Alkaline Diet for Health by Dr. Jaffe

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Dr. Jaffe interviews with Reena Jadhav about using the Alkaline Diet to be Healthy

There’s an easy way to health and according to Dr. Russell Jaffe, its the Alkaline Way. In his book with the same title, he reveals the truth about healing the body using nutrition and lifestyle. He shares deep insights in this interview on how to get healthy and stay healthy through the Alkaline Diet.

Dr. Jaffe received his BS, MD, and Ph.D. from the Boston University School of Medicine in 1972. As a physician and scientist who aspired to be comprehensive, objective, empiric and experiential, Dr. Jaffe started his career searching for deeper understanding, wisdom, evidence, and insight into mechanisms of health. Through intense curiosity and learned skepticism, Dr. Jaffe sought to debunk the best-known advocates of a variety of health promotion and healing systems. What started as a journey to disprove holistic forms of care became a rich educational experience that transformed Dr. Jaffe into a student and then a researcher in such areas a Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, active meditation, homeopathy, and manipulative arts.

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Alkaline Diet for Health by Dr. Jaffe

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Alkaline Diet for Health by Dr. Jaffe



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Here are the Key Questions answered and highlights:


1. What is alkaline? (2:00)

– It’s not so easy to understand
– It’s everything other than that everything with a neutral point
– It’s the minerals of life

2. How do you measure alkalinity? How do I know where my starting point as today? (2:50)

– Just check your urine after six hours of rest
– The fluid in your bladder equal rates with the cells
– I will translate that into how much magnesium do you need
– People should get restorative sleep
– The only time when you get a measure of metabolism will be after Rest
– Only way to balance the alkalinity in your in your body is to take a certain form of magnesium

3. What do you believe are still some really good sources of magnesium in food and how many how much I do you think someone needs to eat on a given day to get a high-quality source of it? (8:02)

– The need for magnesium induced needs from that museum has doubled
– It’s a big issue with the magnesium deficit in the past
– Chemotherapies
– Stress lifestyle has doubled the need for magnesium

4. What do you eat? (9:49)

– Be sure with what you eat
– Half of what I eat is a biodynamic food source

5. What are the seven fundamental principles behind the alkaline diet? (10:52)

– Harmony with your metabolism
– Harmony with your nature
– They have to be in communication or communion with each other
– Fear leads aggression, aggression leads to violence and violence leads to suffer

6. Any tips on how to balance and prioritize eating and living the alkaline diet plan? (13:46)

– I came as a skeptic
– Be an overachiever an insecure person
– You don’t get battlefield promotions without ruffling

7. What are some of the meds that can impact the alkalinity of our body that someone should be aware of? (15:30)

– Acid reflux problem or reflex problem
– Common Nepos with a purple pill, for example, right great reasons why people lack the basic complex
– We really do have to supplement in ways to make our body help
– Rotate the crops and rich them in a certain cycle

8. Do you believe that we should be supplementing with a vitamin or do you recommend that people get tested to see where the deficiencies are before they begin a supplementation regime? (18:40)

– In the twentieth century, it’s a choice

9. How do you decide how much to supplement? (19:10)

– We have absolutely zero evidence to the individuals and from how much they need
– We lack prebiotics
– We lack the essential nutrients
– We have an epidemic of digestive disorders

10. How much fiber do you recommend for the Alkaline Diet? (20:45)

– Process five or forty to one hundred grams a day
– Average American has four five six and grams a day
– Fiber is what creates the bowel

11. What do you recommend and I’m increasing the transit time for someone who is at this point on a three-day cycle? (22:10)

– Forty to one hundred grams of process fiber
– Forty to one hundred probiotic organisms of multiple humans

12. A test that we can take first thing in the morning what test is that? (24:22)

– Urine ph
– The balance you want to be in the green six and a half to seven

13. How does the magnesium need for the body to change? (25:11)

– If you are in the industrial world then you’re getting between fifty percent forty percent and ten percent of  magnesium unit
– Wait for the beneficial therapy because of the magnesium waste
– First-morning urine ph and take as many doses as you need one hundred twenty milligrams of all remember magnesium

14. Two tentative appeaser allergies that can create acidity in the body is that true? (27:19)

– Every time the nerds inside your brain is more alkaline It’s resistant
– Every time the words inside your brain or someone else is going are more acid your moves are worse
– Get the magnesium in
– Get the bad stuff out

15. How do you get the bad stuff out what do you recommend there? (28:53)

– Best way to remove them is to have magnesium just place them in the vitamin C.
– Safely remove parts of metals without harm and then you take high sulfur foods

16. How your CT test is different from the others? (30:25)

– T. Cells which don’t need any antibodies at all are responsible for a half to two-thirds of all the food sensitivities anyway
– Lymphocyte response as a white roof as sides are specialized while cells that carry the memory of your experience
– LRA tells you whether you are cowards or intolerance
– We do the highest precision acts of evil outside the body
– We get very detailed very personal very precise and we think that’s why we guess it’s very well

17. What’s the pricing? (34:10)

– It started three hundred US dollars but today we charge less than three dollars per item

18. What do you typically recommend in terms of rotating these foods in and out for the alkaline diet? (35:20)

– High precision high reproducibility so that people could find out both the harmful and to vanish without confusion from the health.
– You don’t have to avoid a lot of things you don’t need to avoid

19. Do you believe that someone who does have severe allergies can at some point be allergy free? (37:40)

– Yes, we have seen many people go from intolerant to tolerant from.
– Young people in America are not eating the healthiest food

20. What top recommendations you can give to listeners? (39:50)

– In foods that are on contaminants which means finding the sources for uncontaminated.
– Know where your food comes from farm to table


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