Teen Health Crisis – What Every Parent Must Know and Do Starting Today

June 15, 2018by Reena0

Teen Health Crisis – What Every Parent Must Know and Do Starting Today


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Listen to Dr. Peter Osborne reveal insights on Teen Health Crisis. What every #parent must know and do starting today.

Dr. Peter Osborne is the clinical director of Origins Health Care in Sugar Land, Texas. He is a doctor of chiropractic, doctor of functional medicine, doctor of pastoral science, and a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist.

Often times referred to as “The Gluten Free Warrior”, he is one of the most sought-after functional medicine doctors in the country. His practice is centered on helping those with painful chronic degenerative and autoimmune diseases with a primary focus on gluten sensitivity and food allergies. Dr. Osborne received his doctorate from Texas Chiropractic College. He is one of the world’s leading authorities on gluten sensitivity, and lectures nationally to the public and medical professionals on numerous nutrition-related topics. He is the founder of Gluten Free Society and the author of The Gluten-Free Health Solution and Glutenology; a series of digital videos and e-books designed to help educate the world about gluten sensitivity. In addition, he is the author of the bestseller, ‘No Grain No Pain’ published by Touchstone (Simon & Schuster)

Dr. Osborne has served as the executive director and the vice president of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition and is on the advisory board for Functional Medicine University.
He has been featured on PBS, Fox News, CBS, Celiac.com, Dr.Axe.com, The Gluten Summit, and The People’s Pharmacy Radio, and many well know publications.


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[00:01] REENA JADHAV: Hey everyone its Reena Jadhav with the live longer podcast and health bootcamps and I have here doctor Peter Osborne to talk about one of the most important topics I personally believe today which is the challenges that our teenagers are facing, the health issues that are college students are facing and this conversation came about because Dr. Osborne and I were busy doing the book master class [unintelligible] and I brought up the challenge of these teenagers that are coming home from college and they are taking quarters off, they are taking years off having all these weird pain and I asked doctor Osborne if he had noticed something more of that in his clinic and doctor Osborne share with everyone what you shared with me.

[00:45] DR. PETER OSBORNE: Yeah we see quite a bit of the young college students who go off to school you know, the old joke is the freshman five in the now that they’ve called it the freshman fifteen you know you put on the weight as a freshman going off because mom and dad are making the city you don’t have any restrictions so you can have full reign of eating well I called the freshmen autoimmune component because what’s happening is these young kids are going off to school they’re eating whatever they want which typically isn’t very healthy and a lot of these meal plans are not the greatest in the world but they’re also party they’re boozing you know, they’re drugging that’s just the reality college kids that’s what they do and you know drugs  cause malnourishment, alcohol causes malnourishment, eating bad food causes malnourishment, so there we’re seeing this at a greater level than we’ve ever seen before a lot of these kids are getting very… very sick they are just not any fiber fifteen pounds they are actually developing auto immunity and they’re not able to complete their studies and so they find themselves back at home with mom and dad trying to figure out why they’re sick.

[01:46] REENA JADHAV: And cancer that’s the other one we a few months ago lost a dear friend of my daughters to leukemia after she was told that she would just be fine but she was in recovery, she dropped her chemo and then six months later, unfortunately, we lost her. So we’re starting to see to your point it’s not just about okay you know put on a few pounds or you’re not as fit, this are serious diseases that are life taking and depression is the other one, we are also starting to see I mean I know we’ve lost a couple of beautiful souls recently; Kate spade and Earthli Bordaine was the news today so we know that suicide is definitely on the rise you know depression is on the rise but I feel like it’s even more so for this band of young teenagers. Is it all just nutrition?

[02:38] DR. PETER OSBORNE: No it’s not all just nutrition a lot of its stress  they’re out of an environment  they have this rapid and sudden change in massive change in their environment and a lot of them used drugs to study you know they use you know legal stimulants they act like cocaine and so they wrapped up their system they demand more of their bodies to put themselves under more stress yet they’re not eating well and they’re drugging and they’re using alcohol they cause malnourishment and it’s a perfect disaster it’s the perfect storm.

[03:10] REENA JADHAV: It is truly the perfect storm for a health crisis. What are the issues you’re seeing so when you see these teenagers coming into your clinic what do you see as dominant issues in autoimmune?

[03:20] DR. PETER OSBORNE: I see a lot of thyroids,  they actually start out with a lot of muscular problems, a lot of pain that unexplainable pain sharp stabbing neurological, neuropathy shooting pains, joint pains and when we run labs on then we actually see a number of different types of autoimmunity in their lap so we’ll pick up on like  antibodies in their thyroid, some cases will pick up the antibodies to other tissues as well their joints or their soft tissues and so when they when they come and they’re just  don’t know what’s wrong and they try their campus doctors and they’ve tried their local doctors and really all they ever get is they get drugs to suppressed pain but they get neurological drugs like Lyrica which you know which can help in neuropathy but don’t really solve why neuropathy is actually there.

[04:06] REENA JADHAV: So what do you recommend for these teenagers when they come in? How do you get them to get back their health and get back to school?

[04:13] DR. PETER OSBORNE: We do full testing, I don’t guess so when somebody comes to see me they can they’ve already guessed everybody else’s has already guessed out at them. So my motto is, ‘ I don’t guess I test’, I mean I have a lot of experience and I can guess what I don’t like to because it’s different for different people so I test for food allergies, I test for environmental chemicals and toxicities that test for heavy metals, I test for hormonal disruptions that can create their problems or contribute to this problem we do a full work up on all the organs their liver, their kidneys, their lungs, we want to make sure that everything is running in smooth right and we also test for gluten sensitivity which is very fundamental we test their gut and their GI tract to make sure that they’re capable of digesting and absorbing nutrients measure the microbiome because we want to make sure what’s going on in their gut and how that might be playing a role in your problem, so we do a very conferences battery testing so that we can then sit down and say look your problems come in stem from these things that are uniquely you; as opposed to here try this protocol that is very generic if somebody wants to follow generic protocol they really can follow  my book no grain no pain, its generic innocence is written for a broader audience but when it comes down to somebody coming into the office we’ve got to get unique and specific biochemical individuality rules a day.

[05:32] REENA JADHAV: Any teenager listening to you right now any parent of a teenager listening to you right now, what are some of the recommendations that you would make so they don’t end up coming to you? What is there to make sure that they stay healthy in school?

[05:44] DR. PETER OSBORNE: Well part of it is just kids are going to fly when they spring the nest they are going to spread their wings and flying make the mistakes, so part of it is the way that you raise your children from the very beginning you should be raising your children to eat healthy, to exercise, to get sunshine, to get sleep, you should be raising them to believe that drugs are not a necessity for them to perform and that they shouldn’t be having to use drugs to mask symptoms or problems. So part of it comes in the fundamental raising of children, not just the what do you tell a teenager you know you but in how you raise them and how you love them and how you lead by example you have to lead by example so that’s where it really began but when they’re going off and their going to go off to college I think part of what parents should do and if they all parents did this, it’ll hold the colleges accountable for serving garbage you know a lot of it is the colleges where they’re serving up the cheapest meal plan the cheapest food available and they’re charging you the highest amount. Colleges are business and we have to hold as the customer we have to hold them accountable for this Wilder they are giving our children because a lot of your freshman it’s mandatory that they live in the dorm and it’s mandatory that they be on a meal plan and a lot of my patients we writing them notes and we said look we used much as you want to call a mandatory this person’s health is in such disarray they need their own apartment, their own kitchen because what you’re serving offering is not does not fit the requirements of their health.

[07:03] REENA JADHAV: Exactly.  I think somebody needs to start out of a college-wide petition to say you should not be mandatory because you are right my daughter says the same thing you know she’s nineteen she’s in college and we have to sign her up with the meal plan and I see the bills that come in she orders out quite a bit and that’s still not the answer though right it still fast food it’s still crap coming in, so if the colleges just fix the food they served our children’s health would be so much better. So absolutely thank you so much doctor Osborne, any other parting advice, anyone last piece of advice for someone listening in today?

[07:39] DR. OSBORNE: I think if they’re sending their kids off to college I think the best thing that they could do and what I did with my oldest son is we actually taught him how to cook before he left. So we spent several weeks making him cook the dinners and making him go to the grocery store and making him figure it out so that we gave him the tools that he needed as opposed to just sending him off and expecting that he’s going to have the tools without proper pairing him. So prepare your kids for how you want them to behave and how you want them to act so that they have the tools they need to do that.

[08:10] REENA JADHAV: Love that, that’s beautiful sound advice thank you so much again for the rest of you stay smiling and get your kids organized before they get to college I’ll see you on another episode.




Dr. Peter Osborne
Southwest side of Houston in Sugar Land, TX. Address is:
7616 Branford Place
Suite 110
Sugar Land TX, 77479
Phone: 281-240-2229
Email: originshealthcare@gmail.com


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