The 6 Biohacks I Do Daily for Sleep, Cravings, Weight, Workout, Nutrition & Joy

August 27, 2018by Reena2

By Reena A Jadhav

I am almost 47 years old, which means ‘100% health” has become an elusive dream that I am constantly chasing.


Because I love sugar.

And I love to stay up late at night.

And because who enjoys grinding on workout machines in smelly gyms anyway.

Oh, did I mention I thrive on snacking on sugary snacks late at night while browsing workout videos for tomorrow?

So, I’ve had to think long and hard about creating a lifestyle that lets me be a “good girl” each and every day despite wanting to be “bad” all the time. Here are proven hacks that work for me, try them out and share what works for you!

Biohack 1: Sugar-free go-to treats

Anyone who gives sermons on cutting down sugar clearly is not a sugar addict and should not be giving said sermons.

Ask me, I know all about cravings and crushes on deep dark chocolate, banana nut cakes, Tiramisus, biscotti dipped in tea, fluffy pastries with cherries on top.

So to lecture me on giving up sugar is to not understand the demon I fight daily. My cravings are already more manageable now that I have fixed my nutritional deficiencies, microbiome imbalances, and stress levels. But they are always simmering under the surface, tempting me to drive through a Starbucks or binge on that carrot cake my daughter brought home last night.

Here’s what I do instead:

  1. Vitamin Water Zero calorie with crushed ice or blended with ice
  2. Kite Hill almond yogurt with monk fruit or stevia and some cinnamon or cardamom
  3. Gluten-free homemade Banana cake 
  4. In an emergency- 5-HTP Enhanced with Vitamins B6 and C
  5. Satisfying Vegan Sugar-free Mocha

Biohack 2: Sleep by 10:30 pm

Some of us are night owls. It’s too bad that our body doesn’t care and insists on sticking to its own rhythm of healing and cleaning. Which means we really all need to be asleep by 10:30 pm regardless of the siren call of the moon.

Prior to these hacks, I would get wide awake around 11 pm and doze off around 3 am. Now, I am out in a blink if I follow these:

  1. No chocolate, sugar or caffeine after 3 pm
  2. Magnesium at 10 pm
  3. Dinner ends at 7 pm
  4. Deep breathing: breath in slowly to a count of 10 then pause for 5 and breathe out slowly to a count of 15 to 20 and pause for 8. Do this till you fall asleep … in about 10 minutes!
  5. Optional- I hear from friends that a couple of sprays of CBD under the tongue will do the trick

Biohack 3:  Workout for health

I have friends who thrive in the gym. I even have a mother who looks forward to her “daily outing” to 24-hour fitness where she swims, lifts weights and more. But if you don’t have time or inclination, here are some very easy hacks to get the same benefits:

  1. Start your day with Zach Bush’s 4-minute workout
  2. Download the free HIIT app and do scientifically proven 7-minute workouts 3 times a day
  3. Stand don’t sit at work
  4. Walk everywhere, take the stairs, park far away and read other ideas here

Biohack 4: Weight management

Once you hit 40 years of age various body parts seem to start growing! I thought aging was degeneration, who knew it also could be an expansion of the belly, butt, love handles, double chin, thighs and more. So if you’re facing the constant battle of the bulge, worry no more. Wouldn’t it be great to stay the same weight as pre-marriage without constantly counting everything you put in your mouth? Here are some hacks that have worked surprisingly well for me over the last few years:

  1. Intermittent fasting for 16 hours
  2. Not eating after 7 pm but eating without counting until then
  3. Drinking sugar balance and detox teas weekly
  4. Adding fiber, fiber, fiber (acacia or psyllium husk are my favorites)
  5. Fixing my microbiome (this is my fav probiotic)

Biohack 5: Nutrients

We are meant to eat lots of nutritionally dense foods daily. Do you? I certainly don’t. I have really great days (when I come back loaded with farmer’s market produce and cook up deliciousness) but mostly not so good days (when I am trying to get the newsletter article written or a Health Bootcamp launched). But for me, nutrition cannot be a stepchild anymore. It gets the same priority as my firstborn with these hacks.

  1. A concoction of Spirulina, Moringa leaf powder, apple cider vinegar and fiber daily
  2. Mary Ruth’s liquid day and night multi-vitamins 3 times a week
  3. Organic Suja green juice or an Urban remedy juice daily
  4. Coconut water and young coconut meat 4 times a week (yes I buy and break coconuts and drink in nature’s multi-vitamin)
  5. Liquid IV for hydration 3 times a week or when I do hot yoga or sauna (you can take any electrolyte drink that’s clean)

Biohack 6: Joy

You can’t be truly healthy without joy. That’s a fact. Believe it. There’s so much science behind it. Now staying in a state of joy all the time in our crazy toxic world is a whole different article. In fact, various bestsellers have been written on it. I have personally interviewed so many great authors and attended meditation retreats that I have written about. Here are my proven hacks to get and stay in a state of joy:

  1. Daily 21-minute meditation (I do Shambhavi to get in a giddy state of drunken bliss)
  2. Daily 10 minutes of journaling (5 minutes Journal in the morning and right before bed)
  3. Daily activity from the Joy Calendar (its free when you sign up for our newsletter)
  4. Tulsi Rose tea (my favorite) or any calming herbal tea to bring a smile for no reason
  5. Walking in nature, soaking up the sun, barefoot in the grass, hugging an old tree, chasing after a butterfly or feeding a bluejay are all known to cause strange feelings of inexplicable joy, I suggest you try them!

So there you have it, these are my 6 biohacks that keep me healthy despite myself. Want to transform your life too then check out the BIOHACK FOR HEALTH Bootcamp with Dr. Comella below and join us on our daily live coaching calls. I’m looking forward to meeting you!



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