Secrets to Stress & Anxiety free life with Mary Thompson

March 11, 2018by Reena0


Stress and anxiety are an epidemic affecting the majority of us today, from teens to seniors. Is this our new reality or are there secrets to living a life full of carefree joy? Mary Thomson reveals her insights into how you can be joyful at any stage and any age through simple lifestyle, herbs, and dietary changes. Don’t miss this episode if you stay up at night worrying!!


Key Questions answered and highlights:

1. What is stress according to you and Ayurveda? (1:41)

– It’s a state of mind. It’s an emotional and mental reaction to the circumstances of your life, which can be external circumstances or anything you create in your mind.

2. What do you believe creates this state of stress? (2:10)


  1. They have struggles dealing with the present moment because they’re not done dealing with the past.
  2. Too much imagining of the future.

3. How about reacting to current situations? (3:11)

– There are many factors that generate stress

– It comes down to what do I bring to the present moment?

4. What are the manifestations of stress? How does someone know they’re stressed? (5:27)

– There are short-term effects and if not handled, will become long-term effects of stress

Short term:

– Shallow breathing, not getting a full deep breath.

– Yawning is a sign you’re not breathing deeply

– When you’re sighing, it’s a sign you’re not exhaling very deeply

– Heart rate increases: Palpitation

– Digestion issues

– Sleep

5. Meditate and start your day.  Is that something you’d recommend? (12:47)

– Meditation is individualized.

– Finding the right technique is important to you.

– Doing meditation in the morning helps you come into the day calm and grounded.

6. Is it true that some people based on their doshas are more prone to stress and anxiety? What’s the relationship between doshas and stress? (14:50)

There are 3 basic energetic types of people:

  1. Vata – light, airy, active. They move, talk and think fast. Everything is speeded up.  They can access things quickly, but they tend to forget quickly as well.
  2. Pitta – They’re fiery people. They get things done. They’re driven.
  3. Kapha – Earthy and stable. Very predictable and methodical.

7. To what extent do you feel that our culture has popularized “stress” and that we need to become mindful of not using it in our daily life? (21:10)

– Other than popularizing “stress”, they’re normalizing it

– Even if we’re actively doing something we enjoy, we’re still gonna have a meltdown.

– There are too much stimulation and no downtime, which leads to a physical form of stress.

8. What do you recommend for teens who are stressed about grades, getting to college, teen pressure? What can parents do to help their teens? (28:09)

– For parents, break the cycle of thinking that “this isn’t the same kid I had a couple of years ago”

– They lash out at parents because they’re safe. They can’t challenge their peer group because they can get rejected. They know that their family will be there no matter what.

– What can parents do? Make sure your kids are getting whole, fresh, organic food

– Do something fun with your kids

9. What about herbs? (35:39)

– Stimulating herbs

– Good for Kapha: Basil, ginger, black pepper

– Where vata needs things that ground them, kapha needs things to get them moving

– Pitta needs to be cooled down

10. Stress from work: for someone in the middle of all the action in their life, what do you recommend? (40:50)

  1. Get clear where your stressors are in the day. Check in every hour. Get clarity at what times of day you feel more stressed.
  2. Ask yourself which of those stressors are in and out of your control.

– “What can I do to put money back into my energy bank?”



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