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This is Step 3 of the article I wrote, 7 Step New Health Pyramid, which you can read on this Page >>

Did you know that our body re-generates every second of every minute of every day of every year?

That to regenerate correctly it needs the perfect blend of building blocks available to it, so to speak.

Which means we can be reborn healthier, stronger, and disease free just by delivering the right building blocks at the right time.

I had been trying to figure out how to reverse my 28 symptoms and had been looking for a formula.  Once I recognized that for my symptoms to reverse I had to be “reborn” healthier, I started looking for those essential nutrients or building blocks (superfoods) in an absorbable form to consume twice a day.

I decided to separate the concept of nutrients from meals. This way I could track my “nutrient” intake separately from my “who knows what I am going to absorb” meals. What I learned is that as long as I gave my body the core, easily absorbed, nutrients I could get away with questionable meals.

I also learned that nutrients are not vitamins in a pill, not always anyway. Our body prefers real food and absorbs nutrients far better if what we eat grew in soil or ate things grown in soil. Nutrients are dense foods in high quantities that help our bodies rebuild. Think Moringa, Chlorella, Spirulina, Iodine, Brewers yeast, Pea protein powder, collagen powder, Amla powder.

So for me to regenerate away my symptoms I had to figure out which nutrients to consume and in what form.

Once upon a time, long long ago, in a place very different from here, meals equaled nutrition. What we ate, when we ate and how we ate fed our body, mind, and soul.

We now live in a place full of chemicals, eating foods at odd hours, in wrong combinations and devoid of nutrition. But we know that our body can only rebuild if it has the right building blocks available to it. What’s available to our bodies is a function of what is absorbed. What is absorbed is a complex dynamic involving enzymes, stomach acids, and gut bacteria. Just because you ate kale doesn’t mean you absorbed it. Or worst what if your body doesn’t like kale at this moment in time?

Then kale for you is a poison, not a nutrient.

This one insight completely changed my perspective on health foods, diets, and generalized recommendations. The key to your and my health is in understanding our unique health print. Yes, you have a health print as unique as your thumbprint. 

The first step in truly knowing your health print is in keeping a health journal. 

The next step is in getting tested to find out your unique gut health microbiome or gut print.  There are many new tests to profile your gut microbiome and identify your personalized superfoods including Viome. I did the Viome test along with Genova, ALCAT and FIT gut test to create a single list of super nutrition to feed my body. However, it was keeping the Health Journal that really helped me narrow down the list of what truly powers me up!

I believe that every one of us has unique nutrient needs at any given point in our lives. But when we fall sick and become symptomatic, our nutrient needs grow exponentially and have to be managed more aggressively. This part of the pyramid is the easiest to strengthen as it doesn’t involve the hard work of CALM AND SLEEP. It’s just a matter of trying various nutrients and ensuring you are getting them daily. Then taking a break to gauge the effect of their absence.

This is my personal DAILY list that I consumed during my 15 months of healing. Please note this was my list of superfoods that my body needed due to extreme damage to my gut as well as suboptimal functioning of my kidneys, liver etc. I also took supplements like Zinc Carnosine and L-Glutamine but you have to find your superfoods based on your specific health needs.

# Sauerkraut, Beetkraut. Kimchi, Kite Hill Almond yogurt

# Moringa Leaf Powder

# Spirulina Powder

# Chlorella 

# Seaweed 

# Raw Sprouted Almond Butter

# Protein Powder (Pea Protein and Whey)

# Hemp seeds

# Sprouted Chia seeds

# Sesame seeds

# Organic Chicken Liver

# Gelatin or collagen or meat stock/broth 

# Spices b)lend of Turmeric, Cumin, Coriander, Star Anise pod, Cloves, Cinnamon, Saffron 0

Juice of cucumber, broccoli, arugula, romaine, and carrot

# Baked apples and Berries 

#Magnesium supplement

#B Vitamins and Iron (if you eat less or no animal products)

#Vitamin D

# Apple cider vinegar

# Vivonex (this drink literally saved my life when I was down to 90 pounds and at the bottom of my health)


# Baking soda with apple cider vinegar 

# Kombucha

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