Why Chaga Mushroom Tea is my new Favorite Supplement

April 5, 2018by Reena0

Like coffee but without the addictive withdrawals. Like medicine but without the side effects. Like a shot of B12 without the needle pinch,…I can go on and on. It’s been just one week since I tried this dark, musky concoction Monday morning last week instead of my usual almond-saffron-protein powder smoothie and I am a convert!

Yes, I have now subscribed to this Chaga Mushroom Tea for monthly delivery on Amazon Prime. 


Because the day I drank it, I was so energized and joyful that around 6 pm I had to pause and wonder what I had changed that day to suddenly have such a burst of “energizer bunny” vibes. It struck me the only change was the Chaga mushroom tea I had while interviewing Dr. Maya Klein. I tried it again the next morning and sure enough, had the same euphoric day. The third day I skipped it and went back to my smoothie and had the normal pre-Chaga day experience including a sudden dip in energy around 3 pm resulting in my taking MCT oil to rev up the engines again. Tried it on day 4 to the same euphoric blissful day till around 9 pm. I decided to read up again on it and what I found has convinced me this is a new supplement I am starting my day with for 90 days (then will skip for 30 days to ensure food rotation.)

So, here’s what I found about the key benefits that convinced me to hit Subscribe on Amazon.  Information below originally appears here and is based on over 1600 research studies over the past 40 years:

1. Chaga is a primary adaptogen, cancer fighter, immune system modulator, anti-tumor agent, gastrointestinal tonifier, longevity tonic and genoprotective agent (DNA-shielding).

2. Chaga’s purifying, detoxifying and healing properties have been known in Russia for centuries. People in Siberia still brew and drink chaga instead of black tea or coffee. Russian scientists have noticed that in areas where people regularly drink chaga tea, the rate of cancerous diseases among local folk have been much lower than in other regions and illnesses connected with stomach are almost unknown there. Many people in Siberia who drink chaga daily, usually live very long and healthy lives, some even over 100 years.

3. Chaga mushroom is a potent natural multi-vitamin containing: polysaccharides, alkalines, phytonutrients, organic acids and many important minerals and microelements such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, chromium and others. Various substances found in chaga possess powerful anticancer and anti-tumor properties.

4. Chaga is anti-cancer and in Russia, chaga was approved for public use against cancer by the Medical Academy of Science in Moscow in 1955. According to the Russian Medical Academy, chaga mushrooms:
• have a positive effect on lung and liver cancer and stimulates the immune system

5. Chaga calms the nervous system which means it lowers stress and anxiety

6. Chaga helps reduce blood sugar and fight diabetes

7. Chaga is proven to help stomach diseases and ulcers

8. Boosts Chi (life energy) which anyone over 45 years is in short supply of! Also preserves youth and increases longevity

9. Can help to get rid of stones and sand in kidneys

10. Chaga is the most powerful concentrated antioxidant on the planet with the highest ORAC score (Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity) of natural food!

Quite a few other sites have some great info as well including this one by Dr. Axe

I am sure you are wondering, “that all sounds fabulous but what does it taste like?”

Honestly, like a dark musty mushroomy brew. I didn’t get the coffee taste some people claim it has or a black tea flavor to it. It’s strong enough that you could toss in some milk and sugar and try to fake your taste buds. But why bother, if you want tea or coffee have the original if you want youth, energy, anti-cancer, anti-oxidants etc then have Chaga tea 🙂

I know what I am starting my day with tomorrow! You can buy your Chaga Mushroom tea here and share your experience with our HealCircle community.

Have you tried it? Share your experience in the comments!!

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