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November 12, 2018by Reena0
Bev has had severe gut issues for years. She finally decided she was done with all the pain, gas and bloating, and she was “Ready to Heal”. She joined the Heal My Gut Bootcamp with Dr. Grassar and agreed to allow us to record her experience Day by Day.
You can now join her journey and see how Bev heals her gut during the 14 day bootcamp. Enjoy and share your own experience below in comments.






VIDEO #2: Day 1 of the Heal My Gut Bootcamp




VIDEO #3: Day 2 of the Heal My Gut Bootcamp




VIDEO #4: Day 3 of the Heal My Gut Bootcamp




VIDEO #5: Day 4 of the Heal My Gut Bootcamp




VIDEO #6: Day 6 of the Heal My Gut Bootcamp




VIDEO #7: Day 8 of the Heal My Gut Bootcamp




VIDEO #8: Day 11 of the Heal My Gut Bootcamp




VIDEO #9: Final Day 14 of the Heal My Gut Bootcamp




VIDEO #10: Why BEV is #MAD?




You can heal your gut too! You can live a life of enjoying regular food with friends and family. Without the embarrassing gas. Or the clothes tearing bloating.
As Bev says, “I’m ready to heal”, so can you.
Check out HEAL YOUR GUT BOOTCAMP with renowned integrative MD Dr. Eric Grasser

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