A must for anyone touched by cancer

14 Day Breakthrough Programs to Stop Symptoms & Reverse Disease! Heal Your Gut, Lose Weight, Beat Heart Disease, Cancer, Menopause …

The reason I joined the Beat Cancer Bootcamp is twofold. First, I’m a 20-year ovarian cancer survivor and I’m always looking for ways to improve my health, while learning up-to-date prevention strategies. I am also a certified health coach, specializing in cancer recovery and prevention, so I was happy to find a program that could also benefit my clients.

The bootcamp was amazing! I loved getting the daily emails with a suggested menu plan, workout and meditation, so I could easily plan out my day. I especially loved the live calls with Dr. Connealy and Reena, where I was able to get my specific questions answered, as well as learn from the other participant’s questions. Dr. Connealy and Reena’s passion for getting the message of hope and healing out to the masses is truly inspiring!

Although I’ve been eating many of the foods Dr. Connealy recommends, I was finding myself eating the same foods each day. Now I have a library of delicious, healthy recipes from which to choose, which are aligned with keeping me cancer-free!

The price is so reasonable for everything you get in this program, and I highly recommend it to anyone who has been touched by cancer or just wants to prevent it!


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