How to Bring Paradise to Your Daily Life

September 10, 2018by Reena0

By Reena A Jadhav

How to Bring Paradise to Your Daily Life

Do you remember your last vacation?

Did remembering it make you smile and breathe into a relaxed sigh? I call it the VACATION state of mind! Wouldn’t it be great to stay in that state of bliss every single day?

My dearest husband surprised me with a trip to paradise last week to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary! I spent 5 magical days at the Palafitos El Dorado resort in Mexico, Maya Riviera. Our days were filled with swinging on a hammock, nibbling on gourmet food, strolling barefoot on the beach, swimming outside our bungalow, hiking the medicinal forest with the local medicine man Paz, diving into crystal caves and so much more!

How to Bring Paradise to Your Daily Life

Then I got on the return flight, turned on my laptop, and was back into ice-cold work reality.

I could literally feel my pulse shifting into higher gear, my mind racing at 100 mph, and my shoulders tightening into knots. As I looked out into the clouds I began wondering how I could bring paradise back home with me. How could I stay in that VACATION state of mind despite the craziness of our daily lives?

As I got home I started experimenting and came up with a few simple tricks that worked! Here they are below- try them and share your experience in the comments section below! Or share what you do to bring paradise into your daily life!


There’s nothing like a vacation to bring us into the space I call CALM. It’s Step 1 of my 7 Step Pyramid to Health and the foundation of health. So wouldn’t it be great if we could take that sense of serene peace back home with us? I tried to analyze deeply what was it about the vacation that transformed my entire being ….

Here’s my conclusion: it’s the hammock. 

You can’t sway on a hammock and not feel liberated from emails, social media and life’s little irritants instantly.

Joking aside, a hammock is one great affordable way to feel like you’re on a vacation daily. Put one in your backyard and schedule time to sway in it daily. Or put one inside the house and sleep on it the way the Mayans do!

If a hammock is less your style then here’s another way to CALM- limit your phone, email, and social media to scheduled three times a day.

So instead of constantly checking and rechecking your phone for alerts and updates, do it after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Keep your phone ringer turned off the rest of the time. You’ll feel incredible freedom from being a slave to the next ding.

Worried about an emergency? Activate “emergency mode” on your phone so the key people in your life will still be able to reach you.


Trekking through a forest with monkeys, butterflies, and the odd hiding jaguar is the quickest way to perspective. Suddenly you appreciate your warm bed and soft pillow, that refrigerator with more food than you need, running hot water and more. The vibration of nature is also the easiest way to fix our city vibrations. Breathe deeply, walk slowly and soak in each leaf to get to a place of bliss in minutes. Below is a friendly spider monkey hanging out with us on our Mayan medicine walk! So how can you drink in nature’s tonic when not in a forest in Mexico?

Visit a natural park every weekend. Pack a picnic lunch and go for a hike in nature. If you don’t have access to a park or forest then visit a zoo, there’s always one around. Aquariums are great too and bring a whole new perspective.

When was the last time you spent time with the other beautiful animals in nature? Schedule it now!


There’s one thing that every human is in love with and that’s food. We may differ on whether the ultimate treat is caviar or molten chocolate lava cake, but we all agree that a perfectly cooked meal can transport us from depths of despair to heaven with just one bite. Below was a welcome appetizer of lobster (which I had not eaten in over 2 years!)

So why do we wait for a vacation to treat our palates and our souls with delectable bites?

For some of us its the cost for others its priorities and then, of course, there’s the whole timing thing- meaning who has the time to make vacation gourmet food daily!

I get it. But this trip proved to me that it’s worth prioritizing at least one gourmet soul feeding meal every few days. Even if that means splurging at a  favorite restaurant for lunch or cooking a “vacation” meal at home. Try to create vacation meals once a week (whatever that means to you!) and see how you feel uplifted and joyful just looking forward to this new tradition. It could be simply the Friday family meal or Sunday sundown meal…


A hallmark of every vacation is doing “something new”. It builds neurons, activates new brain centers and in general fires up the adventurous bone in each of us. That’s why staycations at home sort of suck. There’s really nothing novel about sleeping in our own bed and cooking on our kitchen.

A simple trick is to create affordable adventures like sleeping outside in a tent or roasting smores in the backyard without a reason.  Each week find one fun adventure to embark upon and schedule it in.

This picture below is of a newly discovered crystal cave in a tiny town in Mexican Riviera about 3 hours from Cancun! It’s untouched and filled with million-year-old crystals, healing waters and local children giggling and playing!

Find local caves, historic spots or go skydiving. Have you done a ghost tour in your city? How about a walking food tour of little Italy or Chinatown?

There’s an adventure waiting for you close by, schedule it in!

How to Bring Paradise to Your Daily Life

5. FUN

Children and monkeys are always looking to have fun. They don’t need to be entertained, they make fun out of everyday experiences. But as we get older the realities of life make fun seem frivolous. I mean how can we have fun with all those bills that have to be paid, that hateful boss, the teenager who won’t call back or the trips to doctors as we age.

Yet fun is the antidote to every one of the issues above. Fun doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming- it can be as simple as putting rose petals around a bathtub, like the resort did for us in the picture below!

It can be as easy as buying a trampoline and jumping on it to your favorite tunes (which is great for your lymph system too).

It can be just putting on music and dancing as a family after dinner or playing pranks on your family to make them smile.

What’s fun to you? Get it on the books for next week and make it a habit!


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