Dr. Robert Pearl on his new best seller “Mistreated”, how to take charge of your health, why our healthcare is broken and how to fix it

March 11, 2018by Reena0


Critical information on how to get better healthcare as a consumer including the importance of owning your health and how to pick the right doctor. You don’t want to miss this podcast!

Dr. Robert Pearl is the Executive Director and CEO of The Permanente Medical Group.  In this role, he leads the nation’s largest medical group with 10,0000 physicians and is responsible for the healthcare provided to 5 million Kaiser Permanente members in California, Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. He is the author of the current best seller, Mistreated: Why we think we’re getting good health care and why we’re usually wrong. You can learn more about his background at the end of this article.

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Dr. Robert Pearl on his new best seller "Mistreated", how to take charge of your health, why our healthcare is broken and how to fix it

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Dr. Robert Pearl on his new best seller "Mistreated", how to take charge of your health, why our healthcare is broken and how to fix it



Key Questions answered and highlights:

1. Why is the book called Mistreated?  (1:26)

– Inspired by Mistreatment of Dr. Pearl’s father

2. Why is there a perception that we have great health care when we live in the reality of a $3 trillion dollar healthcare crisis? (5:04)

– The entire structure is broken

– He tried to understand the divergence between perception and objective reality

– He found context impacts perception which causes behavior

3. How can we consumers demand better healthcare service?  (12:8)

– Innovation is just not available

– The most common surgeries today are with orthopedic surgeons. They trim away a damaged meniscus in the knee. They looked at the post-meniscus results and found that there’s no difference in the outcome compared to not having surgery.

– It’s not who is the best doctor? It’s what is the context, system, approach to which I would get the best care?

4. Which organizations provide access to data in order to provide information on selecting the right health care system? (20:00)

– What we could do is to start educating consumers to know what is most important in getting their treatment

– Start focusing on the other opportunities for the patient

5. How do you suggest telemedicine and what needs to happen to drive its pervasive adoption?

– Telehealth is having a physician with access to a comprehensive record of the video knowing they can communicate with other physicians

– The use of modern technology is the context of an integrative system. One in which people collaborate, where prepayment allows people to recognize before complications develop, comprehensive electronic health records — those are the ones who will give you the best care, highest quality and with fewer complications.

6. Where do you believe is the opportunity? What would you build? Where do you start? (34:53)

– Technology has the ability to raise the quality of care with convenience

– If the most efficient and effective technology is used, the cost comes down

– Much of technology is already available and recently advised

– We need medical health information – how to extract this information?

– Figure how you can use EHR and how you can bring them together

– Figure how you can use data analytics

– The challenge is how we look at monetization

– “What is the problem you’re trying to solve?”

 What we need is a device/analytic tool that will let the patient know they’re at risk

7. How do we change physician compensation so it’s linked to outcomes? Given the Dollars for Docs report showing the correlation between physician compensation and prescriptions for pills, how do we change the prevailing paradigm? ( 40:59)

– We don’t value “value” appropriately

– Context shape perception shape behavior

– The American health care system is broken. The result is that people get mistreated.

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Dr. Robert Pearl



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