Menopause Treatment the Natural Way with Acharya Shooniya

March 11, 2018by Reena0


Acharya Shunya gives insights on how to reverse menopausal symptoms through natural Ayurvedic Menopause Treatment

How to reverse menopausal dryness, weight gain, mood swings, insomnia and more through natural Ayurvedic menopause treatments. Acharya Shunya, our featured expert, is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, ordained lineage holder, authority and scholar of the Vedic Sciences of Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta and bestselling author of the book Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom.



Key Questions and highlights:

2. What are the principles of Ayurveda for healthy Menopause? (06:01)

– Stop excluding yourself from Nature
– Be aligned with five Elements: Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth

3. What is Ayurveda’s perspective on Menopause itself? (08:29)

– A natural transition of the human biology and physiology
– During Menopause, inherent fertility is going into deep ripening and changing. It will go seamlessly and naturally if elements in the body are in balance
– It is a time of incredible creativity and time to go from making babies to making books, art and others works of great creativity
– It is not supposed to be symptomatic but has become more so now

Natural menopause treatment for hot flashes?
– Ayurveda says switch to a menopause diet that “cools down” your diet.
– Do not add more fire to your menopause diets such as ginger tea and wine
– Eat cooling foods like coconut and fennel, and garnish your food with petals.
– Within 1 week you can experience a difference in hormonal activity as they are connected to the fire in the body

4. How can a woman in menopause look younger and richer? How to reverse aging? (22:51)

– What is Rasa?
– Health is equal to beauty.
– Evoke divinity and beauty. See that beauty is a natural state of existence. It is a natural manifestation of who we are deep inside.
– Eat certain recipes that don’t dry us, but juice us like Amalaki which nourishes the whole being.
– Rasa: Juice of life existence
– Shatavari is a great herb for sensuality and Rasayana

5. Rasayana recommendations for Menopause treatment (30:44)

– For Menopause, food-based Rasayana
– Amalaki juice and jam
– Ingest Cow ghee, not Buffalo Ghee.
– Be liberal and add one teaspoon of Cow ghee in morning with cold water as it can improve your mood and remove dryness of skin
– Homemade Rose Sharbat gives courage to the heart, improves complexion, reduces heat, and increases Rasa in blood. Listen to easy to make recipe!
– Recipe for a simple face scrub that Acharya Shuniyaji uses herself
– Restore the magical soul inside through natures magical ingredients. Within 1 month see an emergence of sacred health and sensuality.

6. Menopause symptoms, anxiety, and anger? (34:25  )

– Pure diet is important
– Listen to your mood
– Understand that behind anger is a vulnerability
– Deep down there is pain that needs acknowledgment

7. How to understand yourself? (41:34)

– Spend some time alone
– Fill it with nature
– Learn meditation

8. Menopause weight gain management? (46:08)

– Hormones influence weight
– Inflamation swelling of the body has got to do with the fire element in the body
– Practice Pranayama or scientific breathing in the morning on an empty stomach. It balances out hormones and emotions, and redirects vitality so you will feel more energized

9. Please share a Spiritual Message to us (49:30)

– Take time to acquaint yourself with YOU
– Fall in love with your ‘I’. Everything else will fall into place.

Learn all the details in the book Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom

Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom






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