My review of Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D. Cancer Center For Healing & Center For New Medicine Clinic

April 1, 2018by Reena2

By Reena A Jadhav

My spirit was still in Africa, dreaming of the dancing twin dolphins, Krueger’s Bambi eyed giraffes and the curious little baby elephant that sniffed me with his trunk, as I boarded the flight to Santa Ana to investigate Dr. Connealy’s Center for New Medicine.

I had interviewed Dr. Connealy (Dr. C) on my podcast LiveLonger for her new book The Cancer Revolution to share critical insights into preventing and treating cancer with my tribe. Her center sounded futuristic with its high tech lab, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy rooms and cutting-edge cancer screening machines alongside zen massage, acupuncture therapist and spa areas. I wanted to personally experience the fusion of two worlds- conventional and alternative, all under the same roof and run by MDs. Perhaps my envisioned “doctor of tomorrow” was already here.

So, here I was, catching an early morning flight, on an empty stomach (for testing), to spend the entire day with her team of cancer and chronic illness fighters! Santa Ana airport looked quaint compared to the city like the feel of the behemoth Johannesburg airport I had flown from a few days ago. I Uber’d to the center at half the price of a taxi, marveling yet again at how an entire industry of cab drivers just got disrupted as they watched their obliteration in slow motion from the taxi stand.

Just like we watch our chronic illness take hold and get worst by the year, helpless, powerless to fight back for no reason other than we don’t know what to do and conventional medicine is great at acute but not chronic disease cures.

We all deeply wish for a savior, a magic wand, a fountain of healing to rid ourselves of Cancer, Diabetes, Crohn’s, allergies, fatigue, anxiety, weight gain and hundreds of chronic illnesses that now one in two of us are suffering from.


Could The Center For New Medicine Be One Of Those Saviors?Kick Off And Blood Tests

Could it be the start of a movement towards healing for all? So I booked my flight to experience the promise.

My day as a patient started at 10:45 am with Kitty the assistant to Dr. C as she gave me my personal agenda for the day and whisked me to Dr. Judd’s office, reminding me we had no time to waste taking pictures. As we swept past the entrance of the center it reminded me of an Italian villa with heartwarming landscape tapestries flung behind elegant sofas and mahogany chairs. None of those whitewashed walls and cold steel fixtures to scare the living daylights out of you. Various patients sat comfortably in a circle with a large floral piece in the middle, as if at a brunch.

At 11 am I was weighed, temperature checked, blood pressure verified by a smiling nurse who brought me warm water and empathized with me at my grumbling tummy from hunger pangs.


Dr. Judd then walked in with an even wider sun-kissed smile and blonde windswept hair to review and order all the tests for the day. But she noticed my foot in a caste, politely inquired about it and we ended up in a long animated conversation about our experiences from Africa to serendipity and synchronicity. Kitty came in shortly after to take me to the lab, two doors down, for the fasting test called Nutrival. For my blood test at 11:25 am I was ushered into a yellow sunny room with an Iranian who lucked out with the American visa lottery and moved her little child and herself to the US. A nurse in her home country, she was thrilled to be working as a lab tech with Dr. C and took 8 vials of my blood quite painlessly. Yet I felt a bit dizzy, I never did like seeing so much blood.


Kitty, with her intuition working overtime, brought me two glasses of refreshing blueberry vanilla smoothie which she had personally made for me using almond milk, vanilla protein powder, and blueberries- simply delicious! Finally, with my eyes back in the front of my face and my feet touching the ground, we headed over to the Hyperbaric Oxygentherapy room.


The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Experience

At 11:40 am we hurried over to the Hyperbaric oxygen therapy room with this provocative sign outside the door.  That is a good question, isn’t it? We assume our body will forgive and forget all the torture we put it through- sleep deprivation, nutrient deprivation, toxic overload, emotional stress. I had this sudden insight- if we start treating our body the way we treat the most important thing in our life, we could live to a ripe old age without chronic illness. I know my personal health crisis, twice within a decade, were triggered by my terrible personal care habits- late nights, poor nutrition and a stress roller coaster. I have recovered completely without prescription pills by simply making “myself” a priority.

The Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber room with its mood lighting, a team in lab coats and capsule-like machines, right out of Passengers the movie, was definitely intimidating. Some of the complex new age looking capsules were occupied with blue-gowned sleeping patients. I was given a quick rundown of the process and procedure by Dr. Jolly. I would be in the chamber for 60 minutes, I could choose to lie down or sit up, I had a choice of a movie to watch and my clothes had to be 50% cotton otherwise I would need to change into a cotton hospital gown. I opted for lying down and watching Overboard (apparently laughing is very good for rejuvenation so this move could only help).  As I got into the chamber I was informed that I would feel pressure in my ears, some popping sounds as the chamber was pressurized to accelerate oxygen intake.  I would experience the exact same sensations when the chamber was depressurized at the end. I got in, got comfortable and felt a strong tug at the base of my neck and ears followed by the popping sounds. I had to keep swallowing to clear my ears, sort of annoying. Eventually, it stopped and I settled into laughing at Kurt and Goldie.

The benefits of the Hyperbaric oxygen therapy are numerous and scientifically backed including accelerated healing, fighting off infections, relieving pain and treating chronic degenerative conditions. What I would personally experience is intense hunger pangs for the next two days, which I personally ascribe to my HOT experience!


Brainstorming with chicken and vegetables

An hour of super oxygenation later I joined Dr. C and her team of experts at 1 pmfor a nutritious lunch and discussion about our shared vision for a World without chronic illness. From challenges of insurance not covering holistic treatments to the critical importance of educating everyone about the simple formula for reversing and preventing chronic illness. We also brainstormed collaborating on creating the first HealCircle community for Cancer patients!


The Cancer Profile and Organ Strength Test

After lunch Kitty walked me to Dr. Molly’s office to get my Cancer Profile Testdone. As it takes about 8 to 10 years for cancer to develop and is easier to treat when caught early, this is an extremely promising test for someone like me who had stage 1 colon cancer at age 35 years. To do this test I held a slightly wet copper conductor in one hand while Molly tested the meridian points of various organs with a cool pen like device on the other hand. The results displayed live on a screen as a range that was healthy, a range that was chronic and a range that was acute. In my case it caught the chronic weakness of my colon and related organs! I was thrilled to see though that my liver is strong again with all the love and supplements I have been giving it for over a year!

Molly then did the test to find circulating cancer cells and 20 minutes later, the joyful conclusion that there were none!

I took a deep breath, said a little prayer of gratitude, and swore to try and eat less sugar!

She then tested for various herbs in bottles to see which of them could bring my various chronically weak organs back to life and gave me various recommendations. The biggest reveal-I have parasites!

Interesting, as my long illness began right after my Cabo food poisoning, and while conventional testing didn’t find any parasites, various functional doctors kept advising me to go on a parasite cleanse.

Here we are, almost two years later and she’s advising me to go on a parasite cleanse.

Fine, Universe, I will go on that darn cleanse.

So, the best anti-parasitic is a garlic enema to be done ideally around full moon when those critters are most active. I get my sheet of various recommendations including how to do a garlic enema and head over for another intriguing test!

Check out another patient Case Study from Dr. C here >>


Nutrition Evaluation, Coaching, and Chakra testing

At around 4 pm I headed over for my nutrition evaluation with Lilliana who tested me for nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, supplements assessment and a digital chakra reading! Her device is similar to that of Molly’s except I put my entire palm on the machine as it reads my various vitals and gives a digital read on the computer.

Apparently, I still have a long list of deficiencies so my digestion is not as strong yet and clearly not assimilating all those nutrients and supplements. “We are not what we eat but what we digest” and here’s proof positive of that old saying.

Then comes the reading of my chakra weaknesses and right on top is Root chakra. So we spend a fair amount of time talking about what my security and grounding issues might be and pretty soon I am delving into all sorts of deep-seated secrets I had no plan of divulging.

Apparently, I still have a lot to do with respect to being in full acceptance and alignment of “what is and what will be.” I think to myself, “my 18-year-old is going to college, I think my chakra will sort itself out by Thanksgiving once she’s settled and I have dealt with the new reality of not seeing my first born daily.”

Lilliana is fabulous in her creation of an entire meal profile and plans for me including what percentage carbs, fats, and proteins I should be consuming at each meal as well as what types of foods I should be emphasizing. Unfortunately, sugar is not on that list.


Dinner with Dr. C and “defender of health” chat

My review of Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D. Cancer Center For Healing & Center For New Medicine ClinicBut there is Kitty, with her super efficiency, ushering me off to meet with Dr. C for dinner.

We head over to Dr. C’s club for a delicious Halibut dinner and catch up on the life experiences that have brought us to this dinner on this beautiful evening in Irvine. Dr. C has an unbelievable story of health calamity, bravery, inner strength; and her fearlessness and love for her family comes through clearly. Her deep personal commitment to her cause has taken her through fighting an entrenched system, unlearning everything taught in medical school and risking everything in the name of that cause. Her cause and my cause are aligned: ridding the world of chronic illness through education, community and integrative healing.

She is a “Defender of Health” as I call this new doctor of tomorrow. She wants you to heal completely and knows the disease is never cured with a prescription pill. She is brutally direct and unapologetically passionate about her message for health and wellness.


I hope you will listen to it. It will help you get your health back! 

Please share this article with anyone looking to beat cancer or other chronic illness and you’ll earn major karma points.



Beat Cancer Bootcamp


  • Debbie R

    August 1, 2018 at 11:53 am

    Thank you for sharing your experience at Dr C’s. I’ve read her book and would like to be evaluated. I had stage 2 breast cancer & went through chemo but decided against the oral chemo drug. I’m 3 years out but don’t know a good integrative(?) practitioner. May I ask how much your day cost? Thank you!


    • Reena

      August 1, 2018 at 2:49 pm

      Thank you Debbie, yes Dr. C is THE integrative doctor for beating cancer and her Beat Cancer Bootcamp is invaluable with all the recorded live calls, videos and more. May I suggest you contact them for a personalized health quote for the specific tests you would need as I did a lot more just to experience all the technologies and tests. I know a combination of tests can run a few thousand dollars but it’s a small price to pay as prevention is the best cure. It’s a lot cheaper still to pay upfront for prevention than it is to pay for treatments. I also suggest for $97 her Beat Cancer Bootcamp is just $1 per day and it will answer questions around what testing to get done etc. You can always email us at for additional questions, we are here to help you!


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