Interview with Dr. Tony Jimenez on his book “Hope for Cancer”

November 26, 2019by Reena0

Dr. Tony shares with Reena Jadhav the 7 principles of beating Cancer at any stage. His new book “Hope for Cancer” is a culmination of over 20 years of treating primarily stage 4 cancer patients with non-toxic and often non-invasive therapies. This is a “must watch” for anyone interested in learning what works for beating cancer.

Empower Your Cancer Healing Journey!

Over two decades of Hope4Cancer’s treatments, patient successes, and knowledge all brought together in one comprehensive cancer guidebook.

For more than 25 years, Dr. Jimenez has dedicated his life to the study, clinical research and implementation of integrative, non-toxic therapies that target not only the cancer, but also the biological terrain that encourages its growth.

Be prepared to discover a whole world of cancer treatment that is working for patients world-wide without compromising their health and immune system in the process.

Learn first hand from the patients who reversed stage IV diagnosis and the therapies and protocols they used to do it.

Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, Dr. Antonio Jimenez, shares his life’s work in this easy to understand full-color textbook. Get an in-depth knowledge of all 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy and how to apply them to your life for healing and prevention.



1.13-  What were the reasons for writing this book?

– Understand the 7 key Principles of how to approach cancer.

  • 2.59 Hope for Cancer Centre’s found globally.
  • 4.09 Provide hope through love, generosity and faith to those who have chosen a healing pathway outside of conventional medicine.
  • 4.52- patient population- Stage 4 cancer who have either failed therapy or treatment does not exist.

5.42- 4 Year Cancer survival statistics

8.32- Key principle- Remove fear and empower your healing journey.

9.12 –  Chapter 1- Fundamentals of Cancer and healing.

 – Heal the whole person. Treat the person with cancer not cancer in the person.

 – Cancer is a complex disease, needs a whole body approach. Cancer is rarely a local disease.

12.36- Negative thoughts can kill you faster than bad germs.

13.22- Chapter 2- What causes Cancer?

  1. Mind, thought process, negativity and stress
  2. Dental- gum disease affects immune system
  3. Immune system- autoimmune issues, heart disease
  4. Micro environment- radiation
  5. Heavy metals
  6. Water pollutants 
  7. Food- Processed sugary foods, gluten , dairy
  8. Sedentary lifestyle

8 hrs of sitting is equivalent to 1 pack of cigarettes.

28.30 – Some Screening tests for Cancer-

       – Bioresonance Frequency Technology

       – 24 hour Urine test- check hormones

       – Epigenetics

       – Dutch test

37.19- Seven key principles of cancer therapy 

  1. Cutting edge nontoxic therapy
  2. Full Spectrum Nutrition
  3. Detoxification
  4. Immuno Modulation
  5. Microbiome
  6. Oxygenation
  7. Spiritual and emotional

39.70- Vit D deficiency how much do you need.

42.18- the importance of Vit C and the optimal dose

         – Acts as a free radical, antioxidant and kills cancer cells

44.33- Benefits of a Mistletoe 

          – Decreases metastatic potential

          – Upregulates the  immune system

          – Improves quality of life

45.59-  Immuno modulation

Key to curing cancer. Boosting your immune system

50.40- Full spectrum nutrition 

 – We are a food body first, not a  supplement body.

– Resonant towards food

– Some nutritious supplements:-

Green tea, cur cumin, resvetrol, ginger.

  • Bananas decrease colon cancer by 40%

57.0 -Detoxification

Milk thistle, Breathing correctly, sweating are a few suggestions.

58.4 – Oxygenation

– Hyperbaric oxygen one hour day helps with driving oxygen into the tissues and the cells

– Ozone therapy

1.01.27- Micro biome

-Detoxify heavy metals

-Infrared sauna

1.02- Ritual on spiritual and emotional healing

– Being positive

– Believing 

– Avoiding secondary gain



Dr. Antonio (Tony) Jimenez, BIO


Dr. Antonio Jimenez, M.D., N.D. is the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of world-renowned Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, currently operating in Mexico (Tijuana, Cancun), Colombia (Barranquilla), and Thailand (Bangkok). A globally recognized leader in integrative oncology, Dr. Jimenez received his M.D. from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara Faculty of Medicine in Mexico. For over 25 years, he has dedicated his life to the study, clinical research, and implementation of integrative, non-toxic therapies.

Known worldwide for his development of the 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy, Dr. Jimenez is an accomplished speaker who has been featured at events including the Global Cancer Symposium, The Truth About Cancer Live Symposium, and the Anti-Cancer Revolution, to name a few. Throughout his career, he has traveled to more than 70 nations learning, training, and researching innovative cancer care methods and technologies. His experience and expertise has seen him successfully pioneer effective non-toxic treatments such as Photodynamic Therapy and emerging immunotherapies. Often referred to as “Dr. Tony”, he provides his patients with a lifelong structure for healing built around science, education, and empowerment. 


The Truth About Cancer Lifetime Achievement Award, 2016

Watch, learn, then come over let’s talk! It’s easier to heal together, we are waiting to welcome you Interview with Dr. Tony Jimenez on his book “Hope for Cancer”

Interview with Dr. Tony Jimenez on his book “Hope for Cancer”


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Interview with Dr. Tony Jimenez on his book “Hope for Cancer”


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