s happening on the emotional level. Also it’s happening on a mental level and it has to do with the amount of toxicity that we are producing in our body as a whole. And once we get into that toxic inflammatory state because of the accumulation it’s because of the accumulation of Armont then it becomes very very difficult to maintain a normal healthy weight. And it’s understanding the connection though between you know mind your emotions and the body and how that ultimately translates into a shift in the microbiomes into a shift in the type of bacteria that live in your gut that that will ultimately influence your weight and your ability to maintain a healthy weight.

Reena: So where are these toxins or where is this ALMAK coming from.

Dr. Kulreet: So a lot of it unfortunately is simply coming from the crap we eat. I mean we as a society eat really poorly and even for those attempting to eat clean they’re eating predominantly food that is completely depleted of nutrients. So somehow you know over the last 50 to 60 years we have taken things that had we introduced into our food into our daily food intake overnight we would have all objected and said this is even a food. You know you go from for example having things like homemade cheeses to Cheez Whiz right. They would transition overnight. Everybody would have objected. So true. But what happened as we slowly over time started to substitute foods that were grown from the earth and cooking at home. Two things that sort of look like it’s like we have somehow decided that Krispy Kreme don’t is an actual thing that we would put on our body.

Reena: As e-mail as ketchup as a vegetable for schools I don’t know if you know that was classic by catch up as actually a vegetable. But please continue.

Dr. Kulreet: And so as you made these changes to ones what was actual food that had an inner intelligence that our body could interact with. We slowly began to change the type of bacteria that lived inside of us. And in addition to this dramatic change in the types of foods that were you know eating and this doesn’t even begin to cover you know for those who eat need that the absolute horrific conditions under which animals are kept so you’re basically eating very very sick animals and the animals yeah sick and sad animals and so they had the biochemistry of that which you then also are taking in in addition to that we started to create all of these chemicals that are now just in our environment in general we’ve created over 100000 new chemical constituents of which less than 1 percent have actually been tested to be safe for human beings and particularly unsafe for women. Many of them mimic estrogen and stimulate estrogen in our bodies so that they actually promote disease. So we’re eating worse. We’ve filled our environment down to the table that we’re sitting on the chairs were sitting on the clothes we’re putting on. They’re all filled with different chemicals which again we have just kind of slowly accepted that this is the way to live. And then you add on top of that the type of life that we’re winning. Nobody wins for stillness. That’s not even a property that we encourage. Everything is about achievement accomplishment at a younger age you know get more things as soon as possible. And what’s happened is it’s driven our bodies particularly our nervous systems into the ground and we’re just we’re aging a lot faster which perhaps if we were living in that fast of a pace but eating better and living in a more pure environment it will be compensated. But we’re doing all of these three things at one time. And so what chance really does the body and the body this miraculous miraculous creation where if you even throw it just a little bit you know of a bone it will it will do just about everything for you. But we have started to live in a way that has created the perfect recipe for creating Armah or toxic inflammation in our bodies and our minds and in our emotions.

Reena: That is so true. And it’s know impossible to live in the world the way we live today to live in our homes or communities watch the TV we watch. And transform our lives to being healthy. I mean when I had to do this so Auma was my problem that that was the gist of what I suffered from what’s interesting is changing my lifestyle was not that easy because you’re white and I don’t know how we got here but. We are in this little cage and getting out of that cage initially is like breaking a cage it takes a lot of strength mental strength emotional strength strength to say no I’m not putting that crap in my body anymore. Now

Dr. Kulreet: on your way there’s actually an easier way and you just ride is exactly what I’ve put in the book is that you are in now a biochemical prison. And you know I really applaud the way that you approached it which was essentially dropping everything and kind of forcing your way out. But that’s not the easiest route. And especially you know I’m thinking of so many of my patients especially many of my female patients where there are no mothers to you know three to five children. And they are working and are trying to run the house and it would be nearly impossible to do that overnight. And it’s not actually necessary. The whole point is to begin to shift your biochemistry step by step and to change your microbiomes step by step. And what happens is as you start to make those shifts and this is the whole point of the spontaneous part of the book is that you begin to automatically make changes and what’s always surprise me is when they’re not just changes in the way you eat there are changes in the way that you live because you’re slowly starting to remove the armor from your system and that changes even the decisions that you make around your life in terms of the type of work you do the type of relationships you have. And it doesn’t have to happen overnight. And that’s exactly why I you know wrote the book is it’s the program that I implemented for my patients to begin to open up the gates to remove and scrape out this Armaan so that they didn’t have to drop to I they could still be in their life but it just slowly began to change. I remember a patient of mine who you know was just kind of living in the tradition of complete workaholic and you know was running around grunty curve kids and would just grab whatever she wanted and stuffed in her mouth. And as we worked together over the course of a year she said you know I’m not the same person. I’m not even living anywhere close to the same life that I did a year ago. But I don’t know exactly when it changed. We just kept doing these little steps and somehow I’m no longer that person I was back then.

Reena: So give us some of these little steps. I think everyone’s going to be very interested in those steps because nobody wants to make a major change. Nobody wants to do what I did 15 months locked in my house. So tell us what are those little changes we can make or spontaneously plus.

Dr. Kulreet:So there’s a four step process that is outlined through the book and to decide how fast you go. You take a good IQ test to tell you how smart or dumb is your got the smarter gut the faster you can go the dumber you get got the slower you go. And when I first started this and I basically went into šibenik medicine because I developed migraine headaches just like so many physicians we go into it because we become patients who can’t be treated by the medical field. And so when I first did this I had a Dunga. And so it’s totally ok if you have a Dunga this notion that most of us have done guts but what’s a Dega. I’m sorry. What’s a for a dumb guy is a girl that has lost its integrity in terms of its dismembering. So what we refer to as a leaky God is also how you can penetrate it right into the food that you’re eating or going into the bloodstream. It has lost the grain in its god. So we actually have brain damage and that’s referring to the enteric nervous system that the brain that is located in your gut. It’s lost the ability to communicate effectively in a way that keeps you healthy to the brain in your head and the micro biome or the bacteria and other organisms that love you living your god have gone from being the beneficial microbiome to the parent predominately parasitic microbes. So it’s that whole kind of you’re literally describing me two years ago. Yes and that’s a.

Reena: Very charismatic leader dumb God not communicating to the brain and say what is going on here.

Dr. Kulreet: And many of us have that. And it’s funny because I you know you could almost create a curb really that the more was the more successful you’re becoming in the life that we’ve been presented like hey these are things you should achieve. The dumber you’re got that you are so right. And you think a less outwardly successful guy you are certainly bugger’s in my own life. You know I was such a quote unquote successful medical doctor and it was the worst help I ever had and kind of the less hard I worked and the more intune I became with myself in my life purpose and what I was really year for. So you know in the view of the medical world you know a total failure to help you became. What.

Reena: A tragedy or a travesty that the two are inversely proportional in our culture.

Dr. Kulreet: There are cultures where they actually cultivate community over individuality. They cultivate. You know eating organic freshly prepared foods over convenience and they cultivate their success through promoting a smart gun. So it’s it’s really interesting to travel to different places because you realize that there’s not just one way to live. And these are often the places where you have people living into their 90s and a hundred successfully living there.

Reena: Japan has one and I don’t know as you saw recently the video about what Japanese children do at lunchtime and I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but for me personally following one of the core I the principles of sitting breathing gratitude before eating and then eating in a calm way with no television or no cell phones on ITV in the sun and I did that for a year and chewing the food and really tasting the food made a huge difference.

Reena:: And the video about these Japanese children as the lunch is not a break. Actually all the kids get together and some books and some are. And everybody sits and heads together and they eat warm freshly cooked food every single day.

Dr. Kulreet: And that’s exactly what I mean is it’s just how we structure our priorities and you know my son goes to school every single day with a warm freshly made lunch that morning and eaten every single day. It’s usually Indian food which is the bane of his existence.

Reena: I can’t believe you are selling that off my kid because I thought well what else am I going to get else.

Dr. Kulreet: Is he going to inherit from me. So that is going to be more sustainable to him than a healthy micro biome and a connection to who he really is and an appreciation for his body in his mind. What else are you going to give him now. Therefore there is nothing else. So anyway going back to your original question so once you figure out your IQ then you can embark on this journey and it’s just four phases and you know this whole concept of detoxing has become very popular and it’s actually critical now I don’t think it was critical in the past but because of our exposure to all the toxins it’s actually become critical but most detoxification programs they do this quick you know 70 detox 1080 Tod’s right and you’re barely scraping the surface. And so what you do. Each one of these stages each stage preps you for the next step. And it just opens up the channels or the Schroder’s as we call them an eye or Hoveyda and allows the arm or the toxins to flow through. So in the first stage it’s just a very simple things and you probably were exposed to this Riina as you had been seen by RBD practitioners but you know we just start in an herb called Tripler and Triffitt is just three berries I don’t even refer to it sometimes as an herb because it’s little it’s just three berries and one of them Amla. I grew up eating those pickles on our table. And so you don’t even think of it as an herb but the Triffid just starts to begin to clear out the colon of toxins so that then more things can be processed through the GI tract because if the colon is backed up you can’t pull things into the bloodstream and into the liver to process even more. You can’t have a back up the Gorgons that process toxins and then have the ability to process even more. We introduce a really easy TDMA I called the prime t is just made out of cumin coriander and fennel. I mean come on. These are all just ingredients that many people with you know Indian or other Asian background. This is just what you cooked with. That’s right. And so these spices do the same thing they just start to pull out the toxins from the body they start to ignite what we call Adone where the digestive fire in the belly and they start to move out a lot of the soluble toxins so people often say like I’m paying for my pecan esteems or my sweat kind of stinks and I’m like fantastic. Those are all signs that this is coming. Elaine Yes. And so in each stage like that the second stage we start to introduce some herbs that help to reverse neural adaptation which is a critical critical process where your brain both the brain in your head as well as the brain in your gut becomes actually addicted to certain foods. And so because there’s a biochemical basis for this and you know the food scientists out there that work for many of the companies that provide us with this junk they know about this so they’re helping to start the process. We’re just fighting the biochemistry that they have ignited that in cages us with these habits and we’re just fighting it with the biochemistry of Iron Maiden and then in the third phase we go a little bit deeper and this is kinda critical critical phase where now we start to introduce things that will help to pull out the deeply rooted toxins in the organs. And there’s a reason why I don’t do this earlier because you see the preparation that has to be made both physically and mentally before you get to that stage. And in the final stage I introduce the habits and again at no point am I telling people to quit eating anything. I’m just giving them steps to change your biochemistry. And in the fourth stage I just introduced new habits Dilma asking them to stop eating anything that will just support now their new biochemistry. But what happens is throughout the process you spontaneously stop craving certain foods or you and your body will start to reject foods that are toxic to it by giving you all the signs like a headache or having a rash or having diarrhea and then you know oh I just ate something toxic.

Reena: So those are signs of toxins often I get the question how do I know I have inflammation or how do I know that I actually have toxins. And you’re saying if I if you’re getting a rash if you’re getting a migraine what are some other symptoms of toxicity and or issues in the gut or inflammation more importantly.

Dr. Kulreet: It’s really if you have any condition according to Obita we can link that back to a process that first begins in the gut. So what happens when it is initially when you eat something that is toxic you might have those symptoms immediately because your body is able to process those toxins immediately but over time those toxins begin to get stored in your organs so you no longer have the immediate response I eat something toxic. And so when you do the program in the Perón you begin to pull out the toxins so that there’s no longer the lag. So that as soon as you put something into your body you now know you’re making the connection. Oh hold on. I have headaches but I notice now when I eat this that’s what’s actually triggering my headaches. So if you want to know if you have toxins in there some easy ways of hearing that’s the whole purpose of the GA IQ quiz is it’s a quiz that shows you whether you have a Dunga or a smirk which is really a reflection of how many toxins you have in your body. But easy ways are look you know look at your tummy in the morning. It’s coated with a white coating you have toxins. If you wake up in the morning and you have all of this congestion in your sinuses you can’t quite Breathe Right. You have toxins. If you get sick very often you have toxins. But really it’s if you are not waking up easily in the morning without pain feeling good. There’s toxins somewhere in the body. And you know we all have times where they might go a little bit you know during the change of the seasons or for women right for their menstrual cycles or if you’re under stress. But if this is happening every single day then that’s a sign that your body is losing the capacity to manage those toxins.

Reena: And I’m sure as we get older it gets tougher for the body right so when you’re young I’m ezine in the body you handle that and I ate it takes whatever we’re throwing at it. And as it gets older it starts to talk back to us just like our children.

Dr. Kulreet: Exactly. Exactly and that’s the challenge because you know ideally you would do these things when you’re young. Not that I did either I had to wait until I got sick as well. But ideally you would do these things when you are young so that you never accumulate them. But as you age your body does slow down and it’s not able to process quite as many toxins but the way that we are aging currently is nowhere close to how we should normally be aging. I mean I think about my great grandfather who at 104 you know of course he wild. I mean he didn’t look like he was 30 but he needs to walk ten miles a day. He had no no problems whatsoever. He was completely agile. He had no memory problems he had you know almost photographic memory. And the day that he died he actually announced today I’m dying went to sleep and died. All right. Yes yes. The thing with partners is that we’re so disconnected to the fact that this is how people used to live. At one time and so what we now consider aging the things that are happening you know to people in their 20s 30s and 40s. They used to happen to us decades later after so long. We have had this entire paradigm shift of what normal aging looks like and there’s nothing normal about it.

Reena: So I have to move us into menopause Vitez the audience of you know my listener bases is over 35 and met up was very menopausal and it used to be a few percentage of women in menopause suffered. And now the statistics are that 10 years prior to menopause women start to experience pretty significant sentence from weight gain to fatigue. Anxiety is a huge one huge what mood disorder or lack of sleep wear. What have you found with respect to perimenopause menopause. How can women reverse get rid of their symptoms. So this has actually become a passion of mine and in part just as you know you get older I’m 43 now and so it’s becoming an issue and so I immediately started to turn my attention to it.

Dr. Kulreet: And it’s something I’ll probably write about in about two to three more years because I think it can take two to three more years to really master this but this topic is so massive and it goes back to what we’re talking about about the toxicity first of all. As I said there are so many chemicals that have been produced that specifically target estrogen receptors and it’s creating this phenomenon of estrogen dominance that is really just stifling women in a way that is unparalleled. I mean we’ve just never seen women go through this. So there’s that component of just what the environment is doing to our bodies. Another part of this whole dilemma is what happens with progesterone which is a progesterone Steele phenomenon because the amount of stress that women are under their adrenals actually begin to use progesterone made from their ovaries and turning it into cortisol because of their high stress conditions. And so you’re basically you’re adrenals turn your ovaries into adrenals themselves initially but then as your ovaries begin to age they start taking from the adrenals and so then most women are getting into perimenopause have come early adrenal fatigue and then that affects their thyroid level. It throws off digestion. So the whole system gets bombarded on so many different levels and it’s why you can’t just do one thing in order to go into you know the perimenopause or menopause period comfortably there’s multiple things that women have to do now simply because of the environment that we live in and I think it’s just I think it’s amazing that it’s not illegal to produce chemicals that are actually altering women’s bodies and they’re simply allow to be put into absolutely everything. So it’s not a simple fix but it still does involve repairing the G.I. tract but then in addition to doing the prime for my women who go through going through perimenopause and menopause uncomfortably and you know I’m including my myself in this which shocked me because I did everything right but I’m still living in a modern Zakhilwal you know that’s got to be intimate and is being a citizen of the modern world. But I did start to you know just do my own experimentation and my own research I started to put together a program for myself which I would say has now reversed the symptoms by about 90 percent and I think I’m a year or so away from figuring out how to do it 100 percent. But it’s it’s not going to be able to live the life that you led before. I mean it really is a paradigm shift for you say oh hold on I’m living a life that’s slowly poisoning me from the inside out and robbing me of my own femininity it’s going in and actually harming the reproductive system and so you know it really does take this kind of dramatic look at a case where our is all the extra estrogen coming into my life. You know why do I have progesterone steal what do I need to reverse that. And so it’s a combination of again behavioral changes dietary changes and then certain very specific key supplements that help to repair the reproductive system. But it’s still connected to the track because it’s the same thing if if you stop absorbing nutrients there’s no system in the body that’s going to be safe from the effects of that.

Reena: And I hear that there’s new research that in fact it’s the microbiome in the gut that even absorbs and digest and eliminates hormones. Yes. And if your gut biome is a mess then your hormones are going to be a mess regardless.

Dr. Kulreet: There’s I mean I’m not trying to sound like a broken record but in either way there really is nothing that you can somehow link initially to a shift in the thought that all disease kind of starts from there or at least spread from there. If it didn’t start from there it will spread from there. So true.

Reena: Let’s fix the gut. So what is the protocol for fixing the gut for someone who clearly has despite says or has all of these symptoms and says Fine I’m going to do it. I need a fix like that and that’s not that’s law park right. So what’s involved in your protocol for healing our gut microbiome.

Dr. Kulreet: Well what is the main thing is to first remove the toxins and to reignite agony or the digestive fire that without doing that the other things that you do are not as effective. And so I’ll have you know patients who will come in and they’re taking their probiotics and their you know eating organic. They’re making everything at home but their god is completely unable to absorb any of that because of all of this information inflammation all of these toxins that are lining the you know the GI tract. So my approach is it’s really just what I had mentioned this four step program of you know the first step. We include the Tripler the prime T. We start working on opening up the lymphatic system that you have to start opening up the channels in your body so that the toxins can actually flow. And also in the first I will introduce on psyllium and so that you’re not only starting to feed the healthy bacteria but you’re also using that as a sponge to remove again the toxins that have accumulated. And so that really has to be the first step. But then as I mentioned before the second step is if you don’t now begin to address the disruption that has occurred between the brain in the gut the entire nervous system and the brain in your head you cannot break the biology of addiction that is essentially coming from having parasitic bacteria living in your G.I. tract that are sending signals through use of doping the pleasure response every time you eat a Twinkie or you eat a potato chip that until you into reverse that you your choices your food choices are being dictated by parasites in your gut rather than you. So that becomes you know much of the step2 in the phase is to block that as well as beginning to actually introduce nutrients through bone broth and through some specific vegetable juices because you cannot detox which is in stage 3 you cannot detox until you have a nutrient dense physiology detoxification requires energy. It’s depleting. So you have to actually build your body up of nutrients before you detoxify. So it’s you know when you look at it it makes some common sense but most people don’t approach it this way.

Reena: So we’re looking for the magic pill. You know I I was one of those people I just wanted someone to give me a pill that was overnight going to eliminate my symptoms that I search really hard for that help. And I didn’t find it though. You know a lot of questions that we’ll get in our heals circle workshops are you know how can I quickly treat something so how can I get rid of my migraines or how can I get rid of. Now I have anxiety how can I get rid of that.

Dr. Kulreet: And I think that there’s the problem with that entire approach is if you did that you would be deprived of the opportunity for personal evolution. That is really caging you from becoming who you want to be because all these physical symptoms they’re just mirroring that something is not in balance within yourself. And so why on earth would you want to fix something quickly physically so you can go right back to the life that was denying you happiness in the first place.

Reena:: I think that’s such a wonderful question to ask. You know when we fall second we have sometimes and we really don’t want to make any fundamental changes and I think it comes from the lifestyle that we’re leading which is not inward reflecting its very outward reactionary. So we are we’re on this very fast moving train. You know the example you gave of were all people with kids and families and parties and responsibilities and work. Commitments. And it’s this really fast moving train. And there’s no time to sit and actually reflect. Or listen to the inside voice. And so when something falls sick or when something goes wrong like an Mikee something fundamentally wrong I would wake up with a face that was twice the size and look like an alien which meant I really only had to pay attention because I had ignored every other symptom. It’s a problem because now it means I got to get off my train exam. And that may not be something anyone wants to do or to the solution.

Dr. Kulreet: And it’s funny because when I see it it doesn’t happen so much anymore because more mostly the people who come to see me know know that their life is going to change I mean they’ve kind of they by their had friends or family members who see me and they know that something is not going to you know something is not going to be the same after they see me. And originally when I first started to do this it was funny how people would hold onto their cages. You know they were either in relationships that were clearly abused or clearly toxic and they were like yes. But it’s working because that relationship fits in with everything else going on in my life so that’s just not disrupt that facilely instead. Could we just fix this god awful feeling that I wake up with in my stomach every morning. Could we just get like a pill for that. I was like Well no because it is tied to the fact that you are in a toxic role. And this is the beauty of it and this is what I meant when I was talking about Armah that there is not a distinction in terms of the emotional or mental and physical omma they’re all linked together. And so why would we want to take the mirror away that showing us basically where we’re ugly. I mean that’s how unique changes. And that’s really the opportunity that I see in either Veda is you know when you take it on it has to seem for other healing systems you come out as the person you always wanted to be but never wanted to do the work because that’s so profound because I agree with you I think.

Reena: I say this to everyone. I am a different person the person that existed two years ago is not the same person today. And thank God thank God for the better.

Dr. Kulreet: Same way I would look back at who I was. You know now 15 years ago when I first started all of this I mean I don’t even think I really liked her. You know. I like it I go oh my gosh you know just a complete you know workaholic and despite having a very strong meditation practice much of my life was measured by external accomplishment and you know my prayers are that I have the same feeling 15 years from now that I look back at who I am now and say wow I don’t even recognize that person you know. And that’s been the blessing of having physical challenges and you know seeing my body change it just keeps forcing me to evolve. And you know they’re not really health challenges there. There are health opportunities.

Reena: It’s so so beautifully said their journeys right. We’re meant to be on a journey. But I think we sometimes forget this journey journeys internal too. We’re so busy loving this sternal journey. And then when the body speaks back to us we we get anointed and we spanked and say go away but really we’re meant to be living this journey we’re we’re really listening and untying our bodies and our environment in our nature. So for some of those who were listening and excited about the spontaneous weight loss are going oh dear god this sounds like a really long process. So how how long before the spontaneous weight loss occurs given you’ve actually helped so many patients. What’s what’s the timeframe for each of these four stages.

Dr. Kulreet: That’s actually the funny thing though. So the stages are either anywhere from two weeks to four weeks depending on your score. But I always encourage people to go as low as possible because when you go slowly you actually go much much deeper into your life and again it’s not just about the weight. This is you know people have complete transformations not just in their health but in their lives but it’s very interesting because even though the actual program recommends you know not to go any faster than two weeks for each stage and typically you know I would reckon at least a month if not even more. But the changes begin to happen much sooner than the end of the program. So even within the first week or two people will start to notice changes and the changes are not just in weight loss they start noticing changes in more mental clarity more energy you know you’ll go through phases where you’re detoxing and things are starting to come up to the surface. So change begins to occur fairly rapidly and you know some people just within the first couple of weeks will lose 20 to 30 pounds for some people it takes them the entire program. It just depends on how much weight you have to lose. How open is your physiology and really most importantly how willing are you to let go of the things that are no longer serving you in a

Reena: give us an example of a typical day in the life of someone going through this program.

Dr. Kulreet: So an example would be so there’s specific supplements that you would take and I typically recommend is just like a little pill boxed it’s not. If you look at the total number it’s actually not that much. You take certain supplements like Kashagan then Brami in the morning and take a trip flat in the evening throughout the day. You would be sipping your prime tea in the morning. You would do like a lymphatic brush before your shower in phase two you would add maybe some bone broth like with dinner and make a specific vegetable juice depending on your dojo you would make a vegetable juice in the morning. And again depending on the dose it would either be everyday or about every other day. And then in Phase 3 we would introduce a couple of things adding like some curry powder into your foods for all the digestive benefits as well as the anti inflammatory benefits on eating a little bit of ginger before your meals. So when you look at it like total time put in. It’s not a massive amount of time and it’s not like you can’t live your normal life it’s just that each one of the things that you are implementing profoundly changes your biochemistry.

Reena: That sounds very doable. I have to admit. Are you a supporter probiotics.

Dr. Kulreet: So I write about in the book is it’s not that I’m against probiotics it’s just if you take probiotics before your gut is primed for it. You know the analogy I always use is like sending in girls scouts in World War II. What are they going to do. You know you don’t have a place for them to even live to first clean up the combat zone and then bring the probiotics in. And you know people sort of forget that probiotics come in other forms and just a pill that you can make your own profile. You know these are actually bacteria that live on you live and you live on food live in food that they can become just part of your food. And I have some recommendations in the form of like Lessie or for people who don’t. Gary Gary there are some you know coconut milk people are so many other forms of probiotics so it’s not that they don’t have a role. It’s just that their role is dependent in part on how smart your gut is.

Reena: I think that’s one of the biggest mistakes I need and a lot of others make me start popping probiotics because you read now and it says hey if you got dust ulcers you need more probiotics and you’re so right. Just popping those pills is not the answer. There is no answer and a pill and unfortunately we all get to do it the right way the hard way. For all our listeners out there. That are really struggling with weight and are eating salads. What is the one recommendation that you have for them starting today. What is the one thing they can do.

Dr. Kulreet: Well the one mental thing you can do is first of all drop all the guilt drop all the shame drop all the judgment because it’s not willpower it’s biochemistry and it’s just understanding the tools that are necessary to fight this battle in a fair way. But the one thing I would do kind of physically is I would just start drinking the prime tea. I mean people have had just such phenomenal results just for making that tea and it’s just half a teaspoon. You can start with cavities of cumin seeds coriander seeds and fennel seeds. Boil it in about four cups of water for about 10 minutes. Strain it put it in a thermos and just sip it all throughout the day.

Reena: Love it. That’s doable. You guys can order that online you can order the organic coriander cumin and Fenelon lines for those who don’t carry any and spices at home. It’s easy to access. What a brilliant piece of advice there. Dr. Kulreet thank you so much for being on our show today.

Dr. Kulreet: It was my pleasure. Thank you so much for doing this.

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