ProLon Diet by Dr. Valter Longo: Day #4 Review with Reena Jadhav

August 16, 2018by Reena1

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Check out how I made it through Day 4! Strategies, tips, issues and more. The Prolon diet is scientifically proven so its worth the temporary cravings and hunger pangs.  #HealthBootcamps


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[00:01] REENA JADHAV: Hey everyone it’s day 4 of the prolon diet for me and I got my chocolate crisp back so I’m super excited I got to have a little bit of a sweet treat of chocolates today but in terms of how I’m doing I continue to have my headache, extremely low on the energy scale. Definitely not working out or even doing a lot of the work that I typically do. Taking it a lot easier, quite sleepy most of the time and I’m assuming that that’s probably a lot of the withdrawals that are happening as well as my body gets used to almost no sugar diet so today I had sort of that in the morning the tea with the L one bar and I actually had bunch of teas this morning with the L one bar and me kind of kept drinking until I got to my lunch time which was around noon kind of early. And I have the vegetable soup which I liked as of the tomato soup so today was vegetable soup with olives which I would say are the best olives I’ve ever had and it could be that it’s day 4 and everything’s just tasting so much better. When I remember, eating the olives and thinking God these are the best olives I have ever had in my life and I should know I grew up in Muscat Oman and we had some really good olives there. And then for dinner, there was more tea and more olives and I liked my kinuwa mixed soup today as well as the chocolate crisp and then, of course, I did something interesting. I bought a Pellegrino based on the interview that I did with Dr. Jack Wilson where he talked about how he loves Pellegrino and me mixed the L drink in the Pellegrino and it actually tasted divine again it could be that I’m so hungry that anything I’d eat my body thinks it’s the best thing ever consumed. But that Pellegrino L drink that was really good. I again I kind of nibbled all day, I didn’t break it into three specific meals I started eating pretty much as soon as I woke up which is a little later than usual around 9 am actually because every time I wake up I would have this splitting headache. And I just kind of close my eyes and meditate a little bit more and so I physically got out of bed around 9 and then sort of ate all day as I did get some work done, did get some writing done and then, of course, closed the day really early. I’m going to go to bed now which is about 9pm-9: 30 pm and my coping mechanism today was very simple reminding myself why I’m doing this, I think the purpose is clear. It’s easier to get through. The hunger pains, the withdrawals, the tiredness and because really what’s preventing me from going to the pantry and to shoving chocolates and nuts in me it’s just that decision that this is fighting off all the things that might be growing inside from the cardiovascular disease to aging, to cancer cells etcetera. So that one decision of the fact that they’re just one more day left it’s easy when you know there is an end date and about a whole long longing to when I’m going to break my fast with. You will have to tune in today to find out what was the first thing that I have on my as day 6. So just one more day to go. As I was reading the book as I mentioned I continued to read the longevity diet as part of this program. So I have had a lot of questions that have come in. One of the questions that came in it so you’re sharing kind of your daily perspective of what exactly is it in terms of a macro view of the diet of the program. So I kind of shared that with you so the way the program is divided is day 1 is divided 1100 calories, day 2-5 its 800 calories and I will give you a breakdown of that. By the way, they do put in day 6 they call it the transition diet and there are recommendations in terms of what they want you to have on day 6 as you transition back into whatever suits your boat into whatever you enjoy. So day 1 the 1100 calories are broken down into 500 calories from compressed carbs and that’s I guess where the vegetable soups come in and the soups have the tomatoes and the carrots etcetera. And then 500 calories from some healthy fats which is the nuts and the olives oils I guess where the olive oil comes as well as the oats and then there is one multivitamin in mineral supplements which is NR1 which I mentioned to you. The omega 3, omega 6 supplements and sugarless tea which they want you to drink about 4 cups a day it’s probably what I’ve been doing and 25 grams of plant-based protein which is mainly from nuts and of course illuminated water. So that was day 1 and then day 2-5 you come down to 400 calories from the complex carbs, 400 calories from the healthy nuts, still the multivitamin, the omega 6 supplements, sugarless tea. So that’s sort of how it breaks down. For those who might want to try this diet on their own without having to initially invest in the box, I have a feeling that you could just take the concept of about 1100 calories day 1, 800 calories day 2-5 split evenly between the complex carbs and the fats and see how you do well on that before you try out the official program and they also do recommend that you can typically do it as 3 meals or 2 meals and a snack. And day 6 in terms of the transition diet they do recommend that you continue to sort of a complex carb vegetable based meal plan and minimize the consumption of fish, meat, saturated fat, pastries, cheeses and milk etcetera. We’ll see how well I do on day 6 on that. So here is what Dr. Longo recommends for a longevity diet. So the first one eats mostly a vegan plus a little fish that’s sort of a pescatarian diet, limiting fish with fish dew 2-3 times per week maximum and of course choose fish crustaceans, mollusks with the high omega 3, and omega 6 B12 content. So that’s, of course, your salmon, chivvies, sardines, trout etcetera so you are definitely not taking fish that have the high level of mercury like shark or tuna for example. So then the second recommendation is around protein, so if you are below the age of 65, they want you to actually have to contain your protein intake unlike what we have been hearing in the media, which is, you need protein drinks and protein bars and protein shakes. Throw in the protein when you go to jam jives you really don’t need that many proteins and I have been saying that for a while I’m so glad to see Dr. Valter Longo say that as well that really if you are about 150 pounds you just need to take 60-70 grams of protein per day and in fact above the ages of 65 the intake it’s slightly more than that. And in fact he also talks about the fact that I think about 20-22 pounds and the way you get your proteins is you consume beans and chick beans and green peas and other legumes as your vegetarian source of protein instead of just automatically thinking that the only way to get your protein is from your chicken and fish etcetera. The 3rd core point around the longevity diet is around the good fats so you minimize your saturated fats from animal and vegetable sauces so think maybe cheese, sugar and you maximize your good fats of course and that would be eating your whole vegetables like the broccoli and the legumes with generous amounts of olive oil. So we are getting olive oil everywhere whenever you talk about the Mediterranean diet or the blue zones it’s olive oil and again here 3 tablespoons per day and nuts which is about 1 ounce per day. I didn’t get that memo I might be doing about half a pound of nuts a day I might have to reconsider that but we do a lot of olive oil. And then, of course, the next is follow a diet with vitamin and mineral content that’s complete or take a multivitamin every 3 days so it’s not a daily multivitamin intake recommendation. It’s sort of try to get your nutrients directly from foods and nuts if not switch once every 3 days or so try to get a multivitamin that’s from food sources. I love this recommendation which says select ingredients that really your ancestors would have eaten and if you have watched any of our interviews I talk a lot about that. Go back to how your great-grandparents ate. There is something that we bring in our DNA in terms of what we digest and absorb and similarly we eat and it’s based on what our ancestors ate. And the way I healed was to actually go do that. I really went back to sort of taking all the stuff that my ancestors had eaten and really focused on that as my core meal every single day. Try doing that and see how you feel and finally he talks of Dr. Valter Longo talks a lot about the abdominal circumference in deciding sort of how many times a day you eat and his recommendation, of course, is to have 2-3 meals per day. And really if you are overweight then there’s a whole different set of recommendation but if you are sort of normal weight then you have your 3 meals a day and 1 low sugar snack. So those are kind of the recommendations there is also something about confining you’re eating within a 12 hour period. So start 8 AM then end by 8 PM. Don’t eat anything between 3-4 hours before you sleep that’s very aryuvedic principle as well right so you have a cleansed gut, digestive system before you go to bed and your body can get to the next phase of cleaning itself. And then until the age of 65 and 70 depending on the weight and frailty, do 5 days of fasting mimicking diet which is a prolon diet that I am testing out every 1-6 months based on your goals. So doing a fast in fact if you look at old religions if you look at religions, in general, you will see that fasting was a pretty important part of diet so we’ve had fasting in Hinduism, of course, Ramadan is on right now. Fasting seems to be something again that our ancestors did as part of their lifestyle and it’s something that we might have gone too far away from and so Dr. Valter Longo reminds us that if we bring fasting back into your life if not for religion do it for health. And that’s it so those are the core secrets of a longevity diet and this is day 4 I’m going to bed. You guys have a great night. I will see you tomorrow my last day. Day 5 stay smiling. I’ll see you then.


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