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August 16, 2018by Reena0

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Nadine Artemis is the author of two books including “Renegade Beauty: Reveal and Revive Your Natural Radiance and Holistic” and “Dental Care: The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums”.

She is the creator of Living Libations, an exquisite line of serums, elixirs, and essentials oils for those seeking the purest of the pure botanical health and beauty products on the planet

Nadine is a gifted aromacologist and visionary who gathers and works with the purest ingredients from around the world. Through Living Libations™, a company co-created with her partner Ron Obadia, Nadine offers beauty and natural health products that bring out the strength of the botanicals without reliance on synthetics. By drawing on her gift of synesthesia, with which scent is also depicted as living color, Nadine is able to tap into the purest plant essences, enabling her to create the most sublime botanical compounds.

Nadine is a key speaker at health and wellness conferences and a frequent commentator on health and beauty for media outlets. She has received glowing reviews for her work in the Hollywood Reporter, Vogue, People, Yoga Journal, The New York Times and National Post.

Celebrity fans include Shailene Woodley, Carrie Anne Moss, Mandy Moore and many others. Alanis Morissette, describes Nadine as “a true sense-visionary. Nadine has the greatest collection of rare and special oils… she has a wondrous knowledge and passion for it all.” Aveda founder, Horst Rechelbacher, calls Nadine “a pure flower of creativity.”


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[00:01] REENA JADHAV: The next chapter. Chapter 9- the altar of our apocrine glands breast health. Absolutely we can make sure we get to keep our breasts into our old age. Every day you hear about somebody else having a mastectomy or a double mastectomy that’s enough to scare any woman.

[00:19] NADINE ARTEMIS: For sure and the statistics are really quite phenomenal. There are breasts really are barometers there like the canaries in the coal mine right now and they’re able to sort of tell us sort of what environmentally is going on. So if you’ve been diagnosed there’s the Bronco 1 or bronco 2 gene which has been accessed to be one of the causes of cancer. So then people are oh I have that so I’ll get it so I’ll just do a preventive mastectomy but now we really understand that that’s only going to be an influencer of about 5%. How much you think about the vitamin D that’s going to reduce your risk by 50% but what they know even that 5% now it needs a secondary mutation to happen and so that it could be an environmental thing could be a food thing. So we want to prevent the secondary mutations but really culturally our relationship to the breast is so skewed we’ve got this like sort of Las Vegas adulation. And then we got this repression of breastfeeding which is like their main purpose is. They are beautiful lovely herbs but they’ve got work to do which of course doesn’t mean you could go your life without that but it’s interesting because breastfeeding does help it’s one of the things that help prevent breast cancer. And what we understand now is that because the breasts aren’t fully developed until they have gone through a pregnancy and breastfed even if it’s just for like a month they haven’t had their full growth. So that’s important and of course what we know now too is there’s a whole microbiome in the breast every area right. Us women from the moment we create our breasts develop we’re told to primp and perfume and pop birth control pills and all of these things mess with our estrogen. Now when we’re teens it’s all coming in fresh and we might not feel the manifestation of that till were 40,50 or 60 from the things we’ve done as a teenager whether that’s going on the birth control pill or applied parabens for 40years. Like my mom, for example, she had endometriosis so at 35 she had a hysterectomy which is really was a quite a popular thing for our mothers and grandmothers right because it’s like I don’t know the female plumbing will remove it.

[02:55] REENA JADHAV: By the way, it’s happening now. Today it’s horrifying the number of women that are prescribed hysterectomy for not a pretty significant reason it’s like well yeah better off without them what.

[03:10] NADINE ARTEMIS: Yeah this preventative thing and it yeah I’d really go deep in that chapter because my mom did die of breast cancer. So is a really passionate thing I mean I was understanding it a bit too late but really knowing her health and her health history was amazing so she was on HRT at 35 until 65 until she was diagnosed with breast cancer like oh maybe you should get off that. So is this thing of like trying to regulate our hormones our whole lives but we got all of these this hormonal mass coming in and so when I was working on that research for her. I was giving a talk on breasts what I really came to understand is that we’ve got really an estrogen crisis so we’ve got the Zeno estrogens which about foreign Zeno being foreign so the plastic estrogens and the things that aren’t melding with our body. Then we’ve got the Metallo estrogens which are heavy metal estrogen compound so that that’s coming in from the pesticides like atrazine or the mercury fillings right yeah.

[04:13] REENA JADHAV: Aluminum in the deodorant I have exactly as every day no you need not use those for the daily right.

[04:20] NADINE ARTEMIS: Yes well we’ve made lots of beautiful deodorants so take care of that. So we got the Metallo estrogens and then we’ve got I kept thinking I was like candy to Candia there’s a fungus connection when I was meditating on it and then I go to research and yes there’s a micro estrogen, micro being fungal so then we got this issue and then some of that comes from pharmaceuticals that are being fed to the livestock. So in 2011 in New Jersey school girls’ urine was studied and it showed that there was over 70% micro estrogen in their urine from the regular food supply. So we’ve got that synthetic type then we’ve got the micro estrogen that just comes from like rotten grains all that fungal stuff that we are eating from aflatoxins in peanuts you know what I mean. So the fungal issue you combine that. I have a little diagram in the book. I fill those circle overlap and then ding…ding…ding you’ve got a good recipe for breast cancer.

[05:23] REENA JADHAV: And you have got iodine in the middle.

[05:26] NADINE ARTEMIS: Yes so then we take those things and we put iodine in the middle and that’s so fascinating because then iodine it balances out these Zeno estrogens so it flushes out the fake estrogens and we actually have three types of natural estrogens; an astral which is the best kind the most anti-cancer. It raises that to the top and I’m speaking that sort of metaphorically but it will bring that astral up to the limelight. It will help that excel in the body and then Metallo estrogens iodine is one of the best ways to detoxify and chilly, aluminum and heavy metals out of the body. It’s actually halides so it helps to also flush out other halides and dangerous types like chlorine and bromine out of the body and then it’s anti-candida. And if we think in terms like traditional Chinese medicine, it helps to bring fire back to the belly. It helps to get rid of dampness in the belly and those are all sort of the candida fungal things. So it’s amazing and our thyroid has an iodine supporter pump and so do our breasts. So our breasts need iodine second to the thyroid so there is a whole thing there but we actually have receptors in our breasts for iodine and iodine is an essential mineral an essential nutrient that’s in every cell of the body.

[06:50] REENA JADHAV: And it’s absolutely deficient in it right?

[06:51] NADINE ARTEMIS: Yes. The world health organization estimates 70%. A small study was done on cancer of all types of cancer. 100% of all the people with cancer were 100% deficient in iodine. It’s like magnesium it needs to be in your body and it also surveils the body with thyroid hormone and it looks for the cell dust so healthy apoptosis is what iodine also creates. And also even women that have to swell in the breast they take iodine and they find that it goes away.

[07:26] REENA JADHAV: Oh it’s the most important. In addition to magnesium, I think for women especially getting some form of iodine and I am not a believer in pills and potions. I don’t believe even again taking things made in the lab so I typically recommend doulas it’s so inexpensive and you just toss it like salt on your food or I have fallen in love with because it gets boring to do the same kind of things over and over again. Always in the lookout for new fun things to do and it is just my personality I’m always looking for something like how can I do something new and I found bow trader joe’s and castco again very affordable sell seaweed. But if you look at the ingredients its organic seaweed with just a touch of some kind of oil, no additives, no preservatives and it’s crispy it’s got a little sea salt in it. It’s so delicious so I find out that when I don’t eat my seaweed and I will eat seaweed every single day so this isn’t a once a week thing it’s like a daily treat for me. I’ll eat it either with lunch or dinner and I will have like 6-7 pieces of seaweed and what I will find is sometimes you get lazy, you are bored or forget within 3 days I will feel more fatigued, I will feel more bloated like my face will feel more plump more full. And to me, there really is again a more direct connection for women’s health to iodine than we really understand and I will give credit for so I tell everyone just try it. Try it, keep a journal, see how you feel and if it is important to make it part of your daily routine.

[09:10] NADINE ARTEMIS: Yes that’s such a great tip because we are kind of a culture. What do you do like what are you eating? We got to bring it back inside so really every meal has a moment, how do you feel after, how do you feel the next day, how are you feeling in an hour? Is it digesting? Are you waking up with puffy eyes? Then you know what to eat.

[09:30] REENA JADHAV: Yes. You have a whole section called soothe your cells. What’s that all about?

[09:34] NADINE ARTEMIS: Is that in the breast chapter? Yes, so that’s about how can we regenerate our breast cells and get rid of the excess estrogen so there’s a lot of tips in there from massage, going without a bra for as much as possible which also helps the breast ligaments be stronger and less relying. Because it is like if you have an arm and a sling right the muscles won’t develop as much.

[10:05] REENA JADHAV: There’s been some intriguing research done on the fact that metal wire suffocates your breast. It does not allow circulation.

[10:16] NADINE ARTEMIS: Yes and there have even been links with that and mercury filling connection like bringing electrical charges but yeah what happens with the bras especially the underwire is that we create a kind of a lymphedema. We are creating excess because this is all our armpits for breast cancer to do the lateral aspect and we are not allowing circulation, the lymph to flow area and then we get the clog, then the aluminum, and the parabens of the skin and then there is just pool it’s like a cesspool in the breast.

[10:47] REENA JADHAV: And the poor breast is just bearing the brunt of all of this. There are women who sleep with their underwire bra and so I am again big into saying no, no you were not born with a bra you will be fine without it as you sleep so.

[11:03] NADINE ARTEMIS: And there are so many options now to get like an organic cotton thing with a small percentage of acrylic.

[11:09] REENA JADHAV: Exactly.




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