Live Call #Caffeine Addiction and Remedies

July 7, 2018by Reena0

Listen in to a live call where a question is raised around how to wean off of caffeine and other health topics.


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[00:01] LAURA: Hey Reena so my question for you I’d like to get your guidance and maybe expertise on trying to get off caffeine addiction which I think I have and the reason for it being that caffeine, I like the taste of coffee but I am realized  when I have coffee I think I could do, I could push myself, run more, work out more, clean the house more or vacuum more and sleep less etcetera and I know that that’s not good for me and it’s causing I think inflammation in my body and however even though I would like to get off caffeine. I have been off of it caffeine for about two weeks now, I’ve had some severe migraines and I know that the literature also says that’s to be expected. So I am thinking is it all the caffeine that’s in my tissues or in my cells or somewhere in my body that’s accumulated that’s causing these migraines and how to deal with that and of course I also have a little bit of a sugar addiction. I don’t put sugar in the coffee but I was putting either honey or coconut sugar in it and now that I am off it I’ve been trying tea this morning just doesn’t seem the same for me honestly because I do love my coffee. But I don’t think that coffee loves me and so maybe there are some health benefits of coffee and I read those when I want to justify that I am having coffee but I honestly don’t think that coffee loves my body as much as I like it; because it gives me that false high then I go and start doing more and more things then I start tearing things down and causing inflammation in my body but giving it up is not easy. And a lot of times I have been really wanting to just say well I am just going to have coffee but I haven’t. It has been 2 weeks and I really miss it but I haven’t given in. So your thoughts on how you maybe got off of it yourself or how to do this without causing other problems because I did have 3 very severe migraines last week and I assumed that it was withdrawal.

[02:47] REENA JADHAV: Absolutely. Well you know the first thing about coffee that I will say is that people talk about the fact that it is no big deal. In fact, it is part of our culture like you look at a television show, you look at movies waking up with a cup of coffee as sort of the thing to do and it’s that warm cozy feeling like a blanket like in the morning. First thing I do I take my cup of coffee and that’s how I function so it has become such a part of our culture that we don’t even realize that it is a drug. There is really no two ways about it. To your point it wakes us up, it masks the reality in our body so to your point you feel like you can work more and work out more, do more vacuuming and sleepless but those are not good things. You want to be able to feel how your body is actually feeling like it needs to rest. You actually want to take a nap, you don’t want to be on caffeine and continue to work out when your body is saying what I actually need is to rest. So I feel that caffeine is one of those great examples of a food item that at a certain point in life is a drug that should just be taken out. And I am one of those examples of people where one of the first things that I was told to take out because I was anxious and jittery, not able to sleep at night was all caffeine and when I did that just now for your information I’ve been without caffeine now for over 2 years.

[04:26] LAURA: Oh my gosh!

[04:29] REENA JADHAV: I can tell you it is doable.

[04:31] LAURA: And life goes on.

[04:34] REENA JADHAV: You will survive. It is not deprivation the way we think of it I’ve found things to do. My favorite replacement is the dandy blend. It is a combination of the trickery root and dandelion which is so good for you and while it’s not coffee, it is absolutely to me now is a perfect replacement for coffee because of plain trickery root, heavy flavor. It looks the same when you put it in your cup of coffee. What I do is I actually take it with cinnamon so I will put a teaspoon of my dandy blend with a pinch of cinnamon till it’s more of a cinnamon- nutmeg and sometimes I will put nutmeg in there. So it gives me that same exact warm feeling but guesses what it’s cleaning up my liver because it has got dandelion in it. It is actually really good for me and there is no caffeine in it. I will put some almond milk in it with monk fruit powder, not the sugared white bleached stuff with aletrofolis the first ingredient, the true monk powder.

[05:43] LAURA: So can you get the monk fruit powder at whole foods or one of those places?

[05:49] REENA JADHAV: I buy it online just because I don’t have enough time to go grocery shopping as much as I used to anymore but I will bet whole foods carries it. So I would just check at whole foods but if you check on Amazon for sure they have some relatively inexpensive price because it is so high in sweet you just need a touch. I have the higher can and the little canister that I got it’s like 25 bucks and it’s probably going to last me a year because it is so sweet literally you just dub a little bit of it just the top and it’s just a powder. It is the monk fruit that’s powdered up so it’s nothing additives, not bleached, not crystallized; it has not been processed in any form. Devious is the another one but devious has a little bit of an aftertaste so.

[06:41] LAURA: Yeah devious does have an aftertaste.

[06:42] REENA JADHAV: So I kind of switched to that. When I go to Starbucks because unfortunately, you can’t change the life, you can’t change people, and they all want to meet up at Starbucks. So I used to not just say yes, I used to say nope because if I do I will have sort of have my mocha so what I decided to do is figure out a way to go to Starbucks and drink something. So I actually carry my dandelion blend with me in my little plastic baggy. When I go to Starbucks I ask them to give me a steamed vanilla and I just take out my spoon and put my teaspoon of dandy-blend with the cinnamon and nutmeg and I sit there and enjoy my version of mocha plus I can put on chocolate. While we are talking about caffeine, I will mention to you that has gone 2 years with no caffeine that means no green tea as well by the way green tea is bad for health, I realized that chocolate has so much caffeine in it.

[07:46] LAURA: Yeah I know and crust. No coffee and no chocolate, man! What’s that?

[08:00] REENA JADHAV: No it doesn’t because I have more energy I don’t need like I am not dependent. I don’t need my security blanket of caffeine first thing in the morning. With chocolate what I do Laura is I just eat it before 2 pm like I just make sure I don’t take it after because if I take it at 6-7 pm, I don’t sleep as deeply, I don’t sleep as quickly, I feel more wired. Between 2 and 10, because I typically get to bed between 10-10:30 at least I get into bed I may take another 20 minutes to knock out but I will make sure that I don’t take my chocolate after 2 pm. So in terms of migraines, which I think, is a really important point you mentioned. I was a complete mess I would say for almost 3 weeks so I would get these just biting headaches. My whole head would feel heavy like I was carrying 100 pounds on top of my head and several things did help but I will say to you the longer the addiction, the longer it takes to get off it.

[09:14] LAURA: Well I have been addicted to caffeine for a long time.

[09:21] REENA JADHAV: So you just want to the thing is you don’t want to ever bring it back because if you do it will kind of creep back again.

[09:27] LAURA: Yeah that’s why I thought well this isn’t just a 3 week program for me, this is going to be the way life is from now on and I just have to accept it and when I start to feel better start enjoying that but I wasn’t enjoying how I felt last week. And even my husband who means well said I think it’s worth it for you to just have caffeine have it and I am like no I have got do a little bit I have been reading and I think that I need to give it more time in my tissues or whatever. What I have realized is that I am still getting over the addiction because I didn’t want like in the morning I would just look so forward to that coffee in the morning just wanting that and then back in the day I would put cream and sugar and all that to make it even worse for your body. But to me that was like heaven I thought oh man, this is good so it’s a big step for me to give it up.

[10:42] REENA JADHAV: No it’s huge I used to do 5 cups of coffee just to give you a  respective life for it, 5 cups of coffee per day without batting an eye and I was very proud of my 5 cups a day I wore like a badge of honor. And when they all like they said the crap hit by then I had gone out of 3 Starbucks. I used to do 5 then came down to doing 3 grades and I had this whole concussion that my family would make fun of. I had switched out of dairy to the soy so I would do the soymilk with 2 pumps of this and half a pump of that and frosted up with a little bit of a cream and I would do that 3 times a day. I would do it at breakfast, with my lunch and right before I went home because I was so exhausted that if I didn’t do that I couldn’t function and I didn’t.

[11:37] LAURA: I know the feeling. In the afternoon, you start crushing.

[11:42] REENA JADHAV: Yeah what the body is telling you at that point when you are crushing is not I am short of coffee give me coffee right. That’s not what it is trying to tell you what your body is trying to tell you is that (a) possibly what you ate didn’t agree with you that’s why I am crushing because normally when you eat food you are meant to feel energized an hour later. You are meant to have fed yourself but if an hour later you are hunting for caffeine it means whatever you ate did not agree to the first rule of getting your health back is journaling how you feel after you have eaten and switching things around and seeing what makes you feel better and what makes you feel worse. So that was the first thing that I realized like oh if I take caffeine I am masking, it’s a bandeau, I don’t feel like think my body feels so if I don’t know how my body feels, how can I possibly get better? So this goes back to you get into the cycle which is this vicious cycle of I am tired so I take caffeine but I take caffeine so that I don’t sleep well so I wake up tired when I take caffeine. Do you see what I mean you have to get off and it’s not just coffee it really is all caffeine and its green tea? Green tea now makes me jittery.

[13:05] LAURA: Even decaf?

[13:07] REENA JADHAV: You know I have not tried decaf. I was just trying to bring green tea back into my life because green tea has such great benefits but it makes me jittery and I thought okay I will just find the same benefits in something else. Because what I have realized is I would rather keep my body calm at this stage of my life and know exactly how it is feeling so if it means to rest, I will go to 15 minutes naps because that’s what my body is actually saying to me. Like when it is tired it is saying, can you please shut your eyes and meditate or sleep for 15 minutes and we begin to misunderstand the concept of sleep. It does not just sleep at night, its rest. Sometimes your body is just saying give me some rest.

[13:55] LAURA: And I don’t sit that’s the problem with me I don’t sit all day. I mean I have been a teacher my life and I am retired now so I never sat and all the time I was in the classroom and so that carried all over at home. And now I am teaching just I have little camps and stuff. I have a home studio that I teach some kids and a couple of kids that our homeschool. So I have noticed the same pattern that I do not sit and even last night my son said you want to sit down and watch a show and I am like because I am always like doing stuff and it is not that I am hyper. I am not a hyperactive person that is not me. There is calmness about me but I noticed that since I don’t sit like you said then I don’t get brakes. So when I do go to bed I just sleep like a rock really because I have just been on the go the whole day. But I think that with me I was also doing not every day but I was doing caffeine on the way home from school or even at night that I thought that I can’t even cook dinner, my God, it’s 6 o’clock I can’t we don’t eat the same so I will be in the kitchen a long time. So then I would as I was cooking, I would prepare myself a cup of coffee at home or here at home. And then I would proceed to put half and half in it in sugar and then I thought oh now I have got the energy I can cook and do the dishes, put everything up, get lunches ready for the next day and blah… blah… blah vacuum. And then I would crush there was like it’s a very bad cycle so but I am interested in dealing with these headaches I’m like when are they going to go away.

[15:58] REENA JADHAV: So let’s talk about that. So a couple of things, first of all, I am not a doctor so these are experiences that I have had, these are things that I have had from the 50+ podcast interviews that I have done and mostly my own migraine. So when I switched into off of caffeine I had migraines and also when I sort of got into that menopause thing I had migraines. Between that and helping my friends and sort of everything I have seen this information is coming from there. First of all my beliefs about migraines is that each person’s migraines have different manifestation and a different trigger and so back to journaling right. Journal…journal…journal because you will see a pattern guaranteed and so you mentioned you have three migraines. I wish we could go back and do some journaling, and say what did the prior three days look like. With that said what I would say to you, urge you to start today. Start journaling as of today. So what does that mean? What does journaling even mean? For my heal journal dot com is the place where you can get the journal, of course, you have access to the free 30-day journal on the bootcamp just download and print or just your iPhone or whatever is easy for you. You want to write these are the critical things you want to journal. (1) What time did you wake up? What time did you sleep? Those are two very important things that you can write down and see if that has anything to do with the trigger. Next is your food intake so and you are not writing a lot, you are writing bullets because you are just trying to remind yourself it’s not for somebody else it’s for you. What did you eat and at what time because again you are trying to build is there a correlation between for example how meat you eat and the migraines. Or how much time gap you have between meals and the migraines like is there something going on there so that’s the first thing you want to keep track of is what time to eat just a quick bullet and what do you eat. And then the last of course but not the least is in terms of your stress levels. Was there anything else that was going around, did something trigger it, did you have a fruit, did you feel bad, and was there something new that came up? That’s it that’s all you need and of course meds and foods if there is any supplement you add it on your case you would have said hey I took caffeine out that could be the only cure or maybe that’s it. What would I say to you if it is a caffeine trigger then unfortunately sleep helps so with my severe deep awful headaches the acupressure helps a lot? If you have tried acupressure, you know what I am talking about just Google acupressure for a migraine and there are points on our palm where when you just press and keep it pressed or keep massaging you will feel the lightness, you will start to feel better. The second thing that helps me personally is breathing work so the moment my migraine starts to hit I would do breathe work and I talk about it in my article the new health journal article where you breathe out 50% longer than you breathe in and you pull at each of the 50%. So if you breathe into a count of six maybe you hold for a count of three and you breathe out to a count of maybe 10-12 and hold for a count of 4-8. So you are breathing in pausing, you are breathing out really long and you are pausing. You are breathing in, you are pausing, you are breathing out longer, and you are pausing. And within 5 minutes I kid you not for me, within 5 minutes I would start to feel back to not completely gone because these are withdrawal headaches so but they were 70% better.

[19:56] LAURA: Even while you were having a headache, you were doing the breathing or this is like gradually just started because of the breathing you gradually starting having fewer headaches.

[20:08] REENA JADHAV: That’s exactly it so I would start the moment I would feel a migraine coming on. I would start massaging and breathing so you can start massaging and you can hold the breathing then keep breathing until you feel your head will start getting lighter and lighter. The other thing is honey so just a dab of honey on your tongue don’t ask me what science behind this is but this is something that someone who does Ayurveda mentioned to me. I tried it worked. I have referred so many people and they all swear by it so.

[20:45] LAURA: Incredible I have heard honey is beneficial for many things but I didn’t know that it would help on my migraine I mean I was trying to do the acupressure and all that but at the end of the day I had to take migraine medicine last week and I wasn’t happy about it. I had to take it 3 times because I couldn’t stand the pain.

[21:05] REENA JADHAV: And that’s okay too. I mean honestly when you are going through withdrawal sometimes you just need support and then what I would say is I don’t know what a migraine you were using but just a tiny little baby aspirin could do it too. And I have done that I have had migraines where I have said if I wasn’t working today I could put up with it but I am working.

[21:30] LAURA: Yeah exactly, I am on Metasol is what was given to me but the reason that I was so disappointed last week was that I thought I have had a pretty good diet other than the coffee, I’ve had an excellent diet really. And then I thought boom I am doing this plant more vegan, more intense thing giving up the caffeine now with my husband and he loses 5 pounds, I gain 2 pounds and get 3 migraines something is wrong with this picture.

[22:01] REENA JADHAV: Just to clarify which program is this because it is not ours. Which program?

[22:05] LAURA: No, no, no, I was… I had gotten the Chris care program it’s called crazy sexy you and I had gotten there. I did it last year for the same reason to try getting off caffeine and have group support all that but I wasn’t successful with it because I went back to caffeine after the 3 weeks and then last year she does I guess every summer. So I thought well I gave her reduced grade for alumni and I did it and deep down I thought that I don’t need this but I think it is opening up the possibility that life for me would be better if I didn’t have caffeine. And that I do have a problem that goes back to probably childhood or teen that’s when I started drinking caffeine and that ultimately I can get rid of the addictions.

[23:05] REENA JADHAV: Absolutely you can, I’m here to tell you that if I could get rid of my caffeine addiction to the point where for 2 years and people have asked me hey when are you going to start caffeine, so it’s the same with alcohol. So after my crisis I started to slow everything back when I got better; I can say to you that at this point I have got better and brought everything back I mean last two days I have been having a lot of very naughty foods so everything has been added back, zero reactions, the only two things that I have not added back that I will not add back I don’t believe in is caffeine and alcohol. And I am pretty committed that I am not adding this back because of other reasons that I did not have them back is [unintelligible] and I want to talk about a couple of things that you did mention; so one you mentioned how you don’t [unintelligible] so in Ayurveda it’s called vatha imbalance- vatha is air and vatha is movement and whenever you are feeling that you are moving too much [unintelligible] it actually means you have a vatha imbalance of some sort; there is a lot of great tests you can take online just to figure it out you know whether it’s true or not. I am a vatha person and I know exactly what you are talking about, we tend to get more anxious you know we talk faster and we move more and we just feel…exactly and it is actually an imbalance and acidic things don’t help that so what you are going to if there is an ayurvedic practitioner you like or you can check out joyful belly, there are a couple free sites out there that you can say tell me how do I balance my vatha? And I will tell you how I have done to balance my vatha I do it every day because my vatha goes wshh… out of control. So I take sesames, I take tahini, I take a tablespoon of tahini every morning with breakfast so when I say breakfast I don’t eat till about 10, but I will do a tablespoon of tahini which is ground sesame.

[25:25] LAURA: You take tahini?

[25:26] REENA JADHAV: I take tahini; that is just one example of something you can take, you can take ghee, you can take just warmed up ghee, and I love coconut oil because that’s cooling.

[25:38] LAURA: The tahini you just…can you get it in the grocery store because they have special?

[25:43] REENA JADHAV: No not at all, trader joe’s have the best [unintelligible] and what I do I actually just use it as a dip; I basically have it with an avocado or I will simmer it on something like a [unintelligible] this is just all gluten-free loaves of bread I will just smear on gluten free bread it’s a homemade strawberry jam because strawberries are in season now and I have been buying a lot [unintelligible] and I will just have that as part of my breakfast because it is very grand and…

[26:18] LAURA: So do you have three meals a day or you just have that…

[26:24] REENA JADHAV: Two meals a day

[26:26] LAURA: My problem last week is that I was having three meals a day and I am used to two meals a day and I am not used to having much grains; I mostly have a lot of fruits and vegetables and beans, I do eat a lot of beans that are…but with the tahini you are saying that you have that you call brunch like 10 or 11in the morning you have your tahini and what else, your tea your dandy blend.

[27:03] REENA JADHAV: I eat for a whole hour, like I will eat when people get horrified about how much I eat because I will have that and then I will have maybe I will do some like rice lentil kitchari, or I got this new thing that I have been baking a lot this like vegetable stew thing that I have been making or I will make scrambled eggs; I’m not a vegan so I will eat soups as the big part for vatha again you need to have grounding soup so like root soup so butternut squash soup…

[27:32] LAURA: I did do the soup last week by the way, when you suggested that I do some stews and stuffs like that; I did some like  stews with chickpeas you know cauliflower soup sort like a masala  type thing and with coconut milk and it was really quite yummy and ginger I felt that was really warming and you know I was eating a lot of it so I don’t know, but I still have this migraines but I think it was more related to the caffeine since I was taking a lot. You know I will keep a journal.

[28:11] REENA: But the other thing you could do is…by the way migraines if you look at Ayurveda – Ayurveda believes that migraine are related to excess vatha in the head; so it could just be because you got frantic and vatha by the way gets blown out even when you get stressed. So because you knew you were not going to do caffeine, that could have create this extra stress like no caffeine and that itself could trigger a migraine; we don’t understand how simple thoughts like that can hurt us sometimes and I will urge you to make your thoughts instead of, oh no I can’t do this, I will switch that way of thinking and that’s part of all the curement at the bottom. I am so looking forward to my warming you know dandy blend, I will switch your mind to feeling safe and secure because your body just felt suddenly deprived like you going to deprive it and it went to this kind of freak mode like oh my god we are not going to have that; and our body is a child, mind is a child and it will exaggerate everything, so you want to reframe from I am not going to have caffeine so I’m so looking forward and you are looking you are faking it you are tricking your mind because it doesn’t know any better it really just is trusting you with the thoughts you feed it. So why not feed it the thought that I’m so excited this is so much tastier than coffee, this is so delicious, so warming I can’t wait to have it. And you know find a blend that makes you feel that way, for me the dandy blend did it, I put monk fruit in it, I put cinnamon, nutmeg, sometimes when I’m feeling really adventurous I will throw a whole bunch of cocoa powder in there like I said the days that I go okay its morning its fine I going to work out this cocoa powder out of my system by nine so that I can have peaceful sleep. Just change your mind state as well because we can give ourselves a migraine just by stressing about deprivation.

[30:19] LAURA: Yeah I noticed too migraines sometimes for me what happened and for other people because I have been reading up about it over the years and I noticed that a lot of people when they go on vacation get migraine, when they finally relax they get migraine and that has happened to me to but I’m going to do…I’m definitely going to order go to Amazon and I haven’t seen dandy plant at whole food stores so I will order it and try it and just you know, feel like I’m giving myself a wonderful treat and I love cinnamon and nutmeg and all that kind of stuff  but I kid you not I was pretty miserable last week.

[31:02] REENA JADHAV: I can’t blame you, you know here is the other thing you can do instead of going for turkey you could do…now you have already done it yeah, I wouldn’t suggest doing anything different but for anyone else who is listening to this, I would recommend taking the caffeine out but add chocolate in because chocolate doesn’t have caffeine in it so you are going 1% caffeine 2 maybe 80% caffeine in day one, 50% caffeine on day two, do you see what I mean like…so that you don’t end up with these miserable withdrawal migraines. But you have passed the hard stuff so if you want to add like you mentioned you like molten chocolate you know if you want to have that with your chocolate in the morning then that becomes in your mind like oooh…we get this dandy with a little chocolate in the morning; so you will be looking forward to it.

[31:57] LAURA: Well, I mean tell me more about the diet so you know two meals a day kind of works better it was recommended by Doctor Kahn I would say.

[32:13] REENA JADHAV: Yeah doctor Kahn you know the heart to health Bootcamp the one that you took and its…so I would do two big meals a day and this is not snacks this are substantial, nourishing balanced meals; so I’m never leaning towards one thing already I am always trying to get my thing as they say you know have your six servings including the omami the taste of your body satiated, nourished and I make sure that I’m having enough volume so that I’m not starving that’s why these two meals don’t work for people because they do not eat enough volume. The stomach is empty and now at 4 O’clock ravaging around for cookies. When you have two big meals you are satiated because you know, make sure you take enough fiber in each meal. And then I do my herbal teas which I just put up; I will do some kind of different tea every single day, I will go treat myself at each meal to something because I just know myself, I know I like treats I’m a chocolate [unintelligible] and I like my cakes and I like my cookies so…exactly so I just realized if I deprive myself it is not sustainable; so I got to figure out how this is a lifestyle right! My lifestyle, I am not a goddess who can live without anything, I am not one of those people who can eat perfectly healthy, I know who I am, so I know I can have a cookie or cake at every meal…

[33:57] LAURA: It’s a given and you have given yourself a permission so there is no…It’s non negotiable. That’s great, I love it.

[34:04] REENA JADHAV: Well what I have learned is it’s a lot of fun to make the healthiest cookies [unintelligible] cakes and puddings I am not a key fun as much as I am… well I am I like my warm bread pudding with that figured out for example so you know because I have finished my lunch today, I bought a purple sweet potato and I just first cooked the purple sweet potato and then I blended that with egg, so it was one kind of medium size potato, with two eggs, and it’s about half a cup of almond flour and half a cup of you know gluten free baking flour and I put some baking soda, baking powder, quarter tea spoon baking soda, quarter tea spoon baking powder, and in this one today I add my dandy blend because it has a caffeine like melt to it almost looks like a brownie so when I ate it today it bakes within 10 minutes but it tastes like a brownie because it is very dense, sweet potato, almond flour, no oil in this it’s just sweet potato and baking soda, baking powder, almond flour, any other net butter you can actually toss pretty much anything ease with butter in it and you can add color and texture feel to it; and there is my dessert so I’m not deprived although I do a chia pudding I will just soak chia at night blend it up with almond milk and some Declan and vanilla and monk fruit and boom you have got yourself the most delicious pudding with high protein and good for you. So I always tell people like figure out what you are, who you are, what your cravings are. If you are a sugar eater like Laura and me chips eater, my husband is a chips eater he eats a crunchy salted crunch; so what I do is I buy kale blended with a lot of apple cider vinegar, salt and black pepper, herbs and toss it in the oven and it becomes crunchy, I’ve actually even blended that with a red color of some sort like a tablespoon nut butter and a pound of kale and it’s like you are chewing on it but it makes it a little more the little crunchy butters; it’s an added crunch when it cooks so we do a lot of that I roast chickpeas, I will just soak chickpeas in water and I will just cook them in the oven and again blend them with the same old thing right, lemon, olive oil, chili powder or whatever you like and just roast it and you get a very nice, crunchy, high protein snack. So what I tell people is figure out what your you know cravings are and make sure you are meeting that because if you not meeting them you will not stick to a healthy diet it just won’t work.

[37:19] LAURA: Well I told you what my cravings were caffeine and sugar but I’m dealing with the caffeine and the sugar I have been dealing with fairly successfully. I think for dissatisfying my sweet tooth I have been…there is a health food store really near our house and I go there get a [unintelligible] they make really good kiwi and blueberry whatever is in season on top with chia seeds and cashew so I feel like I’m getting a real treat but I don’t know how healthy that is because it’s a cold dish I don’t know but for my substitution that is fairly a really good thing but…

[38:11] REENA JADHAV: You really want to take that on a really hot day in the middle of the day, you never want to take that in the evening because it is going to make sleeping a little harder for you but I actually make, we do assignments at home for the family, you can buy them anywhere, you can get like packaged puree and yeah…

[38:35] LAURA: I actually going to try the Trader Joe’s and even the regular grocery stores have puree now.

[38:39] REENA JADHAV: That’s exactly right, so you can just make those at home have a small…because sometimes when you go outside you get these massive portions and then you end up overeating because you know hey I got to finish my meal; so what we do we just make small portions at home and [unintelligible] and you feel good and you didn’t overdo on it.

[39:04] LAURA: Yeah, yeah now you have given me some really good tips and I appreciate it, I’m just…I’m going to send you like maybe going forward may be the next three days or maybe what I ate like over the weekend it was my son’s birthday I did make a chocolate cake I had a piece of that but whatever that’s not normal, normal for me is that I don’t really eat much breakfast but I would have the coffee which I’m now not having so I have been trying different teas and that doesn’t necessarily satisfy me, making a smoothie and then lunch today was like kinuwa and some vegetables and some mango on top and that was it and oh I had a piece of chocolate stevia sweet chocolate from whole foods lilies. So that is what I have had today, I haven’t had anything else and then for dinner that will be a big salad and black beans and maybe some brown rice or…

[40:19] REENA JADHAV: I will highly urge you to do three days but no salad nothing raw because vatha hates raw.

[40:27] LAURA: You are saying we eat more cooked foods?

[40:31] REENA JADHAV: You got it. Cooked, so I would say journal for three days; do three days with nothing raw at all. Everything is cooked even fruits like apple make a stew out of it.

[40:43] LAURA: Okay got it

[40:44] REENA JADHAV: Cook everything for three days and see how you feel

[40:48] LAURA: Just as you were telling me about the sweet potatoes, I have two beautiful sweet potatoes, so I walked over to my little oven and put sweet potatoes in; I am going to try that and I’m going to make a sweet potato.

[41:02] REENA JADHAV: Sweet potatoes are the best thing you can do and you definitely don’t want to have a salad right before you sleep because that is very hard on the digestion and it will probably give you a migraine

[41:17] LAURA: Well, you have given me so much information I just have to put it into practice now.

[41:21] REENA JADHAV: That’s what our bootcamps are for right, I just go back to the book, follow the bootcamp for a few days.

[41:28] LAURA: Yeah I need to do that and which one do you recommend that I follow?

[41:32] REENA JADHAV: So did you do Dr. Khan’s benefits

[41:38] LAURA: No, I signed up for it but I never did it, remember I told you that I was travelling and I was fizzle and he wanted me to do the Valter Longo’s prolon fast that you did. I did that, so I couldn’t do that and the bootcamp at the same time, it was all going on at the same time so I decided no I can’t do the bootcamp I will do it later on some point but I haven’t, I have not so…

[42:10] REENA JADHAV: Don’t worry so you can decide which day you want to start and do it, because you have access to do it, but the other one I would say is we have health bootcamps that are just warming, so the spring cleanse would be another good one it’s a cleanse but it’s actually nourishing it is not what the typical cleanse are so hard and [unintelligible] this is a nurturing, warming bootcamp so I can give you access to that so can just follow the recipes there and there is…are you a vegetarian or a vegan?

[42:48] LAURA: Vegan

[42:49] REENA JADHAV: Okay there are some options there and there is a vegan…actually doctor Khan has a vegan… it’s a complete vegan bootcamp so maybe you and I just review that on how to do that and just cook. The only thing is eat only things in that bootcamp just eat cooked foods.

[43:08] LAURA: Cooked foods okay

[43:11] REENA JADHAV: Doctor Kahn has the most amazing recipes you have to do the bootcamp it’s…

[43:16] LAURA: Yes, I will, I will

[43:16] REENA JADHAV: You know what I will do; I will activate you again so you start getting day one immediately. As soon as this call is out I’m just going to go ahead and give you that access again as if you just joined, you can actually go through and lets… and you have the journal as well and lets have you print that out and lets go through that together and we are on here every single day noon to one so feel free to pop on and sure ask questions.

[43:51] LAURA: I do that and I really appreciate your help and your time and everything that you are doing to educate people to have better health and I can’t wait to listen to the Deepak Chopra interview that you closed today I haven’t listened to it, Dean Ornish, who was it that you interviewed yeah Dean Ornish I’m sorry

[44:13] REENA JADHAV: Dean Ornish, oh my goodness it just warms my heart when I hear amazing doctors like Dean Ornish and saying the same thing. Please do listen to Dr. Dean Ornish and will be coming next here, will do the next video that comes up but yes do watch this one he’s brilliant.

[44:40] LAURA: I will, so I will be in touch an I will look at the program there for the what you are going to reactivate for me, I am travelling next Sunday this coming Sunday I will be going to art conference in Washington state but they provide vegetarian and vegan food and all, I will make sure that I choose wisely when I’m gone from the meal options.


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