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By Reena A Jadhav

Every second that we are alive we are being (in)toxicated! Think about it: we’re living in a toxic soup of chemicals. In our food, in the air, in the stuff we touch and even in what we hear, see and feel. When you suddenly want to accelerate and ram into the car in front, that’s a toxic thought that creates a cascade of chemical reactions.

The simple math for health is this: what goes in must come out. Our bodies are giant processors that take stuff in, suck out the nutrients we need, and throw out what’s harmful or unwanted. Your body is a brilliant self-cleaning machine (like some kind of super robot – only, you know, wetter) with a whole system of outputs – sweat, breath, urine, and poop. Most of our critical organs such as the liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph, skin, and the digestive system passionately scrub and squirt and clean all day long.

Even the trillions of bacteria in the gut have the fun job of gobbling up whatever comes hurtling down the tube and digesting it into a waste matter that gets pooped out.

Without such efficient cleaning, we would be a large stinky swamp! And sometimes we are…

From bad breath to smelly gas, sour sweat, and weird growths, we have all experienced bouts of toxicity without realizing that’s what it is.

Trouble really begins when crap starts to build up. And up. And up.

And what goes in sometimes, somehow gets stuck. (Lovely!)

This trouble is called toxicity and it’s the root cause of chronic illness and most disease according to Ayurveda (an ancient science of health from India). Ayurveda calls this toxicity Ama and recommends a serious 7-day program called Panchakarma to rid the body of toxicity from all layers.

All layers?

Yes, toxicity builds layer by layer. Initially, the toxins sit superficially ‘on the surface’ (a bit like a coat of paint) but with time, the toxins move into organs and then cells, disrupting normal cellular function and creating havoc. Like a car engine can’t function with residue, nor can your body function with toxins circulating all over.

I had colon cancer at 35 years and an autoimmune crisis at 45 years – yes, that was my party of 28 symptoms. After months of research, I was able to self-diagnose myself with the MTHFR gene mutation (which afflicts a significant number of Asians) which makes it hard for the liver to do its job. When the liver is backed up you end up basically dying, little bit by little bit. That was me, with my deluge of symptoms coming from auto-intoxication and a gut that no longer digested anything properly. I had SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth – sounds delightful, right?) and gut dysbiosis adding to my toxic overload. My sugar addiction didn’t help. It took me 15 months to clean out the toxins that had been layering on for decades.

But I had asked my doctors on multiple visits about my mild annoying symptoms from indigestion to bloating to fatigue – only to be told to take some Tums and get more sleep. This drives me crazy. Guess what? There’s no test for toxicity. MDs are NOT trained to notice the subtle signs of toxicity that don’t show up on regular tests. These can be addressed pretty easily with minor changes and regular maintenance. (Yes, like a car.) In fact, I have begun writing an anthology called Deceived: what you don’t know and your Doctor isn’t telling you to reveal more such information and actionable tips from World’s leading doctors.


So here are my top tips for ‘body maintenance’ and to your body thriving!

  1. Got Gas?
    If your guts are gurgling at you, or you’re bloated like a balloon, it might sound funny but take it seriously. It’s creating the worst kind of toxicity that causes disease. Find the root cause and fix it! The root cause could be food intolerance (you can get tested for that), low stomach acid (take a supplement with each meal), stress (don’t eat while working), low enzymes (you can take a supplement for this with your meals too), overeating (eat smaller portions), SIBO or Candida, and fix your Leaky Gut with Restore.
  2. Take Time…
    To keep your body’s cleaning mechanisms working, eat your meals at least 4 hours apart. Don’t snack as that interrupts the complex digestive process kicked off when you eat a meal. Don’t eat after 7 pm or 8 pm latest, as your body’s overall cleaning is done at night and if there’s food to be digested that process stops.
  3. … and Take a Break
    Fasting once a week is a cultural tradition that makes a lot of sense to me now! It’s the quickest way to cleaning out any crap and giving your body a day off to recover. Intermittent fasting of 16 hours daily is also a proven way to address everything from obesity to diabetes.
  4. Boost Your Body
    Dry brushing your entire body and then oiling it before hopping in the shower will transform your daily ritual into a cleansing one. A weekly bath with Epsom salts or dead sea salts is another great way to pull out toxins sitting close to the skin.
  5. Heat it Up
    Sauna is my fun way to detox! Your skin is your largest organ for cleansing, so take advantage of it. Even the ancient Romans did it religiously. Join a gym or buy one for your home. A weekly sauna can be the easiest way to pull out toxins hanging out in fat cells and tissues.
  6. Breathe, Baby
    Deep breathing first thing in the morning or Zach Bush’s Nitric Oxide Dump workout are simple ways to push out toxins via the lungs. Most of us are shallow breathers and the culprits are technology and stress. You have to train yourself to take slow, deep rejuvenating breaths all day long. In fact, one of the reasons we yawn while sitting for long periods is carbon dioxide build up. So mindfully breathing correctly all day is another simple way to keep your body humming.
  7. Touch It…
    Massages are another fun way to get the circulation system working correctly and get the toxins out.
  8. …Move It!
    Our lymph system is the only design that’s a bit flawed (in case God is accepting input on Human 2.0). It doesn’t work without movement. Trampoline is a great way to get all the toxins stuck in our lymph moving out of our body. A lymphatic massage is another fun way to deal with the sludge.
  9. Sponge It, Baby
    There are some great food options such as Chlorella, Spirulina, and cilantro that literally pull out toxins from our gut. Supplements such as milk thistle and magnesium can also be critical to supporting the body’s detox efforts.
  10. Are What You Eat
    Imagine trying to clean your home without a powerful vacuum… yup, total nightmare! Cleaning our body can be so much simpler with nature powered vacuum, which comes in the form of fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Add a couple of these daily to have a spotless interior: Lemon/Lime, Broccoli Sprouts, Spirulina, Chlorella, Alfalfa, Wheatgrass, Kale, Olive Oil, Brussel Sprouts, Sauerkraut, Ginger, Turmeric, Coriander, and Fennel. Or take a shortcut and try this Detox tea!
  11. Switch Off
    Do a digital detox daily or weekly – or at least monthly. Shut down all notifications and schedule a short time interval to check and respond to messages. Turn off all technology an hour prior to bedtime and don’t touch your tech in the morning until after (healthy) breakfast.
  12. Switch Out
    Do an emotional detox where you identify people that trigger you negatively and disconnect from them for a day or a week. Give your emotions a break from negativity and schedule time to build positive emotions through gratitude journaling or watching cat videos (or whatever makes you giggle!).

Finally, get the MTFHR test done to determine if your liver could use additional support.

If you already have a chronic illness, prioritizing detoxing is critical. Our body cannot restore and rebuild if it’s fighting off invaders. What’s amazing is that the moment your body is free of toxins it literally blossoms! Your energy will go through the roof, your skin will glow, you’ll see better, you’ll smile more, you’ll poop at least twice a day effortlessly. (Yep, you wanted to know about the pooping, right?)

More importantly, you’ll know you are on the path to being disease free!

If you need help, we’re are always here with a Health Program for you!

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