Book Interview “The Rain Barrel Effect” with Dr. Cabral – Healing from Autoimmune & Chronic Disease

October 9, 2019by Reena0

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Book Interview "The Rain Barrel Effect" with Dr. Cabral - Healing from Autoimmune & Chronic Disease


What is the Rain Barrel Effect?

  • Metaphorically we all have a rain barrel. Throughout life, we accumulate toxins, heavy metals, antibiotics, and viruses.
  • When the rain barrel filled to the top we start experiencing symptoms.
  • Chronic autoimmune diseases are the overflowing rain barrel, manifested over time owing to some nutritional deficiencies and toxicities.
  • Symptoms- Grogginess upon waking, brain fog through the day, difficulty sleeping through the night.

What can we control?

1. What we eat- eat organic. Avoid the dirty dozen.

2. What we put on our skin- our skin is porous absorbs toxins. Use clean fifteen

3. The water we drink and use.

Use a good quality filter for showers and water consumption.

( Recommendations- Berkey water filters- removes volatile organic compounds, aqua filters)

4. Electrosmog- electromagnetic waves and frequencies can disrupt our DNA.

EMF proof your bedroom.

5. Pharmaceutical drugs can contribute to toxins. Side effects can cause inflammation and disruption in the gut biome.

Symptom manifestations of toxic overload-

  1. Fatigue
  2. Muscle weakness
  3. Mood and depression
  4. Learning disability’s 
  5. Blood sugar issues
  6. Digestive issues
  7. Reproductive issues

Effects of certain toxins-

1. Aluminum found in water affects your nervous system and cause skin issues. There is a link between dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

2. Chlorine kills good bacteria

3. Fluoride, although protects your teeth was consumed, is harmful to the gut.

Tests available and treatment available 

  1. Hair and urine test – checks 75 biomarkers
  2. 7-day detox program to reverse chronic disease. It helps to decrease inflammation, restores hormonal balance.
  3. 6-week heavy metal detox

Dr. Stephen Cabral, BIO

Stephen Cabral developed his passion for health & wellness after going through severe health complications at the age of 17. He saw over 50 different doctors, tried over 100 different treatment protocols, but still saw no hope of recovery.

It wasn’t until he met an “alternative” health doctor who explained to him how he got here and how he could become well again, that he began his recovery process. It was at this young age that he knew his life would be dedicated to helping others rebalance their bodies and renew their health

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Book Interview "The Rain Barrel Effect" with Dr. Cabral - Healing from Autoimmune & Chronic Disease

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Book Interview "The Rain Barrel Effect" with Dr. Cabral - Healing from Autoimmune & Chronic Disease


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