Postpartum depression: Root causes and healing with Ayurveda. An Interview with Cate Stillman

August 4, 2018by Reena0

Postpartum depression: Root causes and healing with Ayurveda. An Interview with Cate Stillman


Postpartum depression affects millions of women, including supermodel Chrissy Teigen who recently wrote an open letter about her debilitating experience with it. We interview Cate Stillman to better understand how women can prevent and heal from this so they can enjoy their new baby with pure joy and love!

Cate Stillman is an Entrepreneur Ayurvedic practitioner and certified yoga teacher with a worldwide vision for healthier communities and healthier ecosystems, Cate Stillman has grown Yogahealer steadily since 2001 into a vibrant worldwide online posse of yoga practitioners who want to upgrade their personal and community wellness.

  • Founder — 2001 – current. Yogahealer is a progressive global online Ayurveda resource with informative blog and podcast for yoga teachers worldwide. offers courses, books, and events in a practical yet progressive series for community health evolution.
  • Founder of 2013. Created a turn-key business coaching program for yoga teachers to earn a healthy income and accelerate the wellness trajectory of their students.
  • Living Ayurveda Course 2008 – Current, operator. The 9 months annual Living Ayurveda Course is a progressive live interactive and online course for yoga teachers and serious students worldwide. Averaging 100 graduates a year, Living Ayurveda is geared to giving yoga moms and yoga teachers Ayurvedic wellness wisdom with an intergenerational and living foods approach. Over half of the participants are yoga teachers. The course is online and teleconference.
  • Hosted joint venture collaboration with Dr. Claudia Welch (since 2012) see Healthier Hormones, and Desiree Rumbaugh (since 2012) see Eat Green Challenge.
  • — 2007- current, Operator Bi-Annual teleconference live courses offered after the Spring Equinox and Fall Equinox to guide yoga students through a living foods Ayurveda Cleanse. We use a Ning forum and Maestro Conference to communicate. The Spring Yogidetox has up to 2300 members worldwide and 20-50  yoga studios participating worldwide live via webinar and teleconferencing.
  • Business Mentor for Yoga Teachers + Healers – since 2010. 7-month online course with 1-1 support for yoga teachers to make a bigger impact and a bigger income is taught annually;
  • Founder/Teacher Created an online course and support resources for prenatal and postpartum mothers to incorporate Ayurvedic self-care, Anusara Yoga, and meditation. Launched Feb. 2011;
  • Author:  Children’s Books on Ayurveda Good Morning Yogis and Baby loves oil massage. Good Morning Yogis guides families through the Ayurvedic morning routine and is available at;
  • Yoghealer Real Life Show – Podcast started in 2012. The Show has over 300 000 downloads, and it downloaded about 1000 times every day. Listen to interviews with Yoga buffs, Ayurvedic vaidyas, deep wisdom teachers and anyone else who is interesting enough to be invited to the show.
  • Author: Body Thrive – Book published in 2015. Body Thrive applies the most essential teachings of Ayurveda into a modern life by decoding the teachings into habits. Available at Amazon.
  • Business coaches for reference: Naomi Dunford, Ittybiz, Dave Navarro, Ittybiz, Ali Brown of, James Roche of, Mark Silver of;
  • Note: She as indebted to my business teachers as to my yoga/enlightenment teachers on this path of living a free and full life based on dharma and bhakti.

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Postpartum depression: Root causes and healing with Ayurveda. An Interview with Cate Stillman

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Postpartum depression: Root causes and healing with Ayurveda. An Interview with Cate Stillman







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