Fast Food Genocide with Dr. Joel Fuhrman

March 11, 2018by Reena0


Did you know that eating fast food regularly has 7 times higher risk of stroke before 45 years?  Dr. Joel Fuhrman, an Ivy League-educated MD and an international speaker on nutrition has an important new book out Fast Food genocide which highlights how we are slowly killing ourselves and our children. He does a great job of revealing how unhealthy food is also marginalizing our most vulnerable populations. It causes diseases like heart attacks, strokes, cancer, obesity and more. He offers an inspiring message of natural healing. That we have the power to change our health and that its very easy to implement: just change what you put in your mouth!



Here are key questions he answers and highlights from his answers:


1. What is fast food? (03:11)

– All processed foods

– Food with flour, sugar, and oil like candy, soda, donuts, cookies

– Food that can be consumed fast

– These foods contain calories that are dense and are absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream which signals brain stimulation that is addicting

– These food contain synthetic ingredients and chemicals which make them further damage to the body

– They don’t contain a significant amount of micronutrients

– Most processed food and junk food lowers intelligence

– The major source of calories the Americans consume right now are in the category of fast food

– It also damages our genes resulting in children with lower intelligence, to immune conditions, autism, violence, obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

Facts that most people don’t know about:

– The consumption of donuts, cupcakes, and candies as early age 10 years shows a greater relationship with adult crime and illegal drug use than any other parameter including lack of parenting or poverty.

– Majority of the people in federal prisons are there for nonviolent drug-related offenses.

– We flood our criminal system with people who are using drugs and this starts with the addiction to sugar and other fast food and processed foods which destroys brain cells and gives an abnormal brain that seeks stimulation later on in life.

– These foods increase violence, aggression, lack of concentration and inability to make logical decisions.

2. Who did you write Fast Food Genocide for? (08:08)

– This is a book for everyone to read because people don’t know the implications of what they’re putting in their mouth.

– Studies show that people who eat fast food just 2 times a week, just 2 servings of white flour, sugar, oil, commercial baked goods a week doubles the risk of depression.

– We underestimate the effects of poor food and poor nutrition on mental illness

– This will allow us to make better decisions in the future, to work together on equality, wellness for all people and to solve health care for the people

– Eating just one helping of fries can change your health for the worst. There is no concept of moderation for fried foods just like there’s no eating heroin and cocaine in moderation.

3. How do you switch from a life of convenience? (15:39)

– Lots of frozen meals are junk food. But if you freeze fresh vegetables and fruits they still contain over 90% of their original nutrient content.

– The most important thing that’s proved to extend human life and extend healthy life expectancy is eating a diet rich in micronutrients.

– Micronutrients do not contain calories. These contain vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals antioxidants.  Many of these are destroyed by heat.

– The pesticide residue is not the major source of disease, but lack of nutrients.

– It is recommended to have a mild caloric restriction (not overeating calories)

– A high micronutrient environment includes over a pound need of vegetables/fruits a day

– What makes fast food dangerous is that it’s grilled, fried in high flame, and reheating oil increases rancidity.

Effects of fried food:

– These can create cancer cells and damage sperm and eggs. It causes defects in children.

– Fried foods are dangerous one serving of fast food french fries a week increases breast cancer of 26%

– Even low levels of fast food consumption align with cancer later on in life

4. What should a micronutrient rich diet look like? How much toxicity can a body handle through fast food? (22:00)

What constitutes a good diet: 

– A salad a day with some raw calciferous vegetables. The chewing mixes bacteria with the phytochemicals in your mouth.

– Nuts and seeds are a critical longevity cloning food and the best source of fat in the diet. They also prevent cancer and lifespan. The dressing itself can contain seeds and nuts in it. The fats from the nut and seeds facilitate the absorption of the anti-cancer compounds in the vegetables in the meal.

– 3-5 fresh fruits daily.

– Basically, your diet has to be vegetable based, not grain based.

5. Share with us your favorite recipes, especially for breakfast for kids. (30:42)

Banana ice cream:

– 2 frozen bananas

– 1 whole heaping teaspoon of ground vanilla bean powder

– macadamia nuts or walnuts

– a touch of almond or soy milk

Blend the ingredients.

Apple pie breakfast:

– Shredded apple

–  Raisins

– walnuts & flax seeds which have an anticancer effect

– oats

Cook for 5 mins. on stove


– Mangoes and pineapple with kale and other greens and flaxseeds

– You can also make the chocolate cake made with zucchini and carrots. Even, Bean brownies.

6. What’s a food desert? (37:37)

– There are areas in the country where you can only buy in convenience stores and fast food restaurants. People in these areas have 10x risk of heart attacks which is the leading cause of death in America. There is also more dementia, obesity, brain damage, more problems as well as poverty.

– Fast foods you’ve eaten in your childhood and teenage years damage your children.

7. What is the easiest change they can make to get going on this lifestyle redesign journey? (42:04)

– Eat a bowl of salad every day.

– Have something with beans every day.

– Don’t accept sickness!

– Don’t accept drugs for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes.

– Food can solve your headaches, get rid of asthma, can help resolve autoimmune conditions.

– Food is more effective than medications.

– Don’t think that you’re avenue for health is going to doctors and taking pills.  That’s for emergencies!

– Take charge of your own health. You can control your own health destiny for a longer and happier life.

– Food is the answer.

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