Day By Day Sample

Welcome to your first day of Gut Healing! 

You are starting at a slow, leisurely pace, with a smile on your face. You recall a beautiful loving moment of happiness from way back when and can’t help but smile.

 Day 1 SampleMorning Mindful Moment 

Start your day the right way with a quick calming video.

deep meditation

Day 1 Sample The Health Journal (2 minutes)

Write one goal for the day, one word of gratitude and make notes about your mood and symptoms. Scientifically proven to deliver health and joy!

 Day 1 Sample Healing Drink

Enjoy this healing drink as often as you like during the day! It will nourish you and feed your hunger too. Feel free to swap with a drink from another day!

Day 1 Sample Brunch 10 or 11 am

Your first meal of the day, eat till full, savor each bite, take your time, you can eat for an hour. Feel free to add a salad, side or a treat to the recommended dish below!

Day 1 Sample Heal Zone Options for Today

We want you to take a “mini-vacation” daily to give your mind, body, and soul pure joy! Pick one of these below or check out the full list of options under HealZone section on the site.

Day 1 Sample

Day 1 Sample Your Workout Break

Take a Movement break to beat cravings and tiredness.



Day 1 Sample Dinner at 5 or 6 pm

Eat light, eat early and then go to bed early -the 3 core fundamentals of getting your body to heal, sleep better, stop cravings, lower stress, detox, lose weight and more.

Day 1 Sample Still Hungry?

Change is hard, cravings are real. Enjoy this treat with your lunch or dinner but not as a snack in between!

Day 1 Sample YOUR BED’S CALLING: 10 PM

Start to unwind, deep breathe, take a hot bath, turn off technology.
Write in your HealJournal a word of gratitude and your thoughts.


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