Cancer Patient Testing Case Study

March 28, 2018by Reena1

“We would like to take the time to dedicate this article to our brave patients that
fight cancer with their strong-will, positive attitude, and endless determination
each and every day”. – 
Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy


50-year old woman had colonoscopy 1/17. Results showed a 5 mm lesion in the anal canal that was suspected to be a wart. Primary physician suspected cancer, and referred patient to a specialty oncologist. Surgery was was performed 2/17 to remove the lesion which was subsequently biopsied and determined to be a benign-fibro epithelial polyp.


Dr. Connealy was consulted; to ensure that the cyst was not carcinogenic,she ordered a comprehensive cancer assessment protocol that included standard blood work, as well as the Oncoblot test, R.G.G.C. and theCancer Cascade.

The Oncoblot test is used to identify early signs of cancer, where the cancer is present, and accurately identify if a cancer lesion has malignant properties. Oncoblot serves as a great confirmation assessment for various other cancer detection tests (i.e. thermogram, mammogram,ultrasound, MRI, etc.). This test can determine the presence of cancer cells by detecting a protein called ENOX2 –which resides only on the surface of malignant cancer cells. Malignant cancer cells shed ENOX2 proteins and, as a result, high concentrations of the protein can be found in a patient’s bloodstream.

R.G.C.C. Test – conducted by the world-reknown laboratory of the same name in Greece, this test counts the number of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) or Circulating Stem Cells (CSCs) a patient has in his/her bloodstream.

Cancer Cascade: (EDS Bio Survey) is a form of energetic testing that determines which natural supplements will positively impact the individual’s immune system (with no risk to the patient), and decreases the chances of maintaining a favorable environment for cancer growth. The Cancer Cascade is also used to identify “The Cascade Timeline” which shows the possible timeline of cancer for the patient. Specific imbalances in the body coincide to a time in which the imbalance could have been induced in the individual’s lifetime. Cancer has a 12 year progressive timeline and tumor formation occurs at about year 7 (on average).

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Oncoblot: In this case, Oncoblot showed patient susceptibility to colorectal cancer due to the presence of malignant cancer cells in the patient’s bloodstream. This confirmed the original misdiagnosis of the benign-fibre epithelial polyp.

R.G.C.C.: The results indicated that this patient had a CTC count of 5.8 cells/ml. For standard measure, most late stage cancer patients (stage III or stage IV) at CFNM have CTC counts ranging from 5.0-cells/ml to about 10-cells/ml, or rarely even as high as 15.0-cells/ml. These results again showed a misdiagnosis of a benign-fibre epithelial cysts.

Cancer Cascade: Results indicated a positive reading in the patient’s intestines (201), colon (201), as well as, breast (401), ovaries (401), and uterus (401). The numbers associated with each area correlate with the Natura line supplement that is associated with targeting and re-balancing a specific area of the body.


Research shows that tumors that take hold in the body can double in size every 90 days to 4 years. Eventually, cancer cells start taking essential nutrients from surrounding healthy cells, inducing apoptosis in those cells while promoting growth in cancerous ones.

Accurate and early diagnosis is critical for helping patients obtain theproper care needed to treat and prevent tumor formation and malignancy. itis absolutely imperative that the patient is diagnosed and treated within thefirst 7 years.


The purpose of this case study was to demonstrate the additional testing methodologies that are available to diagnose patients who show no other symptoms of cancer susceptibility. In this case, the patient was misdiagnosed using standard testing techniques (such as MRI, ultrasound,and biopsy). However, results from Oncoblot, Cancer Cascade, and R.G.C.C. indicated the presence of malignant cancer cells in the bloodstream, elevated CTC count, and positive readings/imbalances on the Cancer Timeline.

This patient has been receiving persistent continuous treatment at the Center For New Medicine and has been receiving treatments such as,R.G.C.C. SOT (Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique), IV vitamin C, and infrared sauna.



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