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August 16, 2018by Reena0

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Nadine Artemis is the author of two books including “Renegade Beauty: Reveal and Revive Your Natural Radiance and Holistic” and “Dental Care: The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums”.

She is the creator of Living Libations, an exquisite line of serums, elixirs, and essentials oils for those seeking the purest of the pure botanical health and beauty products on the planet

Nadine is a gifted aromacologist and visionary who gathers and works with the purest ingredients from around the world. Through Living Libations™, a company co-created with her partner Ron Obadia, Nadine offers beauty and natural health products that bring out the strength of the botanicals without reliance on synthetics. By drawing on her gift of synesthesia, with which scent is also depicted as living color, Nadine is able to tap into the purest plant essences, enabling her to create the most sublime botanical compounds.

Nadine is a key speaker at health and wellness conferences and a frequent commentator on health and beauty for media outlets. She has received glowing reviews for her work in the Hollywood Reporter, Vogue, People, Yoga Journal, The New York Times and National Post.

Celebrity fans include Shailene Woodley, Carrie Anne Moss, Mandy Moore and many others. Alanis Morissette, describes Nadine as “a true sense-visionary. Nadine has the greatest collection of rare and special oils… she has a wondrous knowledge and passion for it all.” Aveda founder, Horst Rechelbacher, calls Nadine “a pure flower of creativity.”


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[00:01] REENA JADHAV: Chapter 6 the moist envelope of the soul loving the skin you’re in. Talk a little bit about that chapter and then let’s dive into the oil as a cleanser as well as top sealants seeds.

[00:15] NADINE ARTEMIS: Okay yes. The moist envelope of our soul so that is our skin and I think we have this relationship where we just we don’t necessarily realize this living thing on our body. And it’s what it’s only a few milliliters thick but what’s protects us and engages us with the outside world and so much information comes in as well as communication within the body from this moist envelope of our soul. We’ve been miseducated about it and how dynamic it is and that it also absorbs. So everything that we’re applying transdermally will go into our skin. That’s a real gift is we are applying the right things because then we can put things on that help our skin and then benefit our immune system or we can put on things that are petroleum based paraben based and then we can find them in our breast tissue 40 years from now. So we got to make that choice and again the science is really fascinating because now through the understanding of microbiome we can see things that like acne, eczema, hyperpigmentation, thrash, dandruff all these things are actually not about skin type that’s all like marketing hype but it’s actually about microbiome imbalance. And so we have been over exfoliating, over picking, over plucking and we really been trying to appease the skin we are in but with methods that are going to cause our cells to shrink and shrivel so it’s going to lead to frustration because we’ve been buying all these products that will actually cause cellular damage. They may have a temporary plumping so that day you might feel moist and plump but as the years go on these things are drying up the cells killing off the microbiome. We’re applying chemicals to acne which is further creating dysbiosis and besides over exfoliating like exfoliating is fine but we’ve really gone overboard. And so we are over slowing the top spells of the stem cornea too fast and then the young cells underneath are too young to be on the surface yet and that’s causing imbalances. Can also lead to melasma- a chronic irritation on top of all this we now have studies that show that surfactants whether that’s from your mild foaming cleanser or your hardcore so like just soap from the drugstore. That the surfactants are lodging themselves into the stratum corneum which is the top layer of the skin and staying there even after rinsing. Day after day we’ve got this microscopic build up in our pores and then that’s creating a situation and it’s going to manifest differently for different people. Could end up being acne or dry or oily or like melasma or eczema and it’s just going to manifest in different ways so that might send this to the dermatologist and then we might get into like cortisone or steroids and that whole thing. So we’ve really got to stop washing with soap which goes into. So I have a little system for so we can remember like this is where that how do we then take your skin from microbiome areas and so I created to stop, seal and see so stopping is really about getting out of the way and like stop washing your face with soap, your hands with antibacterial soap showering with chlorine. Even applying questionable naturals like we have a lot of things that are rancid or poor quality just because there’s lavender on the label doesn’t mean there’s like lavender in the inside. We want to discernment there too and things like almond oil are rancid pretty much when you’re buying if you want to go with high-quality things like a rose up boiler jojoba and so yes we want to stop and then we want to seal. So that’s about sealing, in this case, the skin so if you’ve been using surfactants then that’s it’s like we have leaky guts then we can have like a leaky skin because we just disrupted the lipid barrier and the stratum corneum. So by washing with the oil, we can reseal the skin and my preferences jojoba because it works so well with the skin sebum and unclogs pores. And I know for people that have acne they are like that’s the craziest thing they’ve maybe ever heard but it really is an ancient practice and it’s really beautifying and it really keeps the skin balanced and harmonize and keeps the lipid barrier intact, keeps the stratum corneum intact. Because that’s our first layer of defense that’s our natural sunscreen and were just like exfoliating away and scrubbing it away and it’s kind of like leaving like going on vacation and leaving your front door open. It’s leaving our faces so vulnerable. So that’s the seal and then the seed is about re-seeding so we want to think of our bodies and our skin like a kind of bacterial bank account. And so we want to have really diverse and plentiful probiotics and prebiotics. Prebiotics feed the probiotics so we want to take it like fermented foods probiotics internally and then also we can be applying them to our skin. We can make you take a honey mass to open a probiotic capsule the honey prebiotic it’s alive with enzymes and you could put that on your face and then were reseeding.

[05:51] REENA JADHAV: Wow beautiful what about eating for the beauty you have a whole section on how to eat for beauty.

[05:56] NADINE ARTEMIS: Yes so again the standard American diet isn’t going to get us too far.

[06:03] REENA JADHAV: Really, I’m horrified.

[06:04] NADINE ARTEMIS: And one of the most dangerous things especially for women to be eating is the polyunsaturated fatty acids that like the muzzle and all of that. That really creates melasma, hyperpigmentation in people so we want to stop eating that and obviously there’s going to be different things that work for people like for some people dairy is okay for some people it’s not some people can eat potatoes some people can’t because they are nightshade. So there’s going to be refinements but generally, when you know your body you want to eat all whole foods never processed. A rainbow we want to get all the pigments in there so many diverse kinds of colors of food that you can think of from turmeric, sea buck, raspberries, blueberries, greens. Drink chlorophyll and green juice we’ve got to get the colors in us and you got to keep it fresh and real and keep the water really. And then you’re going to have to see for yourself like how are you working with gluten or dairy those kinds of things and then soy is another one just because you probably a lot of females listening and that is such an acne aggravator it’s crazy.

[07:18] REENA JADHAV: Oh is that why? I did not know that.

[07:21] NADINE ARTEMIS: Yeah and besides other hormonal imbalances but yeah it’s not a skin food.

[07:27] REENA JADHAV: Oh interesting. What is your favorite skin food?

[07:29] NADINE ARTEMIS: Well I just have a variety in our diet.

[07:36] REENA JADHAV: Let’s start this again Nadine, tell us about what is your breakfast, lunch, dinner typically? What are your favorite foods, skin foods or beauty foods that you incorporate into your meals every day?

[07:45] NADINE ARTEMIS: We kind of run like it’s not even seasonally but we kind of eat something like a month and then we move on to the next thing. So we just kind of dive into something that we also know all our decisions are there and also that is sort of what is in the season it’s affected by it. So right now it will be like watermelon and celery juice we are really vibing with we’ve been making flatbreads with tiger nuts, the tiger nut which is actually tuber. Yes, we’ve been making tiger nuts with flatbreads with the psyllium and the tiger nut flower which is great because we do eat gluten free, dairy free and just having like lots of fresh sprouts in there and working with ferments like umeboshi plant paste and the non-soy miso. And also we make fresh sauerkraut so many eating those things and always lots of liquid concoctions whatever fine smoothie we are making that day.

[08:46] REENA JADHAV: Oh that’s wonderful.




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