Lifestyle Redesign for Eradicating Chronic Illness

April 18, 2019by Reena0

We live in the best of times with explosive innovation in digital health and new research that’s crushing stodgy and false beliefs such as “all bacteria are bad” and “low fat is healthy.”

We are also living in the worst of times with over 100 million Americans suffering from a lifestyle disease (aka chronic illness and autoimmune). The staggering growth of disease across all age groups is a cause for pause. We all need to rethink the existential crisis we face, given the “autism apocalypse” as its being called (reference the research released by MIT scientist Stephanie Seneff on June 5th stating by 2025 half of all US children will be autistic.

I became a statistic September 2015, when overnight I went from a super healthy and fit female (my perception, anyway!) to a miserably sick with 28 symptoms and no diagnosis despite 3 months of daily medical trips and tests.

June 2017 I had reversed every single symptom and I had done it through intense research across “alternative” and “integrative” modalities, testing on myself and redesigning my entire life.

I’m living proof we can reverse chronic disease if we simply follow the basic tenets of health, which don’t come in pills, packages, and potions.

Lifestyle redesign starts with getting in the “mental and emotional state of health”. It requires re-architecting your morning and your sleep routine. It entails specific body, mind and soul steps taken in measured doses like medicine.

Next, health is built on the foundation of sleep and rest, neither of which are very popular in our testosterone and power packed lives. American as a nation sleeps with one eye open or on a medley of pills. That’s how toxicity ferments and corrodes away health.

Nutrition is sold these days as packaged bars, multi-vitamins, superfoods, and fad formula. We have forgotten that nutrition comes from living in perfect harmony with nature and nurture. Eat locally, organic, what’s in season. Cook fresh meals most days. Want to live longer? Eat what’s alive! Frozen and packaged foods are dead. Glyphosate is finally being tried and hopefully convicted of contributing to the cancer crisis.

Joy, passion, walk in the sun, friends, love, dance, purpose are the core vitamins we humans need daily. These are not optional. Lifestyle redesign requires building these into our lives in a purposeful manner.

Finally, what do 8000 new chemicals have to do with our chronic illness crisis? Most are not tested and their release coincides with the explosion in disease. The only way around is to read labels for everything you slather, sip and swim in. Then schedule hardcore sweat detox, liver cleanses, brain clearing as part of your health plan.

Lifestyle redesign is a far more sustainable form of health plan that you can count on for the rest of your beautiful magical life.


Without you, I would just be talking very loudly to myself ?

You’re my family and I love you very much!

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