Book Summary “Plant-Based Solution” By Dr. Joel Kahn #Chapter 12

July 15, 2018by Reena0

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Book Summary Video Interviews with Dr. Joel Kahn on his book “The Plant-Based Solution” for HealthBootcamps.

Dr. Joel Kahn is founder of the Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity in Michigan and owner of GreenSpace Cafe. He is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the University of Michigan School of Medicine and Clinical Professor of Medicine at Wayne State University of Michigan. He specialty is the prevention and reversal of heart disease (heart attacks, stroke) using lifestyle therapies. He is the author of over 150 scientific articles, hundreds of health articles, and 5 books. His first book is a national public TV special, Your Whole Heart Solution. His latest book is a #1 Amazon seller, The Plant Based Solution.


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[00:01] REENA JADHAV: Chapter twelve the garden of youth. Are you saying that the fountain of youth is found actually in a garden in a plant?

[00:08] DR. JOEL KAHN: Well we’ve got some suggestive data certain where one piece of data there’s these famous areas in the world called blue zones that have been scientifically studied areas where people live to age a 100 or over. More than expected, ten times more than expected. One’s in Japan, ones in Greece, ones in Italy, ones in Costa Rica, ones in California and it’s pretty clear that this is the real deal and none of them are meat heavy, chicken heavy cheese heavy, egg heavy. Communities are both open now and Loma Linda California are heavily vegetarian or vegan. Some like Greece, Italy are typical Mediterranean very low in traditional red meats and high in garden fresh fruits and vegetables. That’s one piece of data there’s some fascinating science I talk about by Dr. Dean Ornish that he did with a Nobel Prize winning scientist Elizabeth Blackburn at UCSF suggesting you can actually anti age your genes by shifting your diet to a completely plant diet. It has been published in their journals. There are people that live to an old age eating all kinds of food because it is a complex situation of good luck and genetics. The best thing is that if you want to live to100, if your parents lived to100 but for those of you, you need to just planning a plant-based diet of longevity is a pretty good thing. I was listening to a lecture by one of the world’s leading experts on longevity and what he says what you want to do is keep your arteries clean so as more and more innovations come into the world the longevity you’ll show up with clean arteries. Well how in the heck do you keep clean arteries. He did not jump to the conclusion on that particular route to adopt a plant-based diet because there was a little bias there are other diets that he promotes but I would have raised my hand if I had been there and try and say something that lead to that conclusion. Oatmeal, salads, estrus, beans soups, enchiladas, there’s jackfruit then they learn some new skills.

[02:14] REENA JADHAV: That makes a lot of sense.






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