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Do you want to maximize your brain function? Then this podcast is for you! Dr. David Jockers is a Maximized Living doctor, corrective care chiropractor, nutritionist, physiologist, and certified strength & conditioning specialist. With his medical research, he will be discussing ways on how to supercharge your mood, memory, and mindset and live your life at the highest level as discussed in his book, Super Charge Your Brain.


Key Questions answered and highlights:

1. What inspired you to write Super Charge Your Brain? (01:10)

– “I’ll learn whatever I have to learn to be the best version of myself”
– “This is what I’ve learned in the process and put it in Supercharge your brain”

2. What causes damage to the brain and major stressors that we should be cautious of? (02:07)

– The brain is really how we experience all of life.
– The difference between the living and the dead is the functioning of the brain.
– Blood sugar imbalances – Sugar going up and down. When there’s high blood sugar, there will be an inflammation in the brain. We go “hangry” when our blood sugar goes down.
– When we’re dependent on sugar, it makes it hard to maintain stability with our blood sugar.
– Get your blood sugar stable by creating an alternative fuel source by consuming good fat such as avocado, grass-fed butter, coconut oil/products, olive oil.
– Tap water has chlorine, which damages our gut, our microbiome in the body.

3. What do you think of Kombucha? Where do you come out on this despite all the debates on this?(8:09)

– Kombucha is fermented tea. Start very small, and find your tolerance point, because it introduces a new bacteria and microorganisms in your body that can have a negative impact.
– Suggested Drink: KeVita.

4. What causes the declination of memory and what have you found as a top remedy to get a memory boost? (13:10)

– Alzheimer’s Disease is called “Type 3 Diabetes”
– When sugar is elevated in the bloodstream, it binds to protein molecules or enzymes and it creates an advanced glycolytic enzyme. This is damaging to the brain tissues.
– The best strategy is to have an alternative fuel source which is called ketones. The elevated ketones in our bloodstream will help to get more balance in our sugar and prevents advanced glycolytic enzymes.
– Doing new movements or creating new stimuli with our different senses have a huge impact on our brain.

5. What do you think of GPC and what other supplements do you recommend? (26:42)

– The top three supplements to improve their brain are Vitamin D, Omega-3 acids, and Magnesium. Optimal levels of Vitamin D are between 16 nanograms/ml and 100 nanograms/ml.
– The best food source of magnesium is dark green leafy vegetables, sea salt, pumpkin seeds, rock chocolate, and coffee.

6. What is your brain-boosting recipe? (37:52)

– Coconut milk, avocado, and Bone Broth protein powder

7. Share with us one of your most advanced brain rejuvenation strategies. (50:17)

– Ketogenic Diet
– Intermittent Fasting
– Grounding, Get exposed to healthy Electromagnetic Frequencies

8. Share with us a story of Ryan Prewett, your patient, and his amazing brain recovery. (54:12)


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