Book Summary “Mind to Matter” By Dawson Church

September 23, 2018by Reena1

Book Summary “Mind to Matter” By Dawson Church


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Dawson Church, PhD, is an award-winning author whose best-selling book The Genie in Your Genes ( has been hailed by reviewers as a breakthrough in our understanding of the link between emotions and genetics. His follow-up title Mind to Matter, ( reviews the science of peak mental states. He founded the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare ( to study and implement promising evidence-based psychological and medical techniques. His groundbreaking research has been published in prestigious scientific journals. He is the editor of Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, and Treatment, a peer-reviewed professional journal ( and a blogger for the Huffington Post. He shares how to apply the breakthroughs of energy psychology to health and athletic performance through EFT Universe (, one of the largest alternative medicine sites on the web.

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Book Summary “Mind to Matter” By Dawson Church

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Book Summary “Mind to Matter” By Dawson Church



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Reena Jadhav: Hi everyone. It’s Reena and today we were talking about the power of our mind to transform our lives, to create matter literally, and my guest today is Dr. Dawson Church. Hi, Dr. Dawson, welcome.

Dr. Dawson: Reena, it is so good to be here. Thanks for having me.

Reena Jadhav: My pleasure. Now, a little background. For those of you who are listening to this on a podcast, please note it’s also a video interview, so you can of course always access it on health bootcamps. Please note there’ll be a lot of links and information shared in the show notes, so when you do get a chance, check out the post once we do release this interview. With that said, let me introduce Dr. Dawson Church, who is brilliant, a maverick, a transformative genius. He’s an award-winning author whose best selling book the genie in your genes, was hailed as a breakthrough in our understanding of the link between emotions and genetics. He then followed up with the title might have mattered, and this is going to be a master class interview on mine to matter which reviews the science of peak mental states. I can’t wait to talk about the state of flow because that is where we all need to be to live the amazing lives that we are supposed to. He also found that the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare and he’s implemented promising evidence-based psychological and medical techniques. His groundbreaking research has been published in prestigious scientific journals. He’s also the editor of energy psychology theory research and treatment. Dr. Dawson, welcome again.

Dr. Dawson: Again, it’s wonderful to be here and I just love sharing this information. I’m wild, passionately excited about these new healing breakthroughs. I’m so glad to have the ability to share them with your community. Thank you.

Reena Jadhav: So let’s get started with the introduction. The metaphysics meet science, but what is that?

Dr. Dawson: Well, it’s so funny because, uh, I have always been a person who had a deep sense of inner purpose and meaning and felt very connected to the universe, but I was about 15 years old. I had this transformative experience. I just felt one day I was very depressed, very lonely, a very socially isolated when I was, I was a kid. I remember once walking past a, a, a, a big full length mirror in a hotel when I was 15 years old and looking at my face and I looked at my own face, 15 years old, teenager and I, I, my voice, my head said that’s the saddest face I’ve ever seen. I was toxic, depressed and miserable and I had a pretty rough childhood and a lot of challenges growing up. So that’s where I was. And they had this transformative experience. Monday when I suddenly felt the universe was full of love and love me and I, I just was aware of this and it, it completely changed my life.

Dr. Dawson: I joined a spiritual community idea to study the great tradition, the great masters, and I’ve always found that having mystical experience is very natural and in fact every spiritual tradition in every way philosophy culminates in mysticism and these are people who have direct experiences by holding the book nonlocal mind, but it’s also wonderful that we have the ability of science to demonstrate things and measure things. So I just approach both worlds, both mysticism and science with, with delight and see them as being two August of the same coin and reduction to the book. I talk about one of the many experiences I’ve had a there was really just freaky just blew my mind. And what had happened was when I was doing a writing retreat in Hawaii, I was on the southern tip of the island of Kauai and there’s a beautiful beach. They’re called low Lai beach. And so each day my writing retreat, I would, um, I would leave the condo for a little while.

Dr. Dawson: I drive to some beautiful spot. I would leave all of my stork lane or diving gear in the back of the jeep had rented. I go out for a swim snorkel route for an hour or two, then go back white support and when I got back from that particular trip I left the border, walked over to the jeep, put my hands in my pocket and the keys weren’t there with the jeep. He is not there. The condo keys were, were clipped to there. It’s, and I couldn’t get into my condo, couldn’t get into my jeep, so I thought, no big deal. I’ll just, uh, I’ll just go back and walk through, sit through the sand. I’m sure I’ll find them, didn’t find them. Eventually I, I, I began to go back into the water. I’ve swum, but it’s, it’s a huge bay. It’s like, you know, maybe a quarter mile long, quarter-mile deep.

Dr. Dawson: And there was all, this is Carl about 10, 12 feet down. And here I was searching for too little keys on a key ring in this massive expanse of ocean. But I just kept myself regulated. I kept practicing the techniques in the book feeling a sense of gratitude and centering. And after an hour though, it was getting dark and it was obviously a fool’s errand. So I, as I’m swimming back, there was a father in three little three boys, teenage boys who just entered the water for a quick swim before sunset. And my intuition just prompts me to swim over to them. And I said to the group of four for men, I said, I see you guys have been swimming around here that any of you by any chance find anything on the bottom. And the youngest boy holds up my keys.

Reena Jadhav: Oh my gosh.

Dr. Dawson: There are so many synchronous experiences like that that I’ve had in my life. And it makes me aware that if we live trapped into our small limited human selves, and when I called the local mind, we have only a fraction of the experience we could have. But when we, when we let go of that playing global reality and we merged with the universe with that mystical state with nonlocal nine, then we have access to information that is just a tab when we’re stuck down here at the level of local minds. So I open the book with that story and what says nonlocal mind Nanako. Mine is the universal field of consciousness and intelligence and me, I show in the book that our brains are transceivers have this nonlocal mind and it’s where it’s conscious consciousness creating the world and various ways. And the example I use a, there’s a wonderful field of science called emergence.

Dr. Dawson: And emergence is the study of these spontaneously arising order that comes out of complex systems and examples, key examples, our flocks of birds in one of the videos I have in the book, I a have a link at the end of each chapter to a bonus page. We can go and watch videos, get lists of people that all kinds of interesting things I can’t do on a page. And so, uh, one of the links there is to a four-minute video of a flock of starlings in this block, there are 4 million birds for a million of these tiny little birds. Starlings, add, Reena. They are all moving in synchrony because they are electing a president to say, you know, I think we’ll fly left out or right direction signals. They’re and if they’re able to emerge, what I asked people in my live workshops by challenged people within the book is, do you think that that happens all over nature and doesn’t happen for you?

Dr. Dawson: That’s the. That’s not the local line. That’s the universal consciousness and we can learn to shift ourselves from this focus in the local mind, nonlocal mind what happens in our brains, and it’s really interesting. Our prefrontal cortex is part of the brain right in front of the frontal lobes of here. It goes quiet and what I do when I hook people up to EGs and measure their brain activity when they tune into nonlocal nine, all the parts of the brain that have to do with my knee mine, I am a man. I live in California. I’m wearing a black shirt. I at Blah Blah, blah, blah. All this. The story about who we are, a part of the mind goes, goes quiet, and the part of the mind that has to do with happiness lights up so you’re losing yourself in that state of bliss. I also talk about the neurotransmitter changes have happened in your brain and the hormones in your body you see have floods of this bonding hormone, oxytocin, you have huge rises in your basic cell communication and cell repair Hormone DHDA, your stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol drop, and then you have these neurotransmitters in your brain like the reward neurotransmitter, Serotonin and mean.

Dr. Dawson: Those, those start to shift the amounts they have and where they’re acting in the brain, and this one molecule called anatomy of the bliss molecule increases tremendously in the brains of people who are doing this. So when you are having this expanded experience are being part of not a local mind. When you were limited, when you’re, when you’re letting go of your limited human self and blending just the way those 4 million startings do your life synchronous, you find your keys, you find your soulmate, you find where you’re going in your life. You live with passion. You wake up every morning and say, a universe, what miraculous bring me today. I caught ways to find out

Reena Jadhav: and I have lived at three. It’s the most beautiful experience. You don’t like you. I’m, I thought it was a freaky experience because I’ve been meditating now for two years. It was one of the step ones and really me getting my health back was getting this under control and, and that’s exactly it. I, you know, my, my children now, now laugh and joke about this, but I’ll get free drinks at Starbucks or I’ll. I always find the most amazing part in spot always. And it’s become a big joke like always drive with mom because she gets the parking spot always. You are right. It’s interesting how when you were plugged into the universe, the universe is just out there giving things to you. It’s just this life of abundance. It’s amazing. Not that hard to get there. So, um, so I can’t wait to get into the next chapter is where you’re going to share more about how some of our listeners and viewers can get into that state of, all right, chapter one, how our brains shape the world. What is the essence of that chapter?

Dr. Dawson: We used to think in science that the brain grew till the age of about 17, 18 years old. I never static our whole lives off of that, but with the discovery of neuroplasticity, first of all, I think Biden sixteens and then later on, rediscovery in the eighties and nineties that we’ve yet to realize that our brains are changing and often the changing radically and rapidly and so the old model of the static brain has given way to a new model of a dynamic brain. The work of Nobel laureate Eric Kandel showed that if you pause a signal through a bundle of neurons over and over and over again for an hour, but the number of synaptic connections, the number of connections in that Neural Bible can double in one hour. So what I point out to people is that your brain is not static. As you use your brain, as you use neural surface, you will literally increase them.

Dr. Dawson: Now, this is wonderful if you let him play the piano, you are lending Italian. You’re learning to relate to your husband or your wife or your child or your dying or whoever it is. If you’re learning a new skill, powerful, but there’s a dark side to it, and the dark side is that if you have signals passing through the surface that are carrying the signals of anxiety, of fear or anger or resentment of guilt and blame, shame, negative emotions, those are getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Uh, according to the World Health Organization and the NIH and the US depression last about eight months. The average course of depression loss into depression and you come out again, anxiety as well. People can get eggs actually phobic and they often do recover PTSD. They don’t. With Ptsd, they often get worse and worse and worse and liken our non-profit called the veteran’s stress project.

Dr. Dawson: We treat veterans PTSD. We get calls from husbands and wives and daughters and sons and parents of veterans who say that things like, you know, my, my husband got back from Vietnam in 72 and here it is more than 40 years later and he’s getting crazier. What do I do? Can I, how can I help? Because if you’re passing those signals through the circuits that govern hypervigilance and flashbacks and nightmares and avoidance and all the symptoms of Ptsd, you get worse. Most one of the guys who really helped me get EFT into the Va, you h here’s this, this, this technique we use to treat PTSD. And um, he was, he got back from Vietnam in 1972 and he, he in that PTSD set up, so I’m fine. And he looked fine on the outside in 1996. Okay, this is 30 years later.

Dr. Dawson: He woke up one night and he had his hands around his wife’s neck and he was strangling her in his sleep. At that point he said, I think I have a problem, but it’s in Va. Uh, we treated them with EFT. He learned heart math and other great method and he recovered fully. But that’s, that’s the insidious thing about negative thinking, negative emotions, catastrophizing, all of those things. If you’re parsing that signal through those neural circuits over and over and over again, your brain is changing. So I, that’s why I really urge people to learn techniques like meditation, like EFT, because you then kick in positive neuroplasticity and the case history I have in chapter one, Reena this case, when I read this case history, I wanted to tell the world it was so remarkable that it just absolutely stunned me. So I told the story in chapter one of the really skeptical journalist whose name was Graham Phillips.

Dr. Dawson: He was astrophysicist you worked as a tv journalist. He didn’t believe in any of this move of stuff that you and I talk about at all. He was a hard-bitten. He was a man, the man, he was a. We pull them in the UK, a rugger buggers, guys, guys, guys, guys who play rugby. He was a sportsperson and rugged individualist, studied, learned about, heard about meditations. They said, I’m going to take an eight week meditation course, and because he was a tv journalist, he did it all on tv and he went into the local university and they gave him a comprehensive battery of tests including MRIs and they measured all the different parts of his brain, the different lobes of his brain, the different substructures within each part of his brain. They mapped his brain comprehensively with an MRI and so that was day one. Then in two months, eight weeks later, we went back into that same university, Monash University, and it is the second set of tests with him and a second brain scan, a second MRI, and they found taking a sip of water here for dramatic effect. And they found

Reena Jadhav: and they found. You suspense, music

Dr. Dawson: bound changes in his brain and just eight weeks and the part of the brain that had grown the most. It’s called the dentate gyrus. And it governs emotional regulation across different areas of the Brain. So if you have a big bulky dentate gyrus and a lot of information flow and then you’ll get triggered by other drivers. On the road or buy things your colleague says, I’ll buy your wife or your husband or your daughter or whoever it might be in your life. See a much calmer if you have the ability to regulate your emotions. Regulating your emotions is the key to happiness. If you aren’t good at, if you want to be hijacked by negative emotions or even positive buttons, then you have a stable life. Graham Phillips, his brain, they found it in eight weeks. His dentate gyrus grew by 22 points eight percent in eight weeks. That’s how fast our brains are remodeling themselves in response to our minds, our consciousness. When we changed our consciousness, we literally changed the hardware of our bodies.

Reena Jadhav: And how old was he at the time?

Dr. Dawson: He was around 45. The late forties.

Reena Jadhav: Yeah. So I’m older than that, so that means I still have hope, right? One of the challenges we face is people think, well, gosh, I’m too old now and I think our society kind of feeds into that. You know, those of you who’ve heard my interviews, you know, that’s what I was told over and over again. Like, get over it. Lady, you’re getting older, deal with their symptoms, like don’t be a whiny baby about this. What do you expect? And I’m so encouraged when I hear stories like this where you said it was middle-aged man who was able to dramatically improve his quality of life simply from six weeks or eight weeks or however long a different person might take of meditation. And how often do you think he meditated?

Dr. Dawson: He was doing daily mindfulness and meditation. So he was already practicing that sincerely

Reena Jadhav: How long do you think on a given day though?

Dr. Dawson: uh, how long rotations. What I find that I’ve done a lot of EEG is the people meditating and we find that it takes them a certain amount of time to learn that kind of calm state and then they drop in. So, uh, there’s, there’s, there’s acquiring the state and what matters is less how long you meditate and how long it takes you to drop into that state. And so, um, that’s when he meditates, released when he starts. For me, what I was meditating initially, it took me about 40 minutes to drop in or that I might’ve had 20 minutes of real meditation, but now we refine these techniques and we have them all in line and now we get people there.

Dr. Dawson: Like I’ve, I’ve large groups, son and omega, the New York open center. I teach at Ollie’s, these teachings institutions, and we sit them down. We have to close their eyes. They go through a set of mechanical instructions telling the body to do various postures. We even a certain rhythm and Reena, within 90 seconds on the first day, one and a half minutes on the first day there, there, there’s a lady who emailed us last week. We, we put up her, uh, her email up on our website. It’s a beautiful story. My name is Tony Tom Wilson, as you said, I’m overwhelmed. I’m a mom with kids. I just, I have no time. I try to meditate. I’ve always failed. And uh, I sat down to do your meditation in my mind. Said, Tony, you’re just wasting your time. You’ve never been able to get that state. You won’t be able to do it now, and she said, I used to be able to do the breathing you recommend, and suddenly my heart was full of bliss.

Dr. Dawson: My eyes filled with tears and I was there. And then she said, I’m going to do this every day. And that’s what I to do is inspire people with a simple meditation method to spend just a little while. So it takes 30 seconds to be in this deep, deep state. And then, uh, I, I recommend at least 15, 20 minutes if you have time, 40, 45 minutes, but at least 15 or 20 minutes to stabilize yourself and to start that process of neurogenesis, you’re now building your emotional regulation capacity. You’re building good things in your brain and your mind and your body so that you’re resilient. You have the ability to handle life’s challenges and you aren’t just at the whim of fate

Reena Jadhav: and that you’re able to enjoy the beauty of life because sometimes, you know, our daily life gets in the way of truly enjoying life. So I do the shopping. We have a gurus 21-minute meditation and bam at the end of 21 minutes I’m happy and blissful and giggling and I can feel the love around me and I can hear music and no, I’m not crazy. It’s. It’s so beautiful. I don’t know why more people don’t do it, so how can we get more people to do it? Before we dive into the next chapter, do you have some links we can share? Are there audio downloads? Tell us access

Dr. Dawson: people. Don’t do it because it’s hard. When I. When you were reading my bio and mentioning things that I had done, I thought I should also include in that bio failed meditator was I learned to meditate when I was 15 years old and I was never very regular about my practice. Very successful. it was just hard like an in the meditation center, what I was learning meditation at 15, the teacher said, but essentially the simple all it is, you sit down and this pastor I knew still the old mine. I’m like, are you crazy? How my mind? I’ve never been able to say hi this. So that’s why people meditate, they sit, they close their eyes and sit there and thoughts into their minds. So what I did was I designed about 10 years ago, I designed a really simple meditation called eco meditation, eco meditation.

Dr. Dawson: I teach that in the book minds matter. I also have links to the website also. There’s a wonderful app called insight timer. It’s the world’s biggest meditation app and I have many meditations on insight timer that guide you through eco meditation, but it has seven really simple steps to it and the mechanical, they do not involve spleen or my that are not involved in. They did not involve believing in anything or taking a course or having any kind of religious orientation. They’re just mechanical things to do with your body because it turns out if you just do, do certain things with your certain muscle groups in your body, you enter this very, very deep state, the same physiological state as a master meditator. So you’re mimicking the physiology of a master meditator. And it turns out when you do that, but many kids, you’re there in 90 seconds. So that’s, you know, for example, the workshops, we will measure people but an EEG and the on day one that they’re in 90 seconds by day two or day three further and under 30 seconds and then meditation is already affected. So you’d just be 20 minutes, 30 minutes off of that and you’re then in that deep space.

Reena Jadhav: Brilliant. Well, we’re going to go ahead and put all that in the show notes. All right. Next chapter, chapter two. How energy builds matter. What is the essence of that chapter and how can energy build matter?

Dr. Dawson: Yeah, it seems really. Uhm really. Yeah, that entity had literally change matter in the book. I talk quite a bit about a close friend of mine called bill Bengston and he’s an energy healing a practitioner, but there’d been something like 12 randomized controlled trials of his work and he puts him, he works with, with, with mice. These are mostly mouse experiments and because mouse mice have cancer and he puts his hands over the cadence of mice, mice with cancer and cancer go away and just a few days. So

Reena Jadhav: let’s step back for those of our listeners and viewers who don’t know what energy healing is, could you just do a quick primer on that, please?

Dr. Dawson: Sure. So we are beings of matter. We think of ourselves as being these physical bodies and uh, that’s what we think VR and we’re also beings of energy and many technologies is like MRIs. They’re measuring our magnetic fields. Eeg is, are measuring our body’s electrical fields. And So we are beIngs of energy. Your heart has an illiquidity feel. It extends about 15 feet away from your body. So when you approach another person and you’re 30 feet away, two of these fields, you’re having a field interaction with them. In some experiments I talked about in mind, a matter of example, they took people who couldn’t see each other and then one group went into heart coherence and then when they were quIte a long way from the person they were intending to influence that postman heart coherence at the same meadow. Second. So, uh, we are beings of energy.

Dr. Dawson: We’re communicating in these energy waves and their energy healing methods. Uh, the one I teach mostly is called EFT or emotional freedom techniques. It’s focused on psychological change there also ones like reiki, healing, touch, therapeutic touch that use energy for physical symptoms and physical change and energy is powerful, so they’re always ending healing methods you can use. And so when you have a symptom or disease or diagnosis, you could approach it from the point of view of matter. You can try and change the magnitude and try and change the cells, change the biology, do surgery, do pills, and those, those have a role in healing. And you could also approach it as an energy question is, is happening my energy body that is producing this, this change in my physical body, and so I really recommend people check out energy healing as well as material level healing.

Reena Jadhav: And could you show a little demonstration of EFT? I’m extremely familiar with it, but it’s not mainstream knowledge. Not even. it’s not even as well known as Reiki is. So could you sharE a little bit about, you know, what EFT is tapping and also why does it work? What’s the science behind it?

Dr. Dawson: EFT uses acupressure, so when you go to an acupuncturist, you have a needle inserted into a meridian energy flows in 14 meridians in the body, you the measure them. I use a device called a galvanometer in my live workshops and I actually will have a volunteer component, the front of the room and I’ll literally use the galvanometer. I can find their acupuncture points there, physical points that are easy to find and measure on the body. They’re not imaginary points. Um, so you have these energy flows and what you can also do is stimulate them by touch, not needles. And so EFT, tapping on the points like this and what people do, like the criminal from Vietnam who had PTSD, he would remember the bad stuff that happened. Like what exact example that he described was as his very first solo and he took her from the deck of an aircraft carrier and as he was taking off the edge of his plane caught fire.

Dr. Dawson: So here he was thinking about this, the controls, Taos swimming, bail, bail. And uh, he is, as he thinks about this, he is at a 10 out of 10 emotional intensity where people rate their intensity from zero to 10. So it’s thinking about the voice saying bail is a 10 out of 10, is totally triggered remembering this event 40 years years ago. And then he does the acupressure tapping. Why he does that. What happens then is that this sends a signal to his body that simply says you’re safe to go directly to that part of the brain that handles emotional regulation. They have a campus, the amygdala, the emotional midbrain, and that part of the brain MRI research with the art, it just calms down. It just immediately you start tapping his points that emotionally triggered part of the brain goes quiet now he still remembers bail.

Dr. Dawson: He’s has that memory of that. That now Is tenant attendance gone down to a zero. And it’s just a fact of life. If it’s something you just will tell you quite commonly is no longer hitting that emotional intensity. So ups is acupressure to accompany your negative triggering thoughts and people just shift dramatically. We have a wonderful project, will the veteran’s stress project, I mean treat veterans with EFT through the veteran’s stress project and we’ve been southern randomized controlled trials of various kinds of people with PTSD and all of those trials show that nine out of 10 people lose their symptoms. Those symptoms like anxiety,

Reena Jadhav: incRedible results

Dr. Dawson: as facts. Yeah. Just go away.

Reena Jadhav: And those are incredible results. I, I’m just, I’m, I’m amazed. So is this something that’s available to all veterans at this point?

Dr. Dawson: It’s available, but the veterans in the VA because EFT is an approved therapy in the VA and so, uh, it’s available to them, but for many, many years it wasn’t available through the VA. So we started the veteran’s stress project and the first year I was like 2007 reno. Yeah. Well, we wanted to hook up veterans with, uh, with, with therapists who did he have. And the first year it was just such a total failure. We had 12 veterans doing it during the first year and we had 12 therapists available to them. Now you go to the veteran’s stress project website, there are about 300 therapists. They’re treated over 20,000 veterans over the last 12 years and those people who’ve done it, they’ve got their lives back, get their phone numbers up there. They tell her the veterans to go and get those six free sessions for the veteran’s stress project. It makes a huge difference. So yeah, it is pretty widely available either outside the VA, through the stress project inside the VA. We’re now working with the VA on something called a private-public partnership where they will have people, for example, on their suicide helpline, refer people to them, to the veteran’s stress project so that they can get the help they need

Reena Jadhav: in this particular chapter. So let’s get back to that poor mouse width or all the that had cancer and with energy that we’re able to get healed. What is that magic in energy healing? How are we going from back to front energy to matter and curing cancer?

Dr. Dawson: Yeah. Here in Kansas, so we, we, we can measure energy and we can measure the fields around the body and some of them are a little harder to measure and some of them are very easy to measure. So for example, the Hartsfield we imagined very, very, we’re using it because it’s a strong peel. The brain’s field is much, much weaker, but we had measured it with an MRI and so these are babies, these aren’t mysterious energy. Energy is that we have over a century now. I’m RBGs and half a century of MRIs, are very well understood phenomena. And so we have these energy fields. And uh, I think the first guy that really, the first researcher to really put this on the map was a yale professor, Howell Saxton burr. I talk about him a lot in minds matter. And then 1940 [inaudible], he’d been doing a lot of experiments with chickens and salamanders and their energy fields and shipping them and healing.

Dr. Dawson: But he did a large-scale research project with women and some of these women had uterine cancer and others didn’t. and he found that their energy signature is their energy fields. Other two women were completely different. In fact, if, if he was brought an energy field diagram of one of those women in the study, he could tell whether they had uterine cancer or not based purely on the energy flowing through their bodies, but not only that, he found that sometimes they have the energy signature of uterine cancer and they had no diagnosis. They’ve been examined by a doctor and they definitely did not have uterine cancer, but here their energy fields show they did. ThoSe women went onto developing uterine cancer, so in other words, it was showing up in the field before it showed up in the body and on the website of my nonprofit NIH, you’ll find over 600 studies of using energy to heal various conditions, autoimmune diseases, cancer, psoriasis, shingles, headaches, all kinds of things.

Dr. Dawson: people who’re editing entity healing and usually involves some kind of intention. It usually involves a certain state. I’m part of the healer and the book I talk about coherence, mind, and people who have chaotic minds are usually much less effective at this. You have to calm yourself and is this really profound state in which you’re hooked up to nonlocal, mine, Allen jane, yet you’re channeling the energy of nonlocal mind into your local environment. You’re directly and intentionally for healing toward a target human being, an animal, whatever it might be, and then you’re shifting the energy field and then life at uterine cancer. There are many stories in the book and there are so many examples of people who just healed miraculously from cancer using those energy healing methods.

Reena Jadhav: Chapter three, how our emotions organize our environment. What is the essence of that chapter?

Dr. Dawson: This is so interesting, and when I was reading the studies for this book, Reena, I was just blown away when I began the book with the way the book got going was my wife is just a wonderful human being.

Dr. Dawson: And um, I just feel so incredibly lucky to be married. I call her my anGel life. She is just such a. She just walks into a room like we often, she doesn’t speak during any, any of our workshops. We just walk into a room and everyone just feels good because she has such, such incredibly Powerful, positive energy and so, uh, she, but she doesn’t, she doesn’t deliberately as well, like when she’s driving around in her car, she works as a teacher, teaches art to kids and she puts CDs and the cd player have a car and she listens to the teachings of Abraham, Abraham hicks, and that’s just her spiritual nurturing. And so, I mean Her car, every once in a while she was driving and I’d be in the car, that’d be the cd player. And the avionics is saying thoughts create things. And I would think, oh, that’s just a metaphysical fantasy, but I am a scientific researcher.

Dr. Dawson: I, I don’t think there’s any validity in that, but I think has a wonderful, you know, maybe those in some ways. Obviously, if I think negatively, I am changing my hormones, my stress hormones by my brainwaves and so on. So I began to really delve into this. I thought, I thought I would. I would look at all the links in the chain of evidence between a thought and the thing. And see if I could prove scientifically That thoughts do become things I, I thought I would actually probably not find all those lanes. I’Ve got to find some links, but I find a broken chain and in mind to matter, there are broken links. I was able to find the scientific evidence for every single step in the transition from a thought to a thing. It was just an amazing process. So, uh, yeah, uh, in, uh, there are, there are, there are so many examples in the book of people healing themselves, meaning their relationships, he healing their relationship with money.

Dr. Dawson: Um, and one of the dramatic examples comes to my friend Beth Mizener, who’s written a book now about her experience. So Beth was diagnosed last year with cancer. She found a large lump on top of her right breast. And what it especially measured, uh, it had, uh, it was about to five centimeters in diameter. This is a pretty big lung, heart, heart cancer, heart, cancerous mass. And it when, when the doctors found that she was given a variety of scans, the scans found that all of the lymph nodes under her right arm had filled up with cancer cells. And that’s pretty bad news because you live system goes all around your body. It’s like your blood flow. And when, when cancer gets into the lymph nodes can travel all over the body. They also found three spots of inflammation on her right lung. So it looked as though the cancer was spreading, I think a serious diagnosis.

Dr. Dawson: And she was being treated at MD Anderson cancer clinic, which is one of the top cancer hospitals in the whole world. And what is the morning of the day when her doctor showed her the scan and showed her what her condition was? And her oncologist said I want you in radiation today, not tomorrow or next week. It’s the morning, I want you in radiation this afternoon. It’s that serious. And Beth said to her oncologist was very supportive of this, uh, said, you know, I do want to make a rapid decision. I’m going to go home and I’m gonna, just do some processing around this before ill-treatment, so she went home and processing about her diagnosis and decided to try energy healing first. Now this is really important because a lot of people go and they try Reiki and they try EFT and they try things after they have gone through an aggressive course of chemotherapy and their immune system is very weak at that point.

Dr. Dawson: It’s really Hard to do energy healing with that. In fact, Bill Benson, the guy with the cancer healing in mice, he actually won’t work with people who’ve been through conventional treatment because their immune systems are often so badly compromised. He can’t do much for them with energy healing, but anyway, beth decided to do energy healing first, so she did. She absolutely tackled it with the determination that is our hallmark. SHe cleaned up her diet, which is pretty good, but she made it excellent doctor. That diet or exercise routine, she improved that. She turned off all her alert. She quit watching the news. She quit being involved in charitable work, which he did a lot of, but some of the stressful, so this reside will the board. She was a member. She watched her thoughts, watched her energy. She did intensive Teagan. She emailed me and follow me and she said, I’m really scared.

Dr. Dawson: I just got a gene test and I have eight defective genes that predispose me to breast cancer. I said, well, beth, you have 24,000 genes there and say let’s work with those surrogate work. With, with, with that. Christine was. This was a surrogate for my wife was was a surrogate for beth will be this EFT tapping and visual imagining for her beth, the ci gung intensity. She had. She has done energy work done to her, so all this powerful stuff of shifting Reggie and again focusing on energy solutions to a material problem, tumor live those ad spots of the lung. So in March of last year, she got a diagnosis. By may of last year, the tUmor had shrunk by about two thirds and her lymph nodes were clear by an August. Her blood tests showed no trace of cancer. So that is the power of energy to heal the physical body, and that’s why I’m so passionate about getting this stuff to people that we’d be talked earlier about a month ago about this is that energy is powerful.

Dr. Dawson: Energy is healing, and people go so quickly to looking for material solutions and neglect. The other. Gina mentioned other problem, but often that gung that EFT tapping that energy work can make a dramatic change to the physical body. The work of Harold Saxton burr in the forties, but those women with uterine cancer shows up, shows us that it’s the energy that goes wrong first and then things show up in the physical body. So when you get that diagnosis, go to energy first. How can you shift and change and alter that energy in which your cells are being formed each second, I show you the book. If second 810,000 new cells in your body, if they are being born and the energy and environment of love and compassion and kindness and beauty and intelligence and wisdom and and and generosity, that is a very different energy field than one of fear and stress and anger and blame and resentment, so our emotions in chapter three, I show how our emotions are literally turning things off, turning things on, and one ERP study the researcher found that 72 genes were turned on by one hour of EFT, and those things include a genes for that fight.

Dr. Dawson: Breast cancer, prostate cancer, esophageal cancer, colon cancer. Those beings were all being upregulated, dialed up an immune system. Genes were being dialed up. genes that have to do with forming the myelin sheaths around the white matter in your brain, the insulator around your neurons, which was neat. THey need to have to conduct inflammation through the axons. The white matter remodeling neurons. Those genes are being turned on. Memory and learning genes will be turned on. Immunity genes are being turned on. Genes that help your body combat inflammation were being turned on. 72 genes turned on for one hour of an energy therapy tapping go back and pressure points. Do we have tea? This is amazing. If I had a drug that could do all that, I would be a billionaire while I’m holding bake sales to raise money for my nonprofit and do the research. You know, it’s not a drug, it’s free. It’s just there on the web. They’re on my website. I mean this stuff. It’s amazing. It’s available. I want to make sure that the people know that they can use energy to heal matter

Reena Jadhav: and that is why we’re doing these interviews. That’s the whole purpose of healthier. The podcast is to give a voice to healers like yourself that have done the research, that have the proof and this information you are absolute must get out to everyone. So if you’re listening to this podcast or watching these interviews, please share. Every one of us knows someone who has cancer. there’s just no question about it. And most of us know someone who was actually passed away of cancer. So please, you’ll be doing something amazing today if you share this, share it on your social media or specifically with those people that you know could benefit the most. And I know we’re talking about scary things like cancer, but it can actually transform your life on a daily basis where you can get you out of depression. I actually think we need to start teaching teens that, but I think that’s another podcast.

Reena Jadhav: I think the reason Dawson, we don’t have enough of this in our daily lives, the reason we don’t go to energy is that that’s not how we’re raised. We’re told the first thing you do is you go to your doctor and your doctor will tell you what to do and you just blindly do what your doctor tells you. That was me until two years ago, right? So until the age of 45, I thought that’s how you healed yourself as you’ve called the doctor and then the doctor did. And now what you’re sharing, what I’ve learned is that, no, no, we heal ourselves. Healing is within and we can be reborn healthier within a year. Um, to your point, you can activate all those genes and you can be reborn. Every new cell can be reborn, healthier, which is remarkable. What a great power to have inside of us.

Dr. Dawson: I call that to your everyday superpower in the above matter in the book, your everyday superpower. You’re literally able with your consciousness, your shipping neurotransmitters, you’re shifting. Hormones are shifting, jeans, you’re remodeling your body based purely on thought alone, so you may as a wake up yourself with positive energy. Give your $810,000 new cells every being born, every second. That loving energy, field nurturing energy, the and then live your life that way. When you do, you feel better. You’re much healthier. In some of the research I talked about in the book, people measure a 400 percent improvement in productivity at work, at 260 percent improvement in problem-solving ability and a doubling of creativity. Things that are just phenomenal results. And again, they’re just based on energy shifting your energy.

Reena Jadhav: All right, chapter four, how energy regulates DNA and the cells of our bodies. What is the essence of that chapter?

Dr. Dawson: Actually, before we talk about that, I wanted to mention one more thing about chapter three and one more important concept that, uh, has an effect on a larger scale and that is the nearest search in a field called emotional contagion. And the model here is that our emotions are as contagious, so candy as contagious as flu or contagious diseases, and when we feel an emotion, it doesn’t stay contained within our mind and our body. It spreads to other people and famous Framingham heart study which has been going on now for 50 years. The researchers find those happy people actually putting this emotional contagion and happiness around them. If you have a friend who gets happier, you’re likely to get happier and make people around you happier as well. So happiness is contagious. Three or four levels out. So his sadness and anger and negative emotions as well. In one famous experiment on facebook, the researcher has manipulated the feeds of Facebook users and they were able to produce emotional contagion. And just a couple of weeks in 700,000 people, almost a billion people in facebook. Uh, we’re unwitting victims of emotional contagion in this experiment, so we’re affecting the world around us a radically by our own moods when we heal ourselves, where cuny influence and the world around us, that’s the power of what we have, what we can do with ours, an interstate.

Reena Jadhav: Remarkable. That’s incredible. And what’s interesting is that we intuitively know this right? When you’re hanging out with people and they’re happy and cheerful, you get happier and more cheerful. And when you hear someone complaining and whining, you sort of see yourself slipping into complaining and whining as well. And so, uh, there’s, there was another study would say that you eventually become the same emotional state as the five of your closest friends. So choose wisely.

Dr. Dawson: Yeah. So choose your media wisely. Choose your internet, what websites you visit wisely. Use. Choose everything. Moving new movies, music, websites,

Reena Jadhav: movies, yes. Yeah, don’t watch more movies. I tell my teenagers all the time, stop putting that stuff in your, in your subconscious. So how does energy regulatory DNA, that’s very powerful. If we can influence our DNA.

Dr. Dawson: Yeah. And uh, there is a key paper which I talk about in that chapter and it was reviewed, we review of the side of the literature going back 50 years and they found a hundred and 75 studies showing that energy affects cells. Certain frequency is trigger certain effects in cells. And in the book, what I focused on was the frequency is generated by the human brain. So there is a lot of frequency is that that affects cells, but the ones I really honed in on in mind, no matter where the frequencies that you can generate yourself and dodginess lee with your brain and what they do to cells and this research aReena is absolutely mind-blowing. The, uh, the research shows that some of the frequencies that your own brain generates, especially during meditation, are able to all kinds of changes in your cells. They can stimulate the formation of new nerve cells and new synapses, especially in the memory and learning centers of the brain.

Dr. Dawson: They can reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. They can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. They can improve memory. They can synchronize the firing of neurons in different parts of the body. They can speed the healing of wounds, they can regenerate bone tissue, they can, um, enhance the activity of your immune fighting, your immune system’s white blood cells. They can regulate free radicals in your body. All of this done purely by the frequencies that you generate when you meditate, and I also have diagrams of the book showing egs are people who meditate, and what happens is that these healing frequencies that the two slowest frequencies in the age spectrum, the whole delta, and theta delta is very slow wave one to four, zero to four cycles per second, and then theta is four to eight cycles per second. You see that they have a little bit of feta and delta where they start Meditating and they have huge theta and delta after again as little as 90 seconds.

Dr. Dawson: So there are meditative states. you’re literally stimulating the production of stem cells. You’re regenerating the Tila mirrors, the anti-aging molecules in your cells. All this is going on when you meditate. It’s just amazing how energy, especially the energy of your brain is producing all these changes in the cells of your body. Now I also go and look at how it reduces changes outside of your body, and here is where it’s so cool, so water this stuff over here. When a healer takes water and activates it, blesses it, energizes it. It literally changes the molecular structure of the world. I’m just looking around to see if I have a little molecular model of a water molecule. I don’t have one close by, but what happens is the angle of the bond between the big oxygen atom and the two hydrogens and age two.

Dr. Dawson: Whoa. That bonding angle, when water is blessed, that bonding angle changes and if you use that less water to water the seeds, more of those seeds germinate in the blessed water, then in the last water and the plants grow bigger and taller and have more chlorophyll in them than those watered with water that’s not blessed. So again, the active intention, the lack of consciousness, that blessing is received by water. it literally changes the molecular structure of water and then that has biological effects around us as well. So as we change our consciousness, it is affecting things and matter inside our bodies and also outside of our bodies. And what we forget is that we are mostly water too. So

Reena Jadhav: if intention can change and transform a water molecule that’s outside and class, imagine what it can do inside because we are predominantly water, right? So the power of blessing and that, that power of intention, of positive intention I think is the most powerful field or tool or medicine that we know of a that we don’t utilize enough.

Dr. Dawson: That’s right. Yeah. And so it’s helped. It’s made me change my habits now. I literally blessed my food before I eat it. I bless my vitamins, I take them in the morning and I am aware of the power of intention to do that. And so it makes you aware that we’re having this effect all around us and we may as well use that intentionally for our good.

Reena Jadhav: Absolutely. And even words like Louise Hay used to say I love you that just that much, just saying I love you, I think transforms again, the molecules, the energy around and makes it more healing and more beautiful.

Dr. Dawson: It does.

Reena Jadhav: All right. Chapter five, the power of the mine. You mean there’s an incoherent mine hiding in there somewhere.

Dr. Dawson: There’s an incoherent mind and there’s a coherent mind. And what I pondered in this chapter was why are some people such brilliant manifesto and others can’t manifest anything. And I, I had a friend years ago and she was a visionary. She just had the amazing ability is to articulate the world and a better world at a great future for her and her kids and her life. ExcepT that none of it ever happened. She just was, she, she had it all up here, but nothing ever happened in the external world out there. I have other friends and like I, I’m, I’m, I love my dear friend and mentor, Jack Canfield. If Jack has an intention, it’s going to happen. It’s just like, you know, it’s, it’s. I mean Jack, Jack Canfield, John Gray, Tony Robbins, all of these people, they are master manifesters. What’s the difference between the person who commented on this with the person who does and the answer turns out to be interesting.

Dr. Dawson: It has to do with coherence and so coherence is when things are in phase where things are resident and the example of using the book is a laser and light, so if you take a regular light bulb, a regular led or incandescent light bulb and say, say a 60 watt bulb, it illuminates, sheds, treads, light around 10, 15 feet away from it, but that those light waves of scaffold though they’re incoherent light. If you take that same 60 watts and you turn it coherent where all the waves are resonant, that 60 watts laser can cut through steel plate. Okay? That’s the Magic of coheRence. And In the book, I have lots of illustrations, lots of lots of lots of diagrams, lots of photographs, lots of medical images, and I have side by side the medical image of a personal anecdote, eg who was incoherent. Brainwaves are brainwaves roll all over the place, their nest with somebody in the heart.

Dr. Dawson: Coherence, metal coherence, physical gold, coherence at their brainwaves are highly irregular. IT’s those regular brainwaves, the incoherence of those master meditators that are having an effect if people have don’t have coherence, coherence, coherence, mentally and emotionally, they are not able to produce those results, and what they then find happens is synchronicity. The whole chapter focuses on synchronicity. Synchronicity is produced by these people who have a coherent mental function and they just find that when they intend things, they happen. I already funny what happened to me the last month and I never met Tony Robbins. I’ve always wanted to meet him. I had this vague wish but about it, but a year or two a was thinking I just love to meet Tony Robbins in person, but I’ve met with one of his events and I don’t have any kind of contact with him. so about a month ago I get an email saying Tony Robbins would love you to speak at one of his live events.

Dr. Dawson: So I scratched my head and thought, well, this is Tony Robbins event, or is this Tony robbin? And, and they said, no, no, this, you’ll be on a panel with Tony Robbins and Michio Kaku, who’s the father of string theory, one of the most famous physicist, Michio Kaku and Tony Robbins on a panel at one of these masterminds. So again, I just had the thought there and I did nothing. I took no action whatsoever. And it just manifested. What’s the difference? And the difference is metal coherence. If you’re mentally coherent, you’re able to make things happen. And in that book, I also talk about probably the most radical thing from a scientific standpoint in the entire book, which is that people in those states of mental coherence can affect the fundamental forces of the universe. There are four forces in physics there, the strong and weak nuclear forces, gravity and electromagnetism.

Dr. Dawson: Those are the four forces of physics. And I present research in the book showing that with mental coherence people. Not everybody, I Mean they’re. These are, these are highly trained, highly coherent people, but they could literally affect the electromagnetic force like gravity and they can affect the strong and the weak nuclear forces and this is radical consciousness is literally able to ship the four fundamental forces of physics and I say that cognition is the fifth force. It is the unifying force. It is the unifying field in which everything is happening and there’s a universal consciousness that is collapsing reality. It will be thinking of as material reality all the time and you can be one without nonlocal mine and they lived to live your local life as a person in touch with that nonlocal emergent reality

Reena Jadhav: and how can we get a coherent mind? How can be we be aware of that and create that new reality for us. Meditation, okay,

Dr. Dawson: it happens here, that 92nd window, initially eco meditation that in 30 seconds, 45 seconds, so people are really pretty able to acquire that mental coherence and also in mental come here. That’s what you’re wanting to manifest is different. You are sitting there in coherence thinking, I want a red Ferrari. What you’re doing is when you were that state of oneness with the universe, you’re moving with the universal mind, then you might have really elevated feelings there and you’re then focused on the wellbeing of the planet. You are trying to manifest the next, you know, ring or the next outfit or that expectation. You are the one with this universal consciousness. You want them and you manifest what that universal consciousness is moving towards.

Reena Jadhav: All right, chapter six in training, self with synchronicity. How do we do that?

Dr. Dawson: Yeah, so we know now scientifically that all of this is the big picture. How do we then trained ourselves that way and that takes practice? It takes that meditation practice. It takes using EFT to tap away your stress. It takes time in nature. It takes kindness and compassion to takes elevated emotion. It takes emotional regulation, so you put all of this together and suddenly sacred as things like the Tony Robbins story to start to happen to you so you are trying so hard. Your life unfolds synchronously. You in the MoRnIng and meditate and university brings you all kinds of synchronicities and things start to happen like the keys in the ocean over and over and over in your life, and then it becomes your new normal. It just becomes the way you live your life. You know you’ll be led effortlessly to the people with whom you’re supposed to play and sing and dance in your life.

Dr. Dawson: Carl young, the synchronicity. Einstein thought the synchronicity. Einstein said, synchronicity is God’s way of remaining anonymous, but you can train yourself deliberately and then he started having those types of segments experiences over and over and over. Now, one of the interesting things about this is when you are in that state of coherence, you have abilities that don’t only have one of those is preconditioning. A precondition is a really interesting field of study and there had been over a hundred studies. Tightly controlled trials are and they show that there is a thing such as knowing or having some sense of the future. And so I review that, that research, and it’s so interesting that people have these experiences of deja vu, of knowing and research shows that that’s not the occasional this happens to, that this happens to lots and lots and lots of people. They have these experiences like telepathy, clairvoyance because anomalous experiences in research, but the audit novelists, um, most people have them, Chinese people have them, Japanese people have them.

Dr. Dawson: Argentinians had them, Americans had the Mexicans have them, Canadians have them. People from all over the world had them. About two-thirds of people have some kind of out of body experience or pre-cognitive or clairvoyant experience. These are just natural human experiences. They are not the anomalies we, we think they are. But what I also do in the book is I provide a really clear scientific explanation for the why, why this works. And the why has to do with the planet we live on. Earth is a giant electromagnet. There’s a north pole and south pole. We use a compass to find our way around. And so you know, there’s a north pole and south pole, but like any magnet, there are field lines of flux around the planet and these field lines have been measured now by geologists for route a century they’ve, they’ve, they’ve known about these lines, they predicted these lines before the bound them.

Dr. Dawson: And so there are these huge lines, the cool the field lines, and as the solar wind blows past the earth at about 2 million miles an hour, it actually fluxes these field lines like strings on a guitar or a violin. So it sets up A resident frequency in these field lines. And there are several node frequencies that side of the study in the field line residences of the earth and in life the at the end of that chapter, I have one diagram from a scientific study that I think is one of the most stunning pieces of research and evidence ever shown. It is the heart coherence rate of a meditator for one month overlaid over the fluctuations are the earth’s field line residences for that one month. And in those 30 days, they track each other closely. So when you’re in tune like that, when you’re in cart coherence, when you’re a meditator, you are literally in tune with these solar system sized energy fields that are around you, that provides the first really solid scientific evidence for things like distant defects, distant healing, because if you’re in tune with these patterns, you’re in tune with everyone else’s in tune with them as well.

Dr. Dawson: And That’s a huge insight. I had one, somebody aha moments when I was writing the book and looking at the research, but that was. That was the big one that when you’re in tune with the nonlocal mind when you were to nonlocal fields, not local reality, you’re literally in tune with everyone else in tune with that. So those secrets things that. That’s what Tony Robbins note gets in touch with you and says, help me on my paddle. So.

Reena Jadhav: So you can create your own reality, right?

Dr. Dawson: You are creating your own reality.

Reena Jadhav: Absolutely can end in a positive way because I think we’re all stumbling into our reality is because we’re not necessarily controlling it mindfully and with your tools and techniques, you’re empowering us all to take charge and hence create a far more beautiful picture and you know, imagine the power of waking up in the morning and saying, well, experience, but I like to have today. I’m going to think of it to your point. I think I want to be on the Tony Robbins show or I think I want to go meet with him and bam, there comes the call because you are in sync and you have now developed that power, that superpower of making life happen to you the way you want it to happen to you instead of stumbling

Dr. Dawson: and you’re very careful about what you think about. Christina and I, my wife and I are very careful about what we talk about. What do you think about what you say we want? Because we can manifest stuff that you know, if we’re manifesting from the level of our local mine or out of fear, then that will not be our highest goods. We’re very, very careful to tune hundred the highest good before we seek to want anything.

Reena Jadhav: All right, next chapter, chapter seven. Thinking from beyond the local mind, what is the local mind and why do we want to think beyond it?

Dr. Dawson: People who buy the book often think that this is a book about how to manifest mind matter. You know those two things. How do you do that? My live courses called turning thoughts to things and so people say, well, I want my soulmate. I want to live in Santa Barbara. I want to have that job with Amazon. I want, you know, they want all these things and that they’re looking for ways to mitigate the world energetically and magically to get them. And that’s not what this is all about. That’s thinking from the local mind. That’s staying stuck in your local reality. But most of us do that. We wake up in the morning, we had this thought about the same thing we thought about yesterday. We see our bodies the same way, our jobs, the same way, our partners, the same way our children, our parents, our whole world.

Dr. Dawson: We are literally recreating the world using our consciousness the same way every day and what I urge people to do is unstick themselves from that process to release themselves from this feverish attachment to their local reality and merged blend with that same force that keeps 4 million starlings flowing in an effortless dance of connection in that block, that that, that, that tells the humpback whales how to migrate from the equator to the poll every year. All of these processes happening in nature. I challenge people and say, do you think you’re exempt? They’re happening for you too. why not tune into them? And so we teach people, we train people to manifest not out of their conditioning, out of the limited human self that they are sure you can manifest the red Ferrari if you want to. We will that make you happy. Probably the world instead, tunes into nonlocal might be one with that universal consciousness and then have your dreams come from there.

Dr. Dawson: Have your desires come from their desire. What nonlocal mind has for you and that is infinitely more elevated, infinitely more precious, infinitely more full of love and kindness and beauty and sweetness and anything your little local mind over here I can dream up, so that’s where the book ends with this coal to that in the afterward of the book, off of that, that’s some of the chapters I say, imagine a world in which we’re doing this in large numbers. My goal, Reena, this space might seem like a totally sky-high ambition. My goal is that a billion people wake up in this way and everything I do is motivated to that. I do the science because it helps people to make these changes in their lives. What happens when even 100,000 people began living this way? I talk about the Renaissance. How the Renaissance didn’t take 200 years.

Dr. Dawson: The Renaissance hap took about 25 years, involved about a thousand people in five cities in Italy and after those thousand people and they’re 25 years and those that very limited geographic area, suddenly law changed. The architect has changed. Our changed education changed music, change philosophy, change in education, changed everything, changed radically in 25 years. Now we’re in the middle of one of those huge evolutionary leaps and Protestants and so what in the afterward of the book, I say, what will the world look like when everyone has access to this and many people are they on a daily basis that’s worth country with that vision

Reena Jadhav: and it would be an absolutely beautiful planet and a beautiful universe to live in. You have something called the Maharishi effect of course, which was if you got enough people to think a certain way, you could raise the stock market and prevent accidents and I think you were taking that same experiment on a 1 billion people scale and saying, you know, what could we do? Could we create a utopia? And it’s absolutely something worth fighting for and I’m with you. I will do whatever needs to be done to help you get your message out so we can get to that billion number that you’d like to reach you. And for those of you who are listening in or watching, what can you do? You know, let’s all join and do this together. Let’s create a far more beautiful, happier, joyful love-filled world and it can be done like that. As Tony Robbins says, I actually went to his unleash the power within and he says, you know, like that. It doesn’t take time. It doesn’t take forever. you just have to make a decision and that step one. So any parting advice for those who are listening or watching, what is the one thing you wish everybody would do starting now?

Dr. Dawson: Love yourself.

Dr. Dawson: Just love yourself. When I work with people in my live workshops because I teach those things workshops, I teach eip, workshops, professional workshops. I train a ton of therapists and doctors and nurses and medical professionals every year as well, and they typically have some up the front of the room and I’ll work with them a while. The rest of the room is working on their own issues, so I’ll be working with somebody up front and they’ll tell me their story and we are. One of the things that just hurt me, I feel so, so bad about is people’s self-talk inside their heads. They are so full of an unhealthy self-tool, unhealthy messages toward themselves and so they, they describe their problems to me. Yet I just think that they’re, they’re, they’re suffering so much and there’s something really moves me. And so,  the big messages, just love yourself have you are whatever gender you are, whatever your financial situation, whatever your body is like, whatever your level of sickness and health let go of the struggle between those parts of your psyche.

Dr. Dawson: They’re telling you to have to improve with EFT. We don’t use it as self-improvement. We just used self-acceptance. Self-improvement begins with self-acceptance. People beating up on themselves and try to force themselves and saying, you need to lose weight. You need to quit smoking. You need to modify your diet. You need to go and look for a better job. You need to change. You need to shape up. you need to transform this part of your life that’s not working. And we’re hard on ourselves that way and we have a lot of negative self-talk and we just tell people to breathe and just love yourself. Love yourself. You are trying your hardest and your best and you have been for your whole life. Love yourself, accept yourself. So that’s what he will teach people to forget self-improvement. Just go for the self-acceptance because when you do that, you’re no longer having that struggle within and that liberates all of that power for self-improvement. So paradoxically you give up self-improvement and self-acceptance and self-improvement happens as a byproduct. So my main message is just living in love every day, live outrageously love extravagantly. That’s my mOm

Dr. Dawson: made for me. So someone sent me if you say four words on a billboard for the whole world, what would they be? and that it was those four words. It was lit, exuberantly love extravagantly. And why don’t just live from that standpoint of love and compassion and joy? Want to be like a child playing every day. so, uh,

Reena Jadhav: yes, I love it. I love it. Thank you so much again from the bottom of my heart for spreading your message, for sharing your, your brilliant insights and your stories and for the rest of you, love yourself. And if you’re having a hard time figuring out why you can’t love yourself, but there’s a ton of resources available, we’re going to be putting some links in the show notes. Of course, you can access the book, there’ll be a link to purchase this book as well as the other great books that Dawson has written. And but that said, stay smiling as I always say, love yourself and I’ll see you on another podcast.


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