ProLon Diet by Dr. Valter Longo: Review#1 opening the box with Reena Jadhav

May 13, 2018by Reena1

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I’m doing the Prolon 5 day “fasting mimicking diet” and sharing my experience day by day. This video is #Opening the box- What is in the ProLon Diet box? Why am I doing the Prolon Diet? It’s being hailed as the most promising new diet for preventing and reversing disease, and anti-aging! #HealthBootcamps


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[00:01] REENA JADHAV: Hey everyone I am Reena Jadhav. I am the founder of the health bootcamps. 14 days to unleashing better health for you with world’s top doctors as well as the host of the live-longer podcast and today I am so excited because I got a special box delivery and it is the prolon diet. So prolon is a fasting mimicking diet that has been scientifically crafted by Valter Longo he has written a book to go with it the longevity diet and the promise of the prolon diet is that it’s the new scientifically designed diet behind stem cell activation, regeneration, slowing aging, fighting disease and optimizing weight. That’s a lot of promise and I want to figure out if it is true, if it works so I decided to go on this five-day diet. A big shout out to the prolon team for getting me the box overnight. Thank you so much. With that said I thought I would share with you what I got in the box because I was actually really impressed. It’s very amplest in its experience and its look and feel and in it are 5 boxes. Each box contains my one day meal so it’s going to be interesting because I eat a lot and so this is going to be fun trying to eat only what’s in this box. So what is in this box? I sort of enjoyed opening it a little bit like a Christmas time gift opening and I found that it has a couple of really nice soups. Here is the tomato blend soup and its got here is minestrone. It’s got some fancy bars with great organic ingredients and it’s got some wonderful teas I love mint. It’s got some oil, some vitamins, some minerals and this is my day one. Apparently, every day has a different box of components so we will see what’s in the other boxes as I unfold them day by day. So if you are interested in following along with my prolon diet experience for 5 days, go and subscribe to our blog alerts because every time I push something out you will get notified and I plan on doing this every single day. So why am I doing this? Why am I testing out on the prolon diet? As you know I am committed to sharing everything that I can find that can help us stop the disease, reverse aging and help every single one of you lead a healthier happier, more joyful life. So prolon with its huge promise clearly is something that I have to try out for myself and share with all of you. And I had several people said to me these diets sound great but I don’t really believe in them and I don’t really think they work and how do we even stick to the schedule and what does it taste like. And I thought even though I am not a huge video person, this might be the right opportunity for me to use video as a way to share my experience so that’s why I am doing this. So if you have questions please post them because that’s what this is all about. This 5 day experience that I am going to share is all about answering your questions and helping you decide if prolon might be right for you. We’ve also got an upcoming interview with Dr. Valter Longo so watch out for that and of course I am going to have my list of questions for him based on my experience with these 5 days. So that’s the plan and if you are not sure about why prolon Dr. Joel Kahn is the one who in the last video interview that I did with him talked about the amazing benefits of prolon that he’s experienced. Why he shares it with everybody so he is really the one who convinced me to try this out, so a big shout out to you Dr. Joel. And for the rest of you if you are interested in learning a little bit more about how fasting can help then do check out some of the interviews and the articles that we have written on our blog With that said I am going to see you on Monday. So I picked Monday after Mother’s day as the first day to start my 5 day prolon diet and Monday is when we’ll start so of course I wasn’t going to give up my five-course Mother’s day lunch and have a soup instead so that wasn’t going to happen. So there you have it I am going to see you on Monday with the first day’s experience as a prolon and you can subscribe below to get the update. I’ll see you next week and if you have any questions don’t forget to post them. Have a great Mother’s day all of you. I will see you soon, stay smiling.



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