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Dr. Kristin Comella is proud to invite you to her exclusive online Biohacking Bootcamp to
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What is Biohacking?

Biohacks are scientifically proven ways for you to reach your health goals faster and easier. They work on a cellular level inside your body, often using the latest technology available.

We now offer you a chance to join an Exclusive 14-day online Biohacking Bootcamp for 97 days with Dr. Kristin Comella and Reena Jadhav.

6 Results Of The Biohacking Bootcamp

Wake Up Rejuvenated

Get better sleep by using biohacks to calm your nervous and hormonal systems. Especially effective if you’re stressed.

Reduce Brain Fog

Feeling spaced out and less than fully awake is Fixable. Let us help you lift the veil.

Reverse Your Aging

Aging is the result of accumulated damage. Part of that damage can be repaired, and the destructive processes can be kept in check.

Resist Diseases

When your body is in balance, diseases become rare. Bacteria stand little chance against an immune system in full force.

Optimal Bodyweight

Reaching your optimal body weight is easy when all hormones are balanced, and the cravings a faint memory.

Enhanced Sexual Life

Biology is all about sex. It’s no wonder then that biohacking leads directly to a better sexual life.

This bootcamp is designed to help you achieve tangible results.

About Dr. Kristin Comella

Your Virtual
Biohacking Coach

Dr. Comella is a world-renowned expert on regenerative medicine with a focus on biohacking. She was named number 1 on the Academy of Regenerative Practices list of Top 10 Stem Cell Innovators.

She has a PhD in Stem Cell Biology and an MS in Chemical Engineering.

Now she’s excited to help people on a greater scale – starting with this virtual Biohacking Bootcamp.

Biohacking Program

See what other people have to say about Dr. Kristin Comella and the Biohacking Bootcamp


So much information!

Dr. Comella is a wealth of knowledge. She has provided so much information to help me feel better in both body and mind. I am now able to focus more on work and life overall.

– Roly Cardentey

Very grateful for Kristin

I have known Kristin over the past five years. During my recovery from heart surgery, her advice and mentorship helped me get back to my life stronger than ever. Her knowledge and passion for her work are admirable. I can’t express enough my sincere gratitude. Kristin rocks!

– Lina Sanchez

Inspiring and educational

Kristin brings her wealth of scientific knowledge and passion for helping people to provide a holistic approach to health. Her exercise programs are designed to not only give clients a full body workout but to also inspire and educate people.

– Laurie Riley

No longer stressed!

Dr. Kristin Comella has helped me reduce body fat, inches and significant weight through her biohacking system! I’m no longer stressed with low self-esteem about my weight! I’m recommending this plan to everyone I know that needs results!

– Aileen Rosenfeld

Truly thankful for Dr. Kristin Comella

Health and fitness have become such an important priority in my life. But, we all need extra help, guidance, and training from an expert to move the dial. Dr. Kristin Comella is that expert! Dr. Kristin Comella is filled with a tremendous amount of knowledge, enthusiasm and valuable information. I cannot express how truly thankful I am for Dr. Kristin Comella, it is because of her that I am healthier mentally and physically and couldn’t be happier!

– Susie Friedman

Bootcamp Overview

The biohacking bootcamp starts when you’re ready.

Here’s Everything You Get:

Complete access to the Exclusive Biohacking Website for 97-days

14 Biohacks that will transform your health and the support you need to turn them into habits

14 Days of Email Content to provide you with the structure needed to succeed

3 Hours+ Private Group Calls With Kristin Comella – only available in this bootcamp

Lifetime Access to Private Peer Support Group on Facebook, where Reena and Kristin are also members

Daily Live Coaching Calls with Reena Jadhav, Bootcamp Director

Bonus #1 – Special Exercise Program designed by Dr. Kristin Comella

Bonus #2 – Shopping list and recipes for the best biohacking food

Bonus #3 – A Digital Health Journal To Track Your Progress

A No-Questions-Asked 5-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Biohacking Bootcamp Details

1. Exclusive Biohacking Website

Biohacking Program

Biohacking Program

2. Private Support Group

Join a private Facebook group with lifetime access for all biohacking bootcamp members. Here you can discuss the content of the course with peers and share your progress.

3. Live Coaching Calls

Every day between 12:00 and 01:00 PM PST you are invited to join a live video call with Reena Jadhav. She will answer any questions you may have and help move you to implement the biohacks. Exclusive Kick-off and Q&A call recordings available via 1 click access.

Biohacking Program

Biohacking Program

4. Day-by-Day Emails

Receive daily emails that provide you with everything you need to complete the bootcamp. Structure is essential when taking a virtual course and we will make sure you always know what the next step is.

3 Bonuses For Joining Now!

Bonus #1 – Dr. Kristin Comella’s Exercise Program

You also get a series of powerful exercises to wake you up, get your heart going and muscles moving. These have been selected so that you can join no matter your current fitness level.

Biohacking Program

Bonus #2 – Recipe Shopping List

You will be given several delicious, healthy and innovative recipes to inspire you to eat well – including shopping lists and meal plan summary for the entire program.

Biohacking Program

Bonus #3 – Health Journal

Track your progress in your beautiful Health Journal. Print it out, or stick it on a wall.

Focused daily writing is scientifically proven to help you meet your goals.

Biohacking Program

Biohack Your Way To Health

– A Personal Letter From Dr. Kristin Comella

I developed the 14-day Biohacking Bootcamp to help you implement the most powerful biohacks discovered over decades of research.

The biohacks involve nutritional food, smart exercises, mental shifts, technology and insights that guarantee true health and happiness.

I have dedicated my life and career to health and fitness and currently serve as the Chief Scientist of a regenerative medicine company. With advanced degrees in chemical engineering and stem cell biology, I have looked for ways to enhance the human system at the cellular level.

The most amazing machine that has ever been built is the body. A constant cascade of events including cell to cell interaction with growth factors and cytokines keep us running smoothly. Biohacking is a way to improve your health and biology with current technology to overcome daily toxic exposures.

Using current technological advances, you can bring your health and fitness to the next level and overcome challenges with weight loss, improve your fitness levels or enhance your everyday health.

Join the thousands who have already discovered the easier way to success whether you’re an extreme athlete or trying to overcome illness. I hope you enjoy this 14 day course as you Biohack your way to optimal health!

Click The Button Below And Try The Biohacking Bootcamp Risk-Free


Why Join Today? Three Reasons:

1. This is The Lowest Price This Bootcamp Will Ever Have

You get access to everything the biohacking world has to offer at a greatly reduced price. A one-on-one bootcamp with Dr. Kristin Comella costs several thousand dollars. This bootcamp contains value worth over $2297 between the live calls, the condensed information packages and the unlimited support.

…But we’re happy to offer this bootcamp at less than the cost of a coffee per day – $97 in total for 97 days access. That’s a dollar per day, spent to improve your health instead.

2. Our 5-Day, No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

Evaluate everything this bootcamp contains, including the live calls, and if it’s not up to your expectations just say the word and we will give you a fast and complete refund. We’re proud of this bootcamp and happy to offer you this iron-clad guarantee.

As you know, it’s impossible to judge a book by its cover – so don’t. Join the bootcamp and judge it from the inside out without risk.

3. Get Exclusive Access To Dr. Kristin Comella

Get at least 3 hours of group video calls together with Dr. Kristin Comella and ask her any questions about biohacking, her research, and how to best apply everything to your particular circumstances.

This will change in future bootcamps – to be replaced by recorded video and email conversations. You get phenomenal extra value by joining this early.

Get $2279 Of Value For $1 Per Day of Access

$97 For 97 days

What Happens After You Order


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Biohacking Program


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Biohacking Program


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Biohacking Program

Transform Your Health

– A Personal Letter From Reena Jadhav, Program Director of HealthBootcamps

I know what it’s like to be sick.

In the past decade I have gone through colon cancer, SIBO, a leaky gut, parasites and menopause. Staying healthy through all that is not easy – especially with all the misinformation being fed to us by sensationalist media and misquoted research reports.

So I created this online bootcamp together with Dr. Kristin Comella because she changed my approach to health. And now I want to help her change yours.

You too can walk the straightest road to health. It does not have to be expensive, hard or take a lot of time. Backed with the medical expertise of Dr. Comella, you can start on this path today.

I’m not in this for financial gain – this is about legacy and correcting what’s wrong in America today. That’s why the bootcamp is affordable, even though it contains a lot of value and even gives you access to Dr. Comella directly.

Hope to see you in the bootcamp,

Reena Jadhav

Program Director

Have Any Questions?

For a limited time, Reena Jadhav holds free daily video calls with anyone who wants to learn more and ask questions about the Bootcamp before signing up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that some people have asked before they signed up:

  • If I sign up, when does the 14 days begin?
  • How can I get my questions answered?
  • I am interested in transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. Will this 14 day bootcamp help me with that?
  • Why is it 14 days?
  • Why should I sign up now?
  • What if I don’t have time to do the bootcamp?
  • I’m not very technical. Can I do this?
  • How will I know what part of the bootcamp to do?
  • Is this Bootcamp hard to do? Will I be starving?
If I sign up, when does the 14 days begin?

You can start anytime! We will start sending you information but you have access for 97 days and can start your 14 days anytime convenient to you!

How can I get my questions answered?

We are here to help answer your questions! You can ask on the Live calls which are done via Zoom, you can send us an email, you can ask on Facebook or even give us a call. You can also listen to the recorded live calls and interviews done in the past.

I am interested in transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. Will this 14 day bootcamp help me with that?

ABSOLUTELY!!!! That is our biggest promise, our program will help you make the tough transition to a healthier lifestyle by providing structure, resources and support you need.

Why is it 14 days?

The bootcamp is designed to help you make new habits that will help you and break old ones. That takes at least two weeks to accomplish. By the end of the two weeks you should be using the new things naturally.

Why should I sign up now?

Because there is no tomorrow, only TODAY! Making your health a priority means starting NOW. So, take action now, start your journey to health today, even if it means just signing up. If the program is not right for you, you can get a refund in 3 days, so there’s no risk.

What if I don’t have time to do the bootcamp?

A lot of people think that before they get started. The good news is, the recipes are quick and easy and you have to eat anyway; the meditations are short and increase your focus for the day, and the exercises can be done in only ~15 minutes daily. Spending just these few minutes a day will change the way you feel.

I’m not very technical. Can I do this?

It’s very easy to do. If you can send an email you can do this bootcamp.

How will I know what part of the bootcamp to do?

You’ll get a daily email for the first two weeks that spells out exactly what to do. By the end of the two weeks you’ll know how to best spend the rest of your two months in the bootcamp.

Is this Bootcamp hard to do? Will I be starving?

No, you will be full and satisfied! We do not make you count calories or grains of rice. We give you more than enough choices of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and healing drinks. But we exclude all foods that cause allergies and weight gain.

Limited time $1/day offer!