“Live Each Day” Book Interview With Jim McCarthy

April 30, 2019by Reena4

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“Live Each Day” Book Interview With Jim McCarthy

Key Highlights:

1.22- What is the book about. Happiness is created by blending mindfulness techniques, timeless wisdom and scientific based practices

3.20- Genesis of the book.

8.05- Chapter 1- Live like you have cancer.
Be happy to be alive. Live with appreciation.

11.51- It’s not so much you read the book, it’s more that you do the book.

12.40- Chapter 2- Relationships. Link between living each day and relationships

13.20- Social relationships with family and friends are more important than financial success.

14.35- Research shows volunteering is a great way of creating happiness. Be humble and grateful.

15.30- Chapter 3- Work and satisfaction. Research shows meaningful purposeful work leads to satisfaction and happiness.

19.14- Chapter4- Happiness Framework.
Finding the right balance between pleasure and purpose.

23.40- Ask yourself, what is the one thing the world needs from me.

24.31- Chapter 5- Mc Carthy’s Happiness Matrix.
High pleasure with high purpose leads to happiness

30.59- Chapter 6- Do genetics affect our happiness.

32.00- Chapter 7- Serenity prayer.
Accepting all that I cannot change.

33.05- Chapter 8- Be aware of the comparing mind. Know that there is always someone who is better than you. Compare yourself to yourself.

36.13- Chapter 9- Enjoy the journey. Accepting the past, accepting there will be challenges in life. Make peace with what the universe has given. Be the hero rather than the victim of your story.

46.37- Chapter 10- Forgiveness. Forgiveness is for you. Learn to self love and be self compassionate.

46.37- Chapter 11- Embrace equanimity.

51.00- Chapter 12- Meditation. Beautiful relationship with meditation and happiness. Scientifically proven technique.

55.19- Chapter 13- Affirmation.
Creating positive thoughts creates positive actions and leads to happiness.

57.39- Chapter 14- Gratitude.
Be grateful daily.

1.01.58- Chapter 15- Magical one percent.
Dedicating 10 minutes ( 1%) of Affirmation, meditation, gratitude practice will make your 90% of your day better


Jim McCarthy, BIO

Jim McCarthy is recognized for his unique perspective — as a Stanford MBA, internet pioneer, and person living with a cancer diagnosis. He teaches people how to create their happiness by blending mindfulness techniques and timeless wisdom with simple, science-based practices.

He is a thought-provoking TEDx speaker and author of the book “Live Each Day: A Surprisingly Simple Guide to Happiness.” He has presented his innovative and highly acclaimed “Happiness Keynote” to organizations of all sizes across the U.S. and internationally.

“With a healthy dose of humility and sense of humor, Jim does a terrific job translating complex psychological research into accessible but powerful action steps that can drastically improve your emotional well-being.”
Dr. Daniele V. Levy, Clinical Psychologist


Watch, learn, then come over let’s talk! It’s easier to heal together, we are waiting to welcome you “Live Each Day” Book Interview With Jim McCarthy

“Live Each Day” Book Interview With Jim McCarthy


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“Live Each Day” Book Interview With Jim McCarthy



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Jim McCarthy,

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    • Reena

      May 6, 2019 at 1:46 pm

      Thank you, Jim, for coming on the show, and for sharing your brilliant insights into living each day with joy!


      • Jim McCarthy

        May 18, 2019 at 9:10 am

        Hey Reena,
        you are an excellent host! Thank you for asking such insightful questions, and having me on your show. May you continue to enjoy wonderful health and happiness!


        • Tripti

          May 23, 2019 at 12:00 am

          Thank you so much for your kind words!


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