Ancient protocols to healing from all diseases: Interview with Sachin Patel

March 11, 2018by Reena0

Live Longer via ancient secrets to cure all diseases including Diabetes, as revealed by Sachin Patel


Sachin Patel, founder of Living Proof Institute and a functional medicine practitioner, is on a crusade to help everyone transform their lives to living healthier and longer.  He is creating a new healthcare paradigm for healing and has touched the lives of thousands of people with his practice.

This podcast reveals the new paradigm of healthcare, how chronic disease develops and the simple truths and practices of healing the body.

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Ancient protocols to healing from all diseases: Interview with Sachin Patel


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Ancient protocols to healing from all diseases: Interview with Sachin Patel




Key Questions answered and highlights:


1. Tell us your journey and why you decided to start the living proof institute? (2:19)

– “I’m still in transition. I look at myself as a work in progress.”

– “Functional medicine changed my life”

2. You talk about a new paradigm of healthcare. What is that? What is it about functional medicine that got you so excited? How is it different from the old model of healthcare? (5:13)

– No disease, especially chronic disease, develops in isolation.

– There will be no scenario of a disease good for one organ, and good for another organ.

– If our health is moving in the wrong direction, the consequence is every system is being decayed at a different rate.

– The thyroid will experience it first because the thyroid has a lower tolerance. The digestive system has a higher tolerance.

– We want to look at patients and heal their whole system.

– Unlike Statin, which lowers cholesterol but affects kidneys, muscle tissue, and liver

3. When you talk about fixing the whole body, how does functional do that? What’s your approach? (7:59)

– Listen to the patient

– The body works in a coordinated fashion

– What we aren’t taught is how to control the body

4. Why do you think we’re getting sicker?  What do you think is the cause? (9:56)


1. Not enough rest

2. Not enough sunlight

3. Stress

– Not getting enough sleep changes the rate at which our body heals.

– Our cortisol gets higher longer. The more cortisol, the less melatonin produced.

– We only heal in deep states of rest.

– If you’re awake longer, you’re increasing cortisol and blood sugar

– Symptoms are a way of the body telling you need to change what you’re doing

5. How do I change my perception so my amygdala doesn’t think I’m being chased by a lion? (14:40)

– The fastest way is through Hypnosis, which puts you in a trans-like state

– Health is emotions first then mechanics.

6. Where do you get this hypnosis? (16:39)

– You have to trust the person/practitioner

– A lot of our adult problems manifest from our childhood problems

– Money isn’t where happiness comes from

8. Give us a primer on digestion. (21:52)

1. Eat highest quality food you can afford

2. Timing and dose

3. Micronutrition

– You always have to be in neutral

– Chew your food

– Don’t drink too much fluid. You dilute too much enzymes.

– The acidity of your stomach is a million more times acidic than your blood.

– If you’re drinking too much fluid in a meal, you’re diluting the stomach acid. The stomach acid sterilizes the content of the food you’re eating.

– Bacteria eat our food first. The variety of food we eat is proportional to the variety of types of bacterial strain we have in our digestive track

– It’s always better to eat a variety of food, instead of eating same food to add diversity

9. Digestive enzymes. Are you for them or against them? (32:53)

– Practice good digestion practice first, like a minute of deep breathing, change up environment, put electronics away, be more mindful, etc

– There’s no harm in taking digestive enzymes

– Most supplement companies are owned by pharmaceutical companies

– You’re paying more for supplements than for drugs

10. What do you think about probiotic supplements? (34:08)

– Fermented foods provide probiotics

– You have to provide an environment for probiotics to “grow”

– Most probiotics have a transient effect. Once you stop taking them, the benefit goes away because most people aren’t changing the actual terrain to grow their own bacteria

– There’s 500 different species of bacteria and we don’t fully understand them

– Grow your own bacteria

– In a healthy gut, the bacteria replicates itself

11. What do we need to do to have a healthy terrain? (35:41)

– Eat healthy

– Megasport

– Glutamine

– Fish oil

12. What are the symptoms? How does one know they have a gut inflammation? What do you recommend if one has gut inflammation to ease them? (39:06)

– It’s a function of food, stress, and our microbiome and more.

– It starts because people don’t eat real food anymore

– A lot of times gut issues don’t symptomize themselves in the gut

– Dry skin can be a sign of poor fat absorption

– Joint pain can be a sign of intestinal permeability

– Forgetfulness can be a sign of a leaky gut

13. Can you share a case study on how you’ve treated someone with diabetes? (42:46)

– Diabetes is not a blood sugar problem

– Diabetes is an insulin problem

– Focus on how to regulate insulit, not how to regulate blood sugar

– The main hormone to regulate blood sugar is cortisol. Stress raises cortisol. If we’re chronically stressed, physically, emotionally or chemically, whatever raises cortisol, raises blood sugar.

– Inflammation increases cortisol.

– William had a blood sugar of 248. He lived on careful medication, proper exercise, etc.

– A test on him was done and found a parasite, and once the parasite was removed, his blood sugar came down. He removed the source of the problem, instead of putting a band-aid.

14. What are the five critical must do or die recommendations? (49:20)

1. There’s no reason to live long and pain free if you don’t love the life you’re living

2. Do meaningful work. Have a sense of purpose and validation and appreciation

3. Get adequate sleep and aligned to our circadian biology, the rise and setting of the sun

4. Have a strong sense of community

5. Have good relationships with family and friends





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